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Posted by Adam

Courtney LoveCOURTNEY Love has agreed to pay a fashion designer $430,000 after she defamed her on Twitter.

The Hole rocker — who’s the widow of tragic Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain – said she regretted making “harsh statements” about Dawn Simorangkir, whom she had described as a “coke whore” and a liar among other things.

“I am glad to have this behind us. I have always considered Dawn to be a talented designer. I am sorry for what happened. I sincerely wish her the best,” Love said in a statement.

Simorangkir sued the Hole frontwoman in 2009, accusing her of making false statements about the designer on Twitter and MySpace, after the pair fell out following discussions over custom clothing designs.

Simorangkir’s lawyer Bryan J. Freedman stressed that the financial settlement was the most powerful admission of wrongdoing.

“When somebody comes up to my client and says ‘Are you a sleazebag whore?’ like Courtney Love said, my client can say not only am I not but..the evidence for it is that (Love) paid $430,000 as a result of making that statement.”

“It’s a much more meaningful apology than frankly a Tweet in response or any other type of response.”[imagebrowser id=687]