Friday, February 18, 2011

Fantasia BarrinoFANTASIA Barrino says she boycotted this year’s Grammy Awards because she was left out of the tribute to Aretha Franklin.

The American Idol alum admits she’s not a happy bunny.

“They were honoring someone who was my idol, and there is no way I could have sat there and not got the happy feet and wanted to jump on the mic because she is my favorite,” Fantasia said.

“I felt like, you know, at the end of the day I should have been on that stage.

“I kind of did my own little thing.

“I was kinda going through my own little thing. I cooked, I was in my own world.

“Every year when I go, I feel like they always look over the good singers who are still around, so this has just given me motivation.

“I just started crying and thanking God.”


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  • Amy

    Why on earth would she feel like she was snubbed? Because she’s a black singer? it’s not like every other black singer in the world was on the stage except for her- then I could see her feeling snubbed!

  • mary

    fantasia is not the only one who loves Aretha. I’m a 68 year old white woman and I have loved Aretha since the 60′s.

  • Mocha

    What a stupid bitch. I wish she would get the fuck over it; I’m glad she was not invited to sing because I hate her voice. She would probably try to out sing everyone on stage with her loud and irritating. How dare she “boycott” the grammy awards based on that? Who the hell does she think she is? Maybe she should think about it for a second and realize that she is ugly as hell, and no ones wants to look at her ugly ass.

    • memyselfni

      Ugly?what the hell do u look like?!!!!

    • Lady Ex

      That was a pretty extensive rant. Seems like you have something very deep and personal going on? Sometimes jealousy comes across as “hater”. Going to the Grammys was her choice. Really, with everything else going on in the world, is this what really upsets you?

    • Lady Ex

      BTW, Mocha may be ranting the way she is because she is trying to make a name for herself. She has a You Tube that im sure she is hoping you will look at to find out about her. Guess what? on her page she titles her self a “sex-addict ” who is “sure to make men cum in their pants”. Not sure what qualifies her to speak to anyones morality. And she isnt black.

  • Char

    She wasn’t snubbed, she sucks!

  • http://yahoo moose

    She was not invited because , she sucks as a singer..i still do not know how outside of a token reason she won AI.She screams and goes into wild rants as she thinks this is singing? It was embarrasing to watch at Chicago fest..Please stay away from the windy city venues..

    • tammy

      First of all, I happen to know personally that Fantasia and Aretha Franklin has developed over the years a mother/daughter relationship and a friendship that all of Hollywood knows about. To leave her out of the tribute was an insult. If you like her voice or not, if she “screamed in the windy city”, If she’s ugly or cute to you people holds no relevence. Think about a very good friend of yours having a celebration of their lifes accomplishments and you not being able to say a few words of acknowledgment to them…I’m sure you would fell snubbed as well. Aretha has been very supportive to Fantasia. Directly after her winning AI, Aretha personally reached out to Fantasia and became a mentor to her, a shoulder to lean on. Someone Fantasia goes to for advise on a regular basis when the cold music industry seems unkind and when Fantasia was going through all of her rough times. Fantasia is not a fan my darlings, she is a close personal friend to Aretha, a daughter. Aretha calls Fantasia her daughter and Fantasia calls her Mama. They’ve cried together when things werent looking too good for Fantasia. On another note, which singer that was on that Grammy stage performing came anywhere close to the musical style of Aretha??? NONE OF THEM. Fantasia has taken her style from the likes of Aretha Franklin, she’s known and has been recognized by others as a “young Aretha”. What better priveledge would it have been for her to pay tribute to her friend. Maybe Fantasia did not express her reasons well, which is why stupid people would think it was a black or white thing. The reality is, she was left out of the tribute purposely. She has been a part of some scandal and a suicide attempt and because America is a pretentious ass place to live and the decision makers act like their shit don’t stink…she was left out of the tribute. People that you hold dear to you, should be the ones tributing you, NOT the people who, are “acceptable” public figures. WHo gives a shit what happened with Fantasia, she should have been able to tribute her FRIEND.

