Jon Gosselin Starts New Career! Former Reality TV Star Jon Gosselin Becomes a Construction Worker on a Building Site

Friday, February 18, 2011

Jon GosselinJON Gosselin has a new job!

The former TLC reality star is working as a construction worker in Pennsylvania, TMZ reports.

The 33-year-old father of eight and onetime technology worker began work with Green Point Energy earlier this week, where he’s been hard at work installing solar panels on the roof of a storage building.

Jon — who raises eight children with ex-wife Kate Gosselin — first showed signs of money trouble last April.

“Jon is selling his BMW to raise cash until he gets a job,” an insider said at the time. “He’s hoping to get $25,000 for it.”

Jill Zarin from Real Housewives of New York was apparently one of the people who persuaded Jon to get out in the real world.

“Jon is very close with Jill Zarin from Real Housewives of New York,” a source said in December.

“It was Jill who told Jon to stay out of the spotlight and get himself a real job. Fame is fun but doesn’t pay the bills.

“Jon is in a great place. He is happy and knows what a fool he made of himself after his split from Kate.

“He has been getting a lot of TV offers, including interest from Dancing With the Stars, and has turned them all down. If he never sees a TV camera again in his life it will be too soon.”

Recent reports claimed Kate is suing Jon for $125,000 in back child support.

“She makes several million dollars a year and has free things thrown at her and the kids — if anything, she should be paying Jon child support!” a source told In Touch Weekly magazine.

“It is a shock to everyone that she still insists Jon pay her money, when his focus needs to be on providing what he can for the kids during his custody.

“Her attempts to sue Jon are just ways she tries to control everything around her because she’s still angry about their failed marriage.

“Kate is so cheap, at least when it comes to the kids: She has TLC pay for their food, clothes and travel on days they film.

“She’s frugal when it comes to the kids, but she has no qualms about spending money on herself.

“Jon’s paid back $80,000 this year so far and the court ordered him to pay around $22,000 a month.

“That amount was based on his potential earning, which has changed so much since TLC has limited the amount of media work he can do — and that’s how Jon was making his living. Before their series ended, they both were making hundreds of thousands of dollars on appearances and media deals. Between the two of them, they must have made millions. But they spent the money as fast as they earned it.”[imagebrowser id=982]


  • Hawkaye

    Keep your Head Up Jon G. Kate wants to be as a Stevie Wonder song Superwoman. Keep the Faith, Brother.

    • jonmakesmesick

      Ya I think Jon should get off scott free! Hes should not be finacilly responsabel for the 8 children he helped bring into this world. He should just sit around getting even FATTER! He is so gross looking who would want him infront of a camera. The marrage broke up when he started running around with way too young girls and the other things he pulled. What a discusting person. Ya keep bitching about Kate, at lease she works..of ya some of you have a problem with that to..You go Kate!!!

      • http://facebook Beverly Richardson

        I don’t think John should have to pay anything to that bossy female. She treated him like he was retarded when she was with him. I would rather be on welfare that to have to live with her. I feel sorry for her children. I think she is just making money off of them. On her own talent she would get no where. She proved that on dancing with the stars. She has no talent , just a big mouth

      • Joey

        Face it Beverly, you just don’t think period now do ya? IDIOT!

  • Jeanne Creel

    How can Jon be expected to pay $ 22,000.00 a month working as a construction worker? Why doesn’t he go back to his comcputer job that he had before they had eight children. I think the child support should be reasonable and really he shouldn’t have to pay any at all. Kate is the one pulling in the mega bucks while ignoring her kids. I think that Jon should get custody of the kids and Kate pay him child support. Kate is such a rude, controlling, manuplating person that it is pathetic.
    As far as her being frugal that is also a joke. She is having the time of her life spending the money that should go into an account that should be set up for the children for them to access when they are grown. After all that is what the show is about, the 8 kids. It is not about her. Kate is spending the money on herself as fast as it gets in her hot little hands. Can’t Jon take her to court and order that the money be put in a account for the kids? And come on, How in the world can Jon pay $ 22,000.00 a month as a carptener. Get real. Jon, go back to the clerk of court and file a $ 10.00 filing fee to go back to court to lower the child support if your money has dropped that much. And please make the court mandate that Kate take the children to a counsler as I am sure all of the animosity has messed up their minds. Kate does not spend time with the kids, she has nannies for that. Kate just has time for Kate and to go shopping. In other words Kate makes me sick.

