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Demi Moore Moved in With Ashton Kutcher After Two Weeks!

Posted by Adam

Ashton Kutcher and Demi MooreASHTON Kucher says Demi Moore moved into his bachelor pad less than two weeks after they started dating.

The actor — who hooked up with the actress in 2003 and married her in 2005 — has revealed his relationship with Moore progressed quite quickly.

“It was really quick. I was sort of going out and having my fun and being extremely single… and then I met Demi and within about two weeks she moved into my bachelor pad that I was living in with a buddy of mine and my buddy refused to move out,” Ashton said.

“But I didn’t just move her in, she moved in with my three now stepdaughters… this was after about two weeks, a week and a half. She was moving to Los Angeles and she was going to rent a house so I was like, ‘Why would you rent a house? Just come stay with me.’ And then I didn’t really think about the fact, I mean my buddy and I had been living in this house for a while and he really refused to leave. But it was kind of a good thing because it would be the middle of the night… and there would be strangers coming up and ringing the doorbell to come have a visit and he would do a lot of intercepting for me that was very, very handy… It takes a while to slow that train down!

“I was trying to keep my relationship with Demi private because we don’t want all the press and we managed to do it for a month but you know, in keeping it private I couldn’t like send out a memo to everyone. So my buddy would kind of curb people at the door and it kinda worked out. Eight years later we’re still together. In Hollywood terms that’s like 81 years!”

Kutcher has previously revealed how he and Demi took things slow with other aspects of their relationship.

“My relationship was a relationship first,” he said last month.

“Well, there wasn’t anything physical happening for awhile, but from the get-go it was more than friendship. It was a deeper connection than that.

“I think guys wind up…not wanting another guy sleeping with the girl they’re with.

“But eventually everyone wants something more. We all have that desire for something special, something committed. We all want to be The One.”

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