Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis to Marry in May?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Johnny Depp and Vanessa ParadisJOHNNY Depp is gonna put a ring on it.

According to a report from British magazine More, the actor and his partner Vanessa Paradis — who are parents to 11-year-old Lily-Rose and Jack, eight — are planning to get married this May.

“Johnny and Vanessa’s kids kept asking why they weren’t married like their friends’ parents,” a source said.

“It was actually always Vanessa who never wanted to marry. But then she changed her mind, so they told their children they wanted to wait until they were old enough to enjoy the day as well.”

Depp recently revealed why, despite his lengthy romance with Paradis, he hasn’t married her.

“I never found myself needing that piece of paper,” he said.

“Marriage is really from soul to soul, heart to heart. You don’t need somebody to say, okay you’re married… If Vanessa wanted to get hitched, why not… But the thing is, I’d be so scared of ruining her last name. She’s got such a good last name.”



  • Lila

    Finally! I’m so happy for them *-*

  • sxy

    I guess she figured she better marry him so if he cheats again she can take him. I dont blame her. He has had his hand in the cookie jar for so long now. He now wont be able to be such a cad. He may lose some following of his older lady fans but hey he isnt interested in older ladies anyway. The teens wont care so he likes those.

  • Cheryl

    John you are the best, we love you.

  • Find Magic

    My Mom will be highly disappointed…

  • BillieB

    Almost every year someone starts this rumor. I will be very surprised if this is true…for all we know maybe they are married. What is the big deal anyway it really is not any of our business.

  • scarlettwench

    It doesn’t matter one way or the other. They seem totally committed to each other, have 2 beautiful children, and a wonderful life together, Johnny always stays true to himself and doesn’t buy into all the Hollywood garbage.Good for him! I love him, he’s my fave!

  • rachel

    @sxy..if he cheats again?…when? if you are talking about that idiot model..I don’t belive her,if you see the photos of them together you’ll see that is a lie.She only wanted fame.I don’t care about her..anyway ,Johnny I love you and I wish you the best!

  • Huh?

    OMG! Vanessa Paradis is fugly!!! Johnny Depp is with THAT?! I’m not a Depp fan, never followed his career, I find him quite irritating at times, I much preferred Richard Grieco & only watched Grieco’s 21 Jump St episodes. Having said this, Vanessa is vulgar and fake. She exudes that in her images and in interviews. Huge gapped tooth retard with bad cheekbone implants and jawline resurfacing. She’s still manly and her eyes make a look like she has Down’s syndrome. She’s also a tard in interviews, and a liar. What’s to like? Are you blind? Look at the photo: she has bulging fish eyes, limp dirty hair, a huge schnoze and a massive forehead. She looks like she snorts coke & f**ks anything that moves. Yes she looks like a cheap hooker. Johnny Depp could have any gorgeous girl he wants, a super model like Brooklyn Decker so why this tramp?? I don’t get it. And to think he could have been with Wynona Shoplifting Ryder all this time..!

    • Murts

      You’re either a female with loads of insecurity problems, or a male with intimacy issues.
      Either way, I’m sorry that you feel so bad about yourself that you have enough hate buried in you to dig down and pull THAT out with the snap of a finger.
      You sound like a real bummer to be around, and I doubt this attitude of yours is limited to here.
      I hope the rest of your life goes better for you and you start feeling differently about yourself and those around you.

  • sxy

    @ Rachel all I can say is lol lol if you think that is the only time he has been tied to a young woman. That one actress he was all over at the resturant I wont say her name but she was in a few movies with him and lets just say she was an addams family actress take a guess. But when he was with Vanessa they were all over each other in the back of the resturant. Lets see what were they doing practicing. Yes well there has been a few more too. If she does marry him he might keep it in his pants for a change and she can take him to the cleaners if he doesnt. She is a nice good looking lady so she can do better really. He has a lot of cash and a good actor look how he has everyone believing he is the next Jesus christ and never does anything wrong now. HA Look I know this guy and I know what goes on so dont come down on me. Oh wait he has me HA the question now is when? HA

  • julie

    He never cheated… i don’t know where this person saying this in her|his comment…