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Posted by Adam

Ellen DeGeneresELLEN DeGeneres is related to Kate Middleton.

The  Emmy-Award winner, 53, revealed on her show Thursday that she got a letter from the New England Genealogical society explaining she and the 29-year-old princess-to-be are 15th cousins. A man named Sir Thomas Fairfax is their common ancestor.

“I’m definitely invited to the wedding now!” DeGeneres said. “Between the Packers winning the Super Bowl and this, I’m having a good week.”

“Let me know if you need me to plan the bachelorette party,” DeGeneres joked. “Because I found some straws that are shaped like. . . well never mind.”

Recent reports claimed Ellen and her wife, actress Portia de Rossi, have decided to take the plunge into parenthood.

“Ellen figured she’d gotten too old to raise a child,” said a source to the 53-year-old TV star.

“But Portia, 38, suddenly became committed to bringing a child into their lives – especially after strong encouragement from Elton John.”

Ellen and Portia were also overheard discussing plans to add a nursery to the palatial multimillion-dollar California getaway estate they’re renovating in Hidden Valley.

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  • Amy

    I am closer related to the royal family than that !!

    Princess Diana Spencer is my – 11Cousin
    Prince William – 11Cousin 1x Removed
    Prince Harry – 11Cousin 1x Removed

    Through the Spencer side. Am I invited???

  • ed wood

    How lovely!

    We have a degenerate queer in the royal family.

    Let’s lock her in the dungeon and throw away the key.

  • In LA

    Yeah, I’m not buying this revelation, Ellen (Of Louisiana, USA) is not a relative of the British Middleton family. Next, Oprah will be the 5th cousin and also invited. Absurd.

  • tom

    If Butch gets an invitation, no Bridesmaid is safe.

  • Nicole

    you people are stupid and rude!

  • ed wood

    I love to dress like a pretty pretty princess

  • Al Gore

    Ellen looks like a craggly little old man.

    On the other hand, I would love to see Portia take a full bukkake.

    • Bill Clinton

      Me first, Al! I’m gonna paint her pretty lil’ face with my goo. Hot damn! Afterwards, I gotta a cigar for her to try out.

  • nimfa

    oh common, let her did some jokes. who knows dreams comes true again with her and portia.

  • juan

    o come the f… on are you really that stupid the royal family suck

  • Kenney Moore

    I wouldn’t invite that lezbone if she was the last person on the planet :o)

  • jenny

    Ellen Dyke-Generes isn’t related one bit to the royals. Nothing but a needy attention seeking skank trying out new but unfunny material… since she’s been shit-canned from American Idol, she’s been unbearable.

  • brownin329

    It’s a joke. She’s a comedian. Why do you people take every %^$ing thing so damn seriously? It’s annoying.