Roseanne Barr: Charlie Sheen Defended by Roseanne Barr, Chuck Lorre Gets Dissed!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Roseanne BarrROSEANNE Barr has Charlie Sheen‘s back.

The actress took to her blog Monday to defend the actor and took multiple digs at his Two and a Half Men boss (and former Roseanne series writer) Chuck Lorre.

“I never really worked with [Lorre], as he was mostly drunk when he was on my show,” Barr said.

“I feel sorry for Charlie Sheen, (and Brett [Butler] and Cybill [Shepherd], both of whom were often out in the parking lot screaming at Chuck and crying) who has to not only be the bi-polar wizard Charlie Sheen, but had to toil as a tool for Lorre Enterprises Inc.

“Charlie, take a break dude. Go to Greece, Paris, China, look at great art and lay low.

“You got fired, dude. Anybody can do your job, really.”[imagebrowser id=1007]


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  • ella

    roseanne is a nut also.

    • Patty Fitz

      Shut up. They are both very talented, yet eccentric entertainers. It’s not like you can’t change the channel if you don’t like them. I like them both and they make me laugh. Laughter is the best high I know of.

    • Justice

      I don’t have to change the channel now, they took the idiot of the air.

  • ella

    roseanne is a nut also.

  • Jeremy

    This from a woman that teaches her grandkids how to cuss a swear (she admitted it on a talk show a few years ago)!!!!! Wow I think all Of Hollywood needs to take a break!!!! There is hardly any fresh material out there!!! They are doing plots from other shows and the movies are all re-makes!!!!!!! Charlie Take a break and get some help!!! Rosanne Get right with God!!! (And on a personal rant) Rosie SHUT YOUR FAT MOUTH!!!!!

  • frank

    who cares what roseanne barr says…..

  • tom

    roseanne and charlie should be together both nuts
    but rich ,,,,,,

    • gerald

      You think they are good actors Ann? I cant think of anything that either of them have been in that i would be considered good acting

      • carrd49

        Did you ever see the Vietnam movie Charlie did when he was young…it was good and so was he. What a shame it’s all been thrown away because of alcohol and drugs.

  • Ann

    I think Roseanne and Charlie are both great actors – so they both have had a little trouble here and there – who hasn’t – the difference between them and most of us is when we screw up the whole world isn’t watching.

    • J

      I totally agree with you! I mean, I don’t really like Charlie yet I LOVE Roseanne but along with the whole world watching, I think it has something to do with the fact that they just don’t give a crap what other people think….at least in Roseanne’s case, she’s very outspoken and sticks her middle finger to anyone who doesn’t like what she has to say. I think the majority of us think somewhat the same way she does but most people don’t have the stones to actually say it out loud LOL

      I also think that some of the things they do and say are just to get a reaction from the people. They WANT us to stop and drop our jaws and say “Oh sh*t! Did he really just say/do that???”

  • abby

    This from a woman who grabbed her nasty croctch,while, she sang the National Anthem.Nice one…Charlie get some REAL HELP..

  • tom

    i think all of you need to take a break from
    the drugs , and do something better with your money .

    • Tom Edwards

      Not a surprise someone of this character would back a known drug user.Birds of a featehr flock together.

  • cindy

    yeah, got his back. Where did you see this in what she said??

    • Rob

      I agree with you. I don’t see where she “has his back” She was saying get over yourself and get some help.

  • tebjr

    That’s about par for the course. One worthless baffoon defending another.

  • tbone

    What a cow!

    • Jolie

      Rosanne was telling him to get over himself. So what, he got fired and that anyone could do that stupid one dimensional role he does. how do you tools take that for defending him?

  • Elyse

    Roseanne Barr’s words have about as much credence as Charlie Sheen’s. Charlie I gotta get this off my chest. You seemed to want to expose the fact that your boss was Jewish by revealing his Jewish name publicly. But isn’t your real name hispanic – Carlos? You were the ONLY sibling out of four that changed their name even though all went into acting /directing. Hypocritical, no? And who in their right mind wants to be exposed to your “magic”? Is that magic drugs, alcohol, prostitution, polygamous relationships? If it’s so magical, why go sober?


    At $2 million an episode, both Charlie and Rosanne should shut up!

  • Carol

    Oh, I can’t believe that I agree with Roseanne Barr…but YES, Please, Charlie….lay low. Go away. Get lost. Take a hike. Find a mirror to admire yourself, that should keep you occupied for a while so we can have some relief from you. Rather than go to those wonderful countries that Roseanne suggested (they don’t deserve you) why not head for the Middle East where they would be so happy to hear your opinions….yeah, go there. ‘Cause we don’t want ya!

    • Erik

      Everyone needs to calm down! Charlie is a human he made a few mistakes. Who are you to cast a stone? He has brightened up millions of peoples lives with his comedy. Imagine being followed by papparazi when you were going through one of the hardest times in your life. Keep your head up Charlie I am rooting for ya!