    • Debra

      OK…here’s some WISDOM !!! Yes. Jon should go back to court and allow the Judge to make it fair with his new earnings. He should spend as much time as he can HELPING his ex wife care for and bring up THEIR 8 children. As to the Kate-bashing, or the Jon-smearing…. ALL of that stuff needs to be canned…. Talk about hurting the children…. How would You like to be a child in the grocery store and have to SEE and READ that kind of stuff on the cover of a magazine…. about EITHER of the Only Two People in the World who are the CENTER OF YOUR WORLD!!
      And as ALWAYS…. it’s the Parents who make the money! It’s the PARENTS MONEY!!!! The children don’t have any RIGHT to the money the PARENTS make…. I remember one episode on the “COSBY SHOW” one of the all time TRULY GREAT LINES ,among MANY from that show, the Dad tells Theo, YOU’RE NOT RICH!!!! YOUR MOTHER AND I ARE RICH!!!
      Everyone needs to mind THEIR OWN BUSINESS, and ALLOW Kate and Jon to do what EVERYONE else in America has the right to do…. Live their own lives. We ALL make our fair share of mistakes in our lives. Who Among us can throw ANY stones. We also have the right to raise our children, w/o the CONSTANT INPUT of ANYONE!!! America!

    • mel

      He had a low level state employee computer job with the state of PA — he didn’t make much. And Kate’s suit isn’t about reality, she just wants to make him miserable. Let’s just stop watching any show she’s on.

      • http://facebook Beverly Richardson

        I already did quit watching anything she is on. I think she is sickening.

    • Joey


  • Joey

    I think this guy is a complete loser! He took for granted a great opportunity financially to help his family and screwed it up because he couldn’t keep his pants on. Wonder if those young little hotties are around him now and his big belly and thinning hair. What a frigging joke!
    So typical of people….GREED, GREED, GREED!

    • Erika

      Just because he had an affair does NOT make him a bad parent. Supposedly Kate was having an affair with her bodyguard too. That is a pretty cruel thing to say about Jon. At least he can admit that he looked foolish. Kate is still doing the same stupid and selfish things as before, and she is getting worse. That is okay, what goes around comes around, and Kate’s time is coming too.

    • Joey

      Then they’re both complete morons and I stand by what I said about that idiot loser!

    • Joey

      Oooooh Erica “cheating doesn’t make him a bad person” something tells me you’re looking in the mirror trying to convince yourself of the same thing, huh? Whore

      • Luv

        Joey, calling a complete stranger a whore is really mean and totally unneccesary. Obviously you are illiterate because she did not say cheating doesn’t make him a bad person she said it doesn’t make him a bad parent. Learn to read before you criticize people idiot!

  • Joey

    Oh and DAMN STRAIGHT he should have to pay child support! Maybe not as much as what he was earning before when he had proof of financial income but he definitely should be paying some. As far as him having custody, whatever idiot said that is just that AN IDIOT! Kate is no saint and she is a fame whore, but at least the boys won’t grow up thinking it’s ok for them just to screw anything that walks whether or not they themselves are married and have a family. And hell, he’d probably pimp the girls out. This lowlife wouldn’t surprise me by anything, but then again what people do these days doesn’t surprise me! World is full of friggin losers!

    • http://facebook Beverly Richardson

      If Kate had treated him like a man instead of one of the kids he would probably have been a very different man. Not only did she treat him terrible, she treated her own family bad also

      • Pam

        I agree. I saw it coming a mile away. All she did was roll her eyes and act like an ungrateful, controlling bitch. The whole thing is just sad. Too bad they didn’t get counseling.

      • Joey

        oh yeah i’m sure they’ll be on drugs or gay because their mom is a bitch and their father is a fame whore, coward, and sex addict. Whichever way you slice it they’re screwed up just like the rest of you friggin morons with your bleeding hearts for Jon. You’re pitiful. Go boo hoo hoo to someone who gives a shit jerkoffs.


      no joey, thanks to kate the boys will probably be on drugs or gay. she has stated many times boys are icky. trust me when she is no longer in the media, she will give the boys to jon.


      joey it is time for you meds or should i say kate fan. your cheese has done slid off your cracker.

  • Erika

    I am sorry, Kate is very greedy, selfish, and hateful. I can’t believe that she is suing him for 125,000 in back child support. Is it not good enough for her to see that he is working a physical job not making the big bucks anymore. How awful it is that her children are being raised by this greedy woman. I sure hope they don’t follow their mothers footsteps. I hope TLC is happy at what kind of monsters they have created.

