Kate Winslet Not a Fat Viking!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Kate WinsletKATE Winslet thinks the public believe she is a “fat Viking”.

The 35-year-old actress — who is well known for defending her curvy figure — is often complimented on how good she looks, leading to her presuming people think of her as bigger than she is.

“It seems to me I look very different from how people expect me to be,” Kate said.

“Clearly they think I’m a great big fat Viking. My body is different through nothing other than my being older. My clothes fit me the same way they’ve fitted me for the last five, six years. And of course I was a lot more voluptuous then.”

However, she admits she is less keen to talk about her body now because its “hypocritical”.

“I felt I had to defend my body and took a very public stand, which I still absolutely believe in. But I’ve stopped talking about it now. And, at a certain point, it does become hypocritical,” Kate added.

Despite not wanting to talk about her figure, Kate’s face is becoming more important to her and she often notices how she is gaining wrinkles.

“I’m more aware of things like wrinkles on my face. They’re becoming much more pronounced, because that’s the muscle I use the most when acting. But it’s my face. So, whatever,” she said.


  • Metalhead1017

    Winslet is so beautiful just cause she doesn’t look like some teeny boppershe is amazing.Ilove her

  • http://Gmail DollyDea

    I do like the way she appreciates herself.thumbs up,Winslet.

  • http://yahoo.net alic mc kinney

    You are a true beauty not plastic and also an-awesome actress.

  • TruthSpeaks

    I loved how real actress Kate Winslet is. Her natural curves is fabulous and a great changes from seeing the typical Hollywood skinny female celebs. The late Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe had real curves back in the old days of Hollywood. Beside the fact Kate is British, she do have to remember that she lived in America where there is so much insecurities and haters over anything like weight, sizes, ages, looks or personalities. At least in Britain and Europe people are not so critical like here.

    Good for her she is such a fresh air of breeze in Hollywood amongst the vain starlets.