  • angelina

    Roseanne is likely right we only know one side to this story I am sure working for these excutives for some of these channels is no party. I can imagine the Ego trip these people are on. A Cable Channel should jump the wagon and offer Charlie Sheen a deal. They would be smart now that Charlie Sheen, is so popular. He is not nuts He had problem dealth with them and spoke up about it. Who knows the people for the show likly drove Him crazy to begin with.

  • Ally

    Roseanne, really? If that is support then what is a “get over it” line? Can we say, Star Spangled Banner? He needs to get off the stuff and get into the real game of life.

  • sdrue

    From one nut to another! She is just helping sink his ship!

  • angelina

    Whom ever is controlling these comments is really nuts one gives a comment and they come back with a reply you gave this commet before. We not I never done a comment on this your people just want to hear what you want to hear fix the problem you idiots.

    • Stinkerbell

      Grammar, spelling, punctuation. Learn them, then maybe someone will understand what you are trying to say.

  • tom

    this is whats wrong with this country , they are way over
    paid .no one should be paid that much money for one
    show , that is nuts. we need a roll back in pay ,and lets start at the top . lets start in CA , and work

  • dude

    no not anyone can do charlies job…
    thats like saying anyone can do the the ROsanne show
    or Sienfield.. hey lets change one of the friends in season 8! all are replaceable ! NO.. charlie is two and half men!
    without charlie, the show will last one season and then it will be cut… and the whole franchise will be ruined.

    donald trump said it best.. hire charlie back, give him the raise and make 3 or 4 more season and make MONEY!
    simple economics. people are letting their emotions get in the way in the business.
    fact is LORRE is washed up, he is just re writing rosanne with two and half men anyway and now his pages are empty.

  • Jill

    Yikes!! I have noticed NO ONE commenting thus far can create a sentence that is grammatically correct and punctuated properly!!

    That being said, (what happened to the American education system!?) Roseanne Barr’s comments were brilliant and refreshing!! I like her willingness to cut through the c.r.a.p. !

  • Jack Luz

    It would be nice if a Japanese whaling boat harpooned her by accident.

  • Chris

    Really, defended by Roseanne? and that is supposed to makes us take Charlie Sheen’s side? The guy was making almost 2 millions an episode? that is not enough for him? Come on people… who cares about the bosses’ money… look at what you are making… there is always someone making more. 2 millions an episode and you feel like they are exploiting you? give me a break… maybe you need a reality check about what real life is…
    Charlie Sheen is acting like a drug loaded ass hole… a spoiled brat who would not be happy even if they gave him 10 millions an episode… you’re sick man… go get help and live in the real world… not the world according to Charlie Sheen.

  • Chris

    Roseanne is an has-been… and Charlie is on his way there…

    They should make get together and have a reality show… Who wants to be the biggest has-been.

    These people are morons

    • greg

      not true but anyway they both are still more successfull than you’ll probably ever be. so…..

  • Chris

    Keep in mind that Roseanne has done ANYTHING worthwhile since her show…

  • Chris

    I meant Roseanne HASN’T done anything worthwhile since her show…


    and also… Chuck Lorre has produced many hits… and still does… as Roseanne is lost somewhere complaining about her goats…

  • Scott

    She didn’t have his back. She told him, you’ve been fired dude. Anyone can do your job.
    They should both take a long trip to Europe…

  • Bill

    The one horrible thing I’ll never forget about Ms. Barr was the time after her divorce from Tom Arnold when she actually said publicly that he had a small penis. I credit him with one of the best comeback lines of all-time though a few weeks later. He said, “In my own defence I just have to say that even a 747 could get lost in the Grand Canyon.”

  • mike nuevo laredo Mexico

    roseanne is a psycho,who can’t help being ugly,but she really should learn proper hygiene cause I can smell this mutt all the way down here in Mexico!!!!!!

  • unknown

    All in all, if they did not have all the money in the world – neither one, would have their mouths open so wide.
    Funny, how Karma works.

  • unknown

    Actually, I commend the producers for doing what was right. Of, course I’m probably twice as old as most of the posts here.
    Back when lives were private, and mail was delivered in the box, and there were NONE of these horrific narsacistic shows on TV.


    I See ALL the ‘PIOUS’-ones come out of the WoodWork – Like Cockroaches-Whenever there’s something or SomeOne to feast on…Odd though-how ‘THEY’ keep ‘Quiet’ when it’s one of their OWN-that falls off the ‘false’ pedestal into the abyss of ‘Trolldom’…Then-All these little’F%#ckers’
    just ‘piss in their depends’ and Wallow…
    Oh Yeah! You know You’re ALL- FANS OF ‘TWO AND A/HALF MEN’
    AND Tom Arnold ‘S-U-C-K-S’!!!

  • Jorge

    oh man, another bitter fat chic.