      • Mocha

        She could have given her the support in person if she is that damn close to her; she needs to accept the fact that HE GRAMMY’S DID NOT WANT HER ON THE STAGE. It’s that simple. Maybe if she was pretty or people actually liked her then maybe she would have been on the stage. She fucked someone else’s man and then tried to kill herself because she is too ugly to live, whatever, big deal. Every held crossed fingers that she would die when they heard the news

      • Joseph Datil

        @Tammy,Do you know either one personally? How do you know these facts? silent praise is much more meaningful. @Mocha, pretty classless comments..really not necessary..

      • Mocha

        I do not care if my comments are classy or not; I do and say as I please if you don’t like it then don’t read it.

      • Lisa

        There are a lot of singers who have a close relationship with Ms. Franklin and they were not ranting. She looks like a spoiled brat.

    • jeanise55

      I am okay with whatever her reason, I do agree that lots of times the good singers get left out, another thing I know is what might be good to me might not be good to someone else. fantasia is a wonderful singer I remember voting for her on AI as you put it not because she was black but because she blew them all away. She was wonderful and when she has the right writers qnd producers she could be bigger than life, it is all in the songs they sing. Fantasia is a Nancy Wilson and dionne Warrick type, she is young so she wants to be in the hip hop category but her voice is special and she is the club and carnegie hall type, maybe more gospel than anything else jazz would do her good she needs to sing songs that have a message and emotion. She entitled to her feelings she could have kept it to herself, because people will make it more than what it is but don;t get it twisted the girl can sang and she can perform none of the haters can take that, I wish she would let that family of hers get some jobs and stop draining her love is one thing but leeching is another. Another thing I will be gald when she feels the love for herself that I feel for her she derserves the best and someone elses husband is not it. alicia will feel it too, if a man cheats on his wife your time will come.

    • memyselfni

      Can your dum ass sing?

  • Tim

    I hope the ugly bitch dies. No one cares about her, or her snub. She looks like a giant black carp.

    • tammy

      And you sound like an ass. Friends tribute friends…bottom line. Aretha is Fantasia’s PERSONAL friend and mentor.

      • gee

        Tammy you said a mouthful. You seem to be the only one commenting with intelligence and true insight into the matter. Don’t sweat it, let the “INBRED NATION” do what they do. Which is promote ignorance and hatred with racial over tones…All by-products of inbreeding.

      • T_d Br_g_n

        thanks for calling all of us inbredded… and you’re a imbred for it… you cousin-f_ck_er. Side note; and how do you know that Funktasia is a ‘PERSONAL’ friend of Aretha?!, did you read it on Funktasia’s super-cool blog, or from watching her sell-the-f*ck-out-worse-than-american-idol-totally-bloggable-t.v.-version-of-diarrhea called a show on vh1?

      • Mocha

        @T_D Br_g_n LOL OMG so funny and so fucking true.

      • nunya

        Well said Gee, sounds like somebody just loves to Hate blacks who do succeed as Fantasia has.

      • Mocha

        @nunya I am BLACK and I do not like the bitch. No one has said anything about race, you and @gee just want someone to mention race. That is really sad. There is no racial undertone in any of the comments posted. Above a 68 year-old WHITE women said she loves Aretha Franklin, and believes Fantasia was acting like a baby. Cut that racism shit out and stop trying to play your “black card.” @gee was calling people inbreds he/she was pretty much asking for someone to respond with a racist comment.

    • memyselfni

      Your mama looks that way also fool!!

    • http://yahoo Dianne

      that’s so ugly of you. how dare you speak for everyone. I like her

  • rashard

    i dont blame fantasia for being mad they do look over all the good soul singer and that was a slap in the face because she has been recognize as the young aretha sense the her idol days and plus why go to the grammys when they didnt even televised the R&B category it was online at the pre grammy awards get real people

  • micah sinn

    all of you stupid bi$&%!* dont know what the hell you’re talking about, you all sound like some no talent low class jackasses who dont know anything about hyping a crowd or singing Fantasia i one of the better talents out there and who better to be one of the singers to honor Mrs Franklin hell she sounds alot like her and she is not as ugly a you obviously are HHHAAATTTEEERRRSSSSSS shut the f*&^ up i love fantasia and i support her decision

    • T_d Br_g_n

      have you ever heard of a comma, period, or had rational thought? fantasia looks like shes has herpes and (no offense) downs-syndrome… LET’S MAKE SOME NOISE FOR THE SHOVEL-FACE WITH THE LESBIAN HAIRCUT!!!