  • N G

    Good now we don’t have to hear from Kate or Jon.. They both need to get a real job.

    • Joey

      Yeah Mike, that’s a big IF, if they’re not crazy or irresponsible hahaha, laughable! I kid needs to be loved, it doesn’t have to be a mother or father, but someone that genuinely gives a shit about the kid and will do everything in their power to take care of them and make sure they’re KNOWN they’re loved. If that’s all it took was a mom and a dad to take care of their kids, then explain to me why this world is as screwed up as it is? Debra is a moron and so are you Mike, go screw each other, have a kid and raise it to be as stupid as you two!

  • Mike

    I agree with Debra… all kids need their dad. It’s just better for the child as long as the father is not crazy or irresponsible. (Just ask a kid that doesn’t have one.) If more people would spread joy and kindness, and not lash out at others, we would all get along better. We cannot judge without being judged…good advise, Debra. You should be on tv or radio!!

  • Nate

    Brought to you by TLC. Exactly what are we supposed to learn from this?

  • Mark

    Yeah, I see him hard at work here. There is no such thing as reality TV, stick a camera in their face there is no reality there.

  • dee

    Ever heard “it’s cheaper to keep her”….be smarter guys who don’t want the responsibility of being “full-time dads”. you get what you deserve i guess


      just remember lorrie, kate can’t go hiking or camping. that is what homeless people do. she is a piece of work. i think her house has fallen this time. i would respect her if she took a real job and downsized the mcmansion. sheeple kids don’t need THINGS to be happy. they just need their parents love and care. sorry i have no faith this woman will ever change. as for me give me family and love. all others things will come to you in time.

  • Lorrie

    I am so glad jon left her but not to be with younger women that is not ok with me but he shouldnt have to pay kate any money he should just pay for what the children need mostly while they are with him cause kate is already getting millions of money with her fame and not the kids it is all about kate….she doesnt spend any time with the children,…she is really messing with the kids mind and now the older girls are really confused and no wonder they can be a witch cause they see there mother being one so why not it must be ok if moms does it…kate needs to live i real life like the rest of us …my family is better looking then them and we have 6 kids and you dont see us on camera making a huge fool out of myself…the only reason i watched then when they were together was for the kids…just wanted to watch the kids…and why does she get to go on all these pay for free vacations when we work our butts off and cant afford a vacation..our vacation in real life is bbq in the back yard….take a hike and live the real world kate…get a real job …pretty soon your girls are gona out rule you and your gonna get hurt and i dont blame them…you are a fony mom and you are not even a mom….your nannies are more of a mom then you would be anytime….

  • http://yahoo Sandra

    At least Jon has admitted to being embarrassed about the whole fiasco that was his life… His ex-wife however, is still living in a fantasy world where she thinks she’s an a-list celebrity because she had 8 children and a so-so reality television show. She not only has no personality, she has no talent…her 15 minutes of fame expired a long time ago. Maybe someone needs to tell her and put her and the rest of us out of our misery. Very sad situation for those poor children.

  • RLH

    Funny, funny! Ol’ Jon really advanced himself. Married to a total fox, eight great kids, huge income and now he’s fixing roofs. Life is so good sometimes, ain’t it??

  • Real Mom

    This is just to funny and he needed a reality check. Jon you didn’t want to be a dad or husband. You made Kate act crazy on you, because you were LAZY. Now you have to WORK like a real man and I know it’s driving you nuts. GO KATE and her eight!!!!!


      real mom you are not a real mom. if you think like kate then you are as low life as she is.


        go get your meds you little high school trollop.

    • Joey

      and you no wire hangers, i bet you’re a complete hypocrite, you lying, ignorant skank.

  • Sehoy

    My opinion? Jon needs to pay the back support and then go back to court and get a reduction. Kiate, well, she makes the money and she should spend it the way she wants. Did she morph in front of us? Definately. Should she give back to all that she recieved? Hell no. Would you? She won the lottery and her children will reap the benefits. They already do. As for having an affair with the bodygaurd? GOd, look at him. He is gorgeous. I would. But. that being said, Kate needs to stay off tv and raise her children. She has enough money now to live comfortably. Good luck Kate and Jon. But get out of our lives. Your 25 minutes of fame is over

  • gwen

    Amazing . SHE works and gets royalties from books ., HE sits on a hot roof and SHE wants money .

    Goog luck kate, you cant squeeze blood out of a turnip , once he sells the bmw , which will get him what , 25000 if hes lucky , where is he going to get the money ?

