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Posted by Adam

Tony ParkerTONY Parker isn’t bothered that his ex-wife Eva Longoria is back on the dating scene — because she can do what she wants!

The NBA star spoke out for the first time about the actress’ new relationship with 25-year-old actor Eduardo Cruz.

“[Eva] can do whatever she wants!” Tony said.

Eva, 35, was spotted making out with Eduardo in Miami last month.

Tony then denied claims he has a new girlfriend after he was seen kissing a brunette recently at Tao restaurant in NYC.

“No we aren’t dating right now,” Tony said. “There are no lucky ladies.”

Parker has previously admitted his divorce from Longoria was hard.

“Divorce was hard. Like anyone else, I’ve learned that life is full of experiences, and you learn from your mistakes and go on,” he said.

“I’ve been really lucky in life. I’ve got super family, friends — that’s what’s most important. When you look around with what’s going on in the world — with sick children, people in real difficulties — I have no right to complain.”

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  • David

    Good for you Tony. You have no right to complain, and that was classy, to divert the attention, to the less fortunate, and O wouldnt have said it any different.

  • Eroq

    Said like a man from da ghetto

  • Michael

    You got it going on Tony. Word to the mother.