  • Donielle

    You know what? In the words of the great roseanne herself, “SHUT-UP”! God help yall, Im from southern Georgia and Im not half as stupid as the majority of you make yourselves sound. Your making juvenile comments about men and women you dont even know. Roseanne may not be attractive and she may not be skinny (and Im assuming thoes of you who made cracks about her looks and her weight are obviously perfect and thin, I mean, I would hate to think you were being hypocritical, right?)but she did something great. She helped produce a tv show that let thoes of us who arnt perfect and beautiful and rich know that through the sruggles we face in life each day, just trying to survive, just trying to feed our kids, it was okay to laugh! Grow up! Has-been this, Has-been that, good god at least they were something at one time. What will you ever ‘has-been’? A dumbass on the computer after his bedtime? Charlie Sheen is human, Roseanne is human. Two and a Half Men is a hilarious sit-com with great punch lines, Roseanne was a wonderfully ‘trashy’ (said with the most respect for the word, I am, myself, proud whitetrash!) sitcom that incorporated sense of humor into the harshness of reality. Point being, thoes of you who have wasted your time on here (who, by the way, can’t even structure a sentence, it seems, to save their lives.) should really find something else to occupy their time, like opening an english book and taking another look at their native language, next time, after some effort, you can half-ass portray what you want to say.

  • karalyn

    Charlie Sheen and Roseanne Barr are just two people navigating their way through their own lives. Ignorant people who suck pleasure outta bashing others should just grow up. How irritating!

  • nuttywood

    just shut the fu@k up you fu@k… whats the matter you haven’t been in the papers for a while… screw…

  • dave

    When Rosanne Barr comes to your defense, you are hosed.

  • Will-Edward

    Tell it like it really is Donielle! It’s better to have been than to never has been or will be. I still find the Rosanne syndications more interesting than the current reality bulls..t that’s all over tv today. I totally agree with Donielle. Now that’s real intelligence.

  • Kathy

    Roseanne is not the sharpest tack in the shack! AND Charlie seems to be a full fledged Sociopath!

    I think he’s a DANGEROUS Sociopath. It’s all fun and games till someone gets killed.

    • Tammy

      you people are a disgrace..I can see life has taught you nothing in advancement of the soul. The reason we are here for those who don’t get it. Calling others stupid, casting stones. We must assume that all of you are perfect in every way by your immature comments. These are people..wish them the best and get a life.

  • barbara

    Who cares what roseanne thinks, she’s a pig, and a poor excuse for a human if that is what she is. SLOB, can’t or won’t put on here what i really think she is. Where is she now, a GOAT farm? Please Sheen let someone esle get your back, like the blind leading the blind. Sick of all this, get a life.

  • georgana

    wow, people r so judgemental and mean spiried. i am sure everyone of u that doesnt have anything at all positive to say is a perfect human being.

  • jamie

    Nobody is really reporting who started all this. It was that Lorre guy. He made a mean statement about Charlie. That’s what made Charlie upset. It is so obvious that Lorre guy was jealous of the fame Charlie was getting from the show!

  • HarryK

    So Roseanne the loser backs Charlie the loser. What a great combo. Shes riding the publicity train.

  • jeff Gord

    After Roseann Barr made a mockery of our National Anthem, I won’t watch a single episode or movie of anything she is in…same for Jane Fonda.

  • Diana

    this does not surprise me

  • http://none JimH

    Give her twenty bucks and she’ll say anything.

  • Rob

    Go Charlie!!!! Winning!

  • susan

    Who do these actors think they are??? If a regular person did what half of what these people do, you can bet they would be in jail for a very long time. I am a Roseanne fan, but, come on now, at times she can be a nut too!!

  • w w

    Roseanne didn’t have web exposure like it is now, so she’s trying to catch on to LoonySheen’s coattails for a ride.
    All the googles of her are quite unflattering.
    Move on, nothing to see there.

  • drew

    Its funny to me that recently I was reading a puff piece on Chuck Lorre and how great his shows were… THEY ARE CRAP! Including 2.5Men – one of the worst sitcoms ever. He deserves all the bile Charlie is throwing at him.

  • ken

    so producers have no business letting people go that can’t seem to get their drug issues under control? you can get high, negatively affect the livelihoods of other actors, get paid big bucks, bash your bosses in the press and on air,and expect no repercussions? if you believe that then you must be on drugs……maybe charlie can get you a part in his next show.

  • tiredofitall

    If you stop and think about it, we don’t really know all the details. I do remember hearing about Brett Butler (how working on her show drove her back to drinking), Cybill Shepherd’s show being pulled at the height of it’s popularity because of her not backing down against Lorre. Roseanne’s had her battles with him as well. Now I will admit that Charlie Sheen is coming off as really full of himself, but has anybody read the comments at the end of some of Chuck Lorre’s shows? Some really hit just as much as Charlie Sheens rants. I personally think that they need to settle this crap in private. Face it, on every job you are going to have a butt whole and if you don’t have one on your job, it probably is you!