Johnny Depp: ‘My Kids Don’t Think I’m Cool’

Friday, February 18, 2011

Johnny DeppJOHNNY Depp admits his kids don’t consider him to be cool.

The actor — who raises Lily-Rose, 12, and 10-year-old Jack with partner Vanessa Paradis – says his brood are now old enough to understand what he does for a living but they are not impressed.

“They are not bothered at all,” says Johnny, 47. “They get excited if Bob Downey (Robert Downey Jnr) comes to the house but they don’t get excited about me in any way whatsoever.”

Depp also revealed he has developed a dual personality to help him deal with life in the spotlight.

“It’s one of the dangerous pitfalls of doing this for a living,” he said.

“You feel infinitely more comfortable in the skin of your character than you do in life. There is one character that comes back to me quite a lot and that’s this Raoul Duke — a Hunter S Tompson character from Fear and Loathing and Las Vegas. It happens just because you find yourself in certain situation where you don’t feel you are capable to deal with it as you.”

Depp recently admitted he wants to “run away” from modern life.

“Sometimes I’d like to run away screaming from our technology-obsessed world, the invasive media, the madness of reality TV,” he said.

“We’ve lost touch with the simple things of life. We’re losing our individuality.”


  • Billie H

    WellJohnny My daughter and I think you are cool. I feel exactly like him, wanting to run away from the world we live in today. I can remember growing up and it was so much more laid back and interesting. The things he mentioned plus things like lady Gaga coming to the awards in an egg (and people thinking it was so cool-omg)makes me want to run too. What the h*** does making an entrance in an egg have to do with go music. Right Johnny?

  • sxy

    Dont worry Billie he wont see your comment since he has better thing to do. All I got to say it must be nice to talk about the simple things of life while you got your own island and have a few houses and a boat and jet to get you there. Yes Johnny you have it all so dont complain so much. We believe you like we all know you rather be poor right and live simple? Yes we believe you love everyone for no matter what they do for a living. But how many bus drivers are your friends? Oh and you only dated super models? Yes the simple life for you?

  • BillieB

    I think you are wide of the point sxy. Being upset by the invasive media and technology obsessed world have little to do with how much money a person has. And ShowbizSpy you should try to get your facts straight you have aged the kiddies by a couple years.
    In my book Johnny is the coolest and appears to be the most down to Earth and honest celebrity in Hollywood… despite all the fame and fortune.

  • Jean Marie

    I understand what Johnny is saying and it doesn’t have anything to do with the amount of money you have. I see people all the time walking around talking on cell phones, texting, and computing. What a life! And if you’re the most sought after actor in the world I think trying to live a “normal” life would be hectic-so no cell phones, texting and computing. He has said he wishes he could take his kids to Disnyland and just have a good time with them. Totally impossible. I admire him for trying to resist all the crap that goes on in Hollywood by living in France part time. Love you Johnny-keep making those movies!

  • sph

    Money does not make you happy it just buys time and fun, which is a lot different than happiness.

  • Fariborz

    he is cool

  • Biff

    Your kids are smart, I don’t get excited about you either, nor do I think your even cool, Johnny.

    • Amit Thakkar

      It seems you dont know anything about acting….. You dont need to criticize the Great the one and only — “Captain Jack Sparrow”… Drink up me hearties…. Yo Ho Yo Ho…..!!!!!!

  • wonderwond

    yah way more than cool, hes freakin awesome..

    sounds like what he needs to do is, get a camp site here in the west virginia mountains, where the only way in is by a jeep or 4×4, take a break from movies,etc for a few months, hell take a year off or two lol

    and get some of his family time thats well needed, no computers or tech items, just good ole fishing pole and tackle,camp fire, silence and fortitude
    country living at its best!

    always does a body and mind good

  • Bob Downey

    Biffs screen name says all we need to know about him.

  • Amit Thakkar

    I personally think Johnny Depp is a great actor, specially in movies like The Secret Window, Pirates of Caribbean Series and also Don Juan Demarco was a special one. I’m a die hard fan of Johnny Depp.

  • Bianca Dragusanu

    Well I don’t think it’s a matter of them not thinking he’s cool but more like, no matter how cool he gets, he’s still just _dad_ to them.