David Letterman Duped! Comic David Letterman Tricked Into Thinking Lindsay Lohan Agreed to Appear on His Show!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

David LettermanDAVID Letterman was duped into thinking Lindsay Lohan had agreed to present the comedian’s Top Ten list on the show.

“Lindsay Lohan will not be delivering a Top Ten list on Thursday’s LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN, as had been previously announced. We made a mistake,” Tom Keaney, a spokesman for Letterman’s production company said in a statement after a writer for the show tweeted that Lohan would be on the show.

“Someone purporting to be a friend of Lindsay’s reached out to the show yesterday, allegedly on her behalf, and booked her to appear. Clearly, this person was not authorized to make commitments on her behalf. We wish Lindsay well, and look forward to having her on the show in the future,” the statement added.

Lohan, 24, would have appeared in Los Angeles on the New York-based show Thursday, a Late Night publicist said Tuesday when her appearance was announced.

“I am NOT going to be doing David Letterman, I’m not sure how this happened, but I am sorry for the confusion…,” Lohan tweeted in response to the news Tuesday.

Lohan – who is currently on probation for a 2007 DUI case and recently wrapped up a three-month, court-ordered stay at a rehab facility after testing positive for cocaine while on probation –  has been the brunt of many a Letterman joke — she was featured in his Top Ten list called “Surprises at the 2011 Grammy Awards” delivered by the talk-show host during the Sunday award ceremony.



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    10. You receive notice from insurance company that theft rates on home owners’ policy went up 2,000 percent.

    9. Jewelry stores within 50 mile radius of your home announce going out of business sale on same day.

    8. Bank that was about to foreclose on your home notifies you they are giving you the house back plus $50,000 dollars cash if you will keep it.

    7. Local police orders 3 new drug sniffing dogs.

    6. Signs installed at both ends of your street warning of potential STD’s in the area.

    5. ADT sales reps flood your neighborhood.

    4. Ordnance passed that prohibits Samantha Ronson from entering the city.

    3. 12 Rehab Clinics open within a three block radius.

    2. You are notified that your property values and taxes have dropped 90 percent.

    1. Kids refuse to go outside and play because they claim to have seen a big freckle faced rat living in the yard where the new neighbor just moved in.

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    11. Sales of disinfectant at Home Depot climb 300%.

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