Victoria Beckham Won’t See Kate Middleton Walk Down The Aisle? David and Victoria Beckham to Snub Royal Wedding?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

David Beckham and Victoria BeckhamDAVID and Victoria Beckham might not be going to the royal wedding!

Sources say the couple — who are expecting their fourth child together — might snub Prince William‘s April 29 nuptials to Kate Middleton because they can’t guarantee their presence.

“Victoria is pregnant and there is no guarantee she is going to be up for such a big day while David is very anxious about attending and taking any of the focus off the Prince and his bride,” reveals a source close to the Beckhams.

“David’s first priority is to look after his family and with Victoria pregnant he feels this might be an occasion best supported from afar.”

Recent reports claimed Victoria wants to give the royal bride-to-be a new wardrobe of stylish clothes to wear on her honeymoon.

“Victoria is set to give Kate the best gift a girl would want, a boxful of cutting edge dresses,” a source told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper.

“Victoria is a real girls’ girl and she thinks Kate is lovely. She admires Kate’s natural sense of style and would be proud to gift her several of her hand-designed dresses for her honeymoon.”
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  • Doziem

    Theyshouldn’t be invited in the first place.

  • Jordan Brown

    Oh, that’s not really fair. you should both go and have some fun.

  • behnam

    hi.i love u!

  • behnam

    i like all

  • MittyBug

    I would hardly call this a “snub.” Victoria being very pregnant or having a newborn is a legitimate excuse for not attending a wedding, even if it is the future king’s. It looks like the Beckhams are the only people in the world not trying to get invited by pulling some crazy stunt. I think I have more respect for them now.

  • ugh give me a break

    Give me a break – he doesn’t want to take attention off of William and Kate? That’s just laughable – what utter narcissistic arrogance. As IF he is bigger than the royal wedding. I guess the queen shouldn’t attend for the same reason then. Oh, right, she is not nearly as important or famous as whats his name beckham is. Never mind then.

  • si


  • kate

    The only reason shes not going is because maybe and I mean maybe she’ll have a tiny little bump[Oh dear how awful] and she could not fit into a size 0 thats why

  • sid

    You couldn’t make it up! Couldja?