      • steve jackson

        did you say that she is one of the greater talents ? Really, a greater talent ? At best she’s a marginal singer at best.

      • memyselfni

        Let’s make some noise for your ugly ass mama!

  • shasha

    wow…such hateful remarks from you guys…@fantasia-if you wanted to boycott based on not performing the aretha tribute…that is would have been better to keep that to yourself.then on top of that, you won a grammy girl!! quit letting the little stuff get to you…you didn’t succeed in taking your life for a reason. take the time to figure out what that purpose is and let the other stuff should be grateful for the life you have and set the right example for your daughter. i wish you nothing but the best in life…go get it!

    • Mocha

      How can someone hate on her? She is an ugly fatty that screams at the top of her lungs which she thinks is singing. Everyone on that stage shits on that pathetic cow.

      • gee

        Why are you so hateful? Did someone piss in your bowl of Cheerios? Were you overlooked on Valentine’s Day? Did you audition for American Idol and Fantasia took your spot? Did someone who looks like her steal you prom date? Has you husband or boyfriend mistakingly called you “Fantasia” during an intimate encounter? Again, why are you so hateful? Whether you like her or not you can express your feelings in a more mature manner.

      • Mocha

        I can say and do and say whatever the hell I want. I cannot stand her music, I think she is ugly as sin; therefore, I speak on it. You can read what I say or not. Either way, I’m going to say what is on my mind.

  • Crystal

    I think some of you are being very harsh. If you are going to judge her, judge her based upon her talent not her looks. I must say, I like Fantasia. Am I a fanatic, no, but some of her songs are decent and her voice is different. However, she does go hard sometimes. She says she loves Aretha Franklin and I have no doubt that she would have given her all, but sometimes her all can be overboard. There is passion and then there is extra. I believe she would have given a performance of her paying tribute, but she probably would have been a bit overkill. Still she can sing(atleast when she is not screaming). Clearly AI recognized her talent. Simon being the toughest, praised her when she was great and knocked when she wasn’t so great(the screaming). Maybe paying tribute is not her thing because she can overshadow the tribute(not because of star presence, but because it isn’t always so great).

  • datnicca73

    First off, Fantashia I cannot believe she won that award for that god awful song that had no emotion. She boycotted the grammy’s I know the voters feel like idiots for giving her an award, that she didnt deserve. Lets face it, it was a pity award. I would have enjoyed her in the Aretha tribute. I do find it odd that they picked Jennifer over Fantashia…things that make you go hummmmmmmmmmm

  • Whatever

    Wow, you can really tell the insecure females who hate Fantasia so much because of her “affair” with a married man. So, afraid it could be your man next, huh? Or better yet, you’ve already had this happen to you and you are quite bitter. Look, when a man steps out on you it’s really not that deep (why? Because men are simple creatures-very impulsive).

    You’ve build up so much animosity towards this woman. Taking personal jabs at everything but her kitchen sink! lol Anyhow, if you are using the bible (adultry blah blah)as your platform to justify your hatred of Fantasia you are NO better than her with your displaced anger and hatred.

    • Mocha

      I think I speak for everyone when I say if my man sleeps with Fantasia then she can HAVE him. If my man is that desprate to sleep with one of the ugliest woman in Hollywood then I would not want to be with him. I would rather have my man fuck an animal then screw her. There is no one afarid of Fantasia taking their man LOL. I HAD to laugh at that stupid remark. People can use the bible as their “platform” I don’t. She is an awful singer, her songs are dumb, and she is ugly that is why I do not like her dumb-ass.

      • http://yahoo Dianne

        mocha your mama and your man/ men have left you one bitter say what you want motherf–ker. I just said what I wanted and it’s not nice, feel me?

  • DJ


    • Mocha

      @Pat thanks girl, and I will hold that title proud.

  • pat

    Thank you Mocha for making me hate you more than I hate Fantasia. You are a first class C-NT!!!

