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Natalie Portman Wants to Relax

Posted by Adam

Natalie PortmanNATALIE Portman is looking forward to kicking back and doing nothing!

The Hollywood star — who won an Oscar gong at the recent Academy Awards — says she can’t wait to do nothing for a while.

“The next dream I have in terms of very short-term future is staying in bed, not having to do my makeup or hair and keeping my sweats on, relaxing,”  said Natalie, who’s pregnant with her first child.

“For my child, to be happy and healthy is what every parent could only wish for.”

Portman recently insisted she won’t call her baby Oscar.

“There has been a lot of talk of calling the baby Oscar if it’s a boy,” she said.

“It’s a nice name but now I don’t think it would be right to have two Oscars in the house. We wouldn’t want to get confused!”


  • Mary

    way to go Natalie! enjoy your pregnancy and Award. both are well deserved!

  • http://none anon

    don’t feel bad i used to confuse people with things all the time, it is part of life. quick tip, people can talk and do things