    Child support for what ? Kate said their college is paid for , these kids arent exactly starving . duh. They have had more travel and were spoiled more than any other kids ive ever seen . Even JACKSONS kids probably didnt get the recreation THOSE kids have had .

    What does she want him to do ? sell a kidney ?


      yes she would have him sell a kidney, because she is such a hateful witch. ask her family they will tell you what scum she is.

  • http://yahoo Vivian

    I do think that his child support payments should be adjusted to something more reasonable. However I don’t think that just because Kate makes a lot of money means that Jon shouldn’t be somewhat financially responsible for his own children. They are his children and the financial stability of their mother is not an excuse to not make payments and to be a father figure. I am happy that he has decided to avoid the media and start to live a somewhat normal life.

    • Joey

      Nene is a typical bitch. Always seeking an argument, with with black neck jetting like it’s a chicken idiocy. She’s no idiot, she knows to play up the drama, more TV time. And Kim she’s a flat out idiot like the rest of the people of this earth. The glue from her wigs has obviously penetrated and seeped into her skin to make her one of the dumbest people on this planet.

      Those Atlanta bitches are ALL so fake, have no morals and only value materialistic crap and guess what? You can’t take that shit with you when you leave, just your soul, of which they are all lacking.

  • http://ShowbizSpy KT

    I can’t wait to see NeNe Nash of Real Housewives of Atlanta wearing a hard hat when her 15 minutes of fame comes to a close. She is more suited for a log jammer job in the forest away from civilization.

  • Kat

    “She treated him like he was retarded when she was with him.”

    Judging from his behavior after their split, Kate might have had a point.

    He’s an idiot to pin all his problems on Kate. He’s as much of a famewhore as she is and he’s a lazy loser.

  • Gerry

    Hubba Hubba Kate! Just keep inflating those jugs of yours and you will find a suitable husband willing to endure your quirks and kids! Keep it up, Kate!

  • Joey

    Well this was fun sharing time with the Morons of America!

  • gypsy

    lorrie you are just jealous, be a little forgiving and just pray for all of them after you pray for your self first.

  • wannasukjonsbalz

    jons the man, kate is money grubbing whore. i seen it coming as the series went along. the only reason jon stayed with her was because of the kids. eventually her bull crap forced him out. thus is life. now she is destined to be alone for ever or find a guy that wants her for her money. either way, jon is hot and i want to put his penis in all my holes. keep smiling jon.

  • Tony D

    Jon was nothing but a lazy twit. That’s why Kate had to treat him like the little fat boy he is. She had to do whatever she had todo to feed and give her kids the best opportunities for the future as she could.Hey Jon where are all those woman now? Look at the fat belly LOL I’m sure woman can’t wait to date the loser. Good Kate take him to court and make him pay. So called men like him give real men a bad name.

  • Vicki

    I am all for child support but if the show was on the other foot and she was working for peanuts and he was making millions no WAY would she be ordered to pay much child support and SHAME ON KATE for taking such an assinine amount. She should insist he keep HIS HOUSE stocked with food, clothes, shoes, so when they come she packs and does NOTHING, the kids earned their own keep for their lifetimes…greedy ugly woman she is.

  • Bone

    I don’t care how much Kate makes, they are his kids and he needs to provide for them! How much money has that man wasted taking his girlfriends to Europe and beyond partying. Come on people don’t be so stupid! Remember, they are his responsibility not just Kate’s!

  • Yuol

    I think they are both equally responsible—-if at present she is pulling down millions while he is making a couple thousand a month–then she needs to be the better person, she should set an example for her children instead of being a money grubbing fame whore. She should go back to court and offer him some of that money–afterall it is within her interest as well that the kids have safe digs when they are with their Dad

  • wkl

    WOW so how many of you no matter how much you made would let your ex off with out paying for his kids? Kudos to you for thinking because one parent makes more the other should get off scot free. As fas a who is right and who is wrong yes Kate is a bitch you need to be to raise 8kids and have order and with a half retarded husband it is required. They both screwed up their mariage and will have to live with that forever. The kids should turn out fine as long as they can find a happy middle in their families disfunction, just like the rest of the world.

  • http://showbizspy Marilyn Carpenter

    Last year 2010 a friend had her computer fixed in her home. Jon was the computer person who came to her house. He was working for a computer company out of Reading, Pa. She told me he was a real nice person and fixed the computer right there in her home.

  • http://11 11

    he is paying taht monry