  • Jlime

    I think it’s ridiculous that she boycotted the grammy’s for that only reason It’s completely petty and I think shows how self absorbed she is. Then to have a nerve to actually admitt it really pisses me off the nerve of her. There are alot of artist I’m sure that love Aretha they didn’t all boycott the awards soley based on that tribute It’s silly and immature. If she wanted to boycott the grammy’s she should’ve based on the fact that they didnt air any of the r&b awards or most of the rap awards. Lastely I think If she did particapte she would’ve sounded terrible and shamed herself most of the time all I hear from her is screaming and its annoying and thats probably why she wasn’t invited. I don’t hate her cus I dont know her and I do like some of her songs that actually consist of singing but for the most part she screams and I think she would’ve embarrased herself and Aretha. For the record the performance was great they had a great eclectic mix of singeres and Christina and Florence Killed it.

  • casey

    Who care about Fat-asia!! GO AWAY!!

    • casey

      maybe she`ll thank “GAAAA” again!! I want to thank “GAAAA”. She sounds like an idiot!!

      • casey

        its “God” you stupid b*tch, not “GAAA”

  • jeff

    what a stupid c—,the thought hasnt occured to you has it?– its not all about you— what a cow

  • Joyce

    Who cares?

  • liz

    When I was watching the Aretha Franklin tribute Fantasia’s absent from it did not even enter my mind. She was not missed at all. But I was kind of wondering why Whitney Houston wasn’t up there on stage with the others doing the tribute, since Aretha is Whitney’s godmother. I think that Yolanda Adams and Florence did a really great job. They were the two singers on stage that really had the spirit and soul of Aretha.

  • CeCe

    Why are you all even feeling so strongly about people you dont know??? Fantasia has done a few tributes for older soul singers before and yes i must admit she blew it out the water with chaka khan’s “tell me somethin good” everyone stood up when she sung her part and was into the whole thing.

  • SAT

    For all you haters who says that Fantasia screams to much, well what about ghetto Christina. This skank wants to be black so bad. You can’t understand what she is saying most of the time because of her screaming. I don’t know why there is all this ‘hate’ for Tasia. Is it because you haters don’t have a life. You have no talent. Tasia is laughing all the way to the bank, losers!!!!!!!!!

    • Crystal

      I agree. There is no point in hating this young lady. It seems you are a true fanatic (fan for short), but she does scream. I like it when she sings (atleast the songs of hers that I like) in the range that fit her voice. However, like any singer, if you sing over the range you should stick with, you begin to sound awful. Her songs like ‘Truth Is’, ‘Free Yourself’ sound great, but when you overdo your vocal range, it isn’t great.

  • kenneth

    Who is this evil Mocha whore?

    She needs to her ugly ass back under her rock.

  • kenneth


    So sad, rotten and ugly on the inside her breath must smell like ten dead dogs buried in bat shit.

  • charma

    Mocha is the color. Don’t hate 8 mile!

  • light skin

    Boy just reading mocha’s comment you come to the conclusion that another woman took her man. Well she’s probably ugly as hell. It’s amazing how ugly people are the first ones to call someone ugly. No doubt she’s black as coal. Honey blame your parents for having you not Fantasia.

  • blk freedom ftr

    Why in the hell was christina ,florence,& martina invited to generically perform the QUEEN OF SOUL medleys??…it was so wanna be,lol, I couldn’t stand to watch.

  • Trevor

    Every since Fantasia came on the scene 7yrs ago people have being bad mouthing her…. when the facts show she have sold 3 million Albums/single 10 grammy nominations and 1 Grammy and two #1 hit singles. so i think fairly that she has it goin on not to mention on of the best vocals in the Game. She Keep it real all day !!!!! i like you girl and keep doin your thing. you are a ture soul singing diva. for the haters…dont get mad cuz your bank account don’t look like hers…lol

  • http://Yahoo Curtis S

    I read all the comments, good and bad. All I will say is “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you” It a two-way statement.

    • http://showbizspy KEEVA


  • 240 shorty

    I am a die hard Fantasia fan. I think Fantasia is a blessed child. God blessed her to overcome many hardships and at the end of the day, we all have experienced or felt like she about being left out. God so loved the world that he gave his only begun son, so we all could be forgiven of sins. Please lets not be judgement. Hatred is one of the worst sin, and I think you need to ask God to work on your life and make you a better person. Fantasia is going to continue making money and have a life style most of us could only dream about. So love and not hate, but thank God that so one made it!