Aretha Franklin: Gastric Bypass Did Not Help Aretha Franklin Lose All Her Weight

Friday, March 11, 2011

Aretha FranklinARETHA Franklin insists her recent weight-loss isn’t down to gastric bypass surgery.

The Queen of Soul has lost 85 lbs.

“Definitely not — and would not,” Franklin, 68, told Access Hollywood when quizzed about the gastric band rumors.

“I heard that [rumor]. I said, ‘That is crazy.’”

Aretha — who underwent a mysterious surgical procedure in December for reasons she refuses to reveal — said she was “not going to even deal with” rumors that she had pancreatic cancer and that the the weight came off “from the surgery that I had,” although she did not specify the procedure.

“But it definitely was not the bariatric or, what is it, gastric by — Yeah, I can’t even tell you the correct name of it,” she says, adding, “It’s really not necessary to talk about one’s personal medical [health].”[imagebrowser id=1009]


  • ah ha

    has lose? don’t you read over your material before placing it on here.

    Queen of Soul has lose 85 lbs.

    she needs to lose 200 more pounds.

    • BonBon

      I thought she was beautiful in the “Blues Brothers” movie and she had some meat on her bones then, but then she just got grotesque. I hope WHATEVER she is doing will help her get back down to a more healthy weight and stay there until it is time for her natural death.

    • Niqua

      only sum1 who is that mean would say something like that sum1 who clearly doesn’t have a life

    • leelee

      You’r a f*ktard, 85 is on the way to…86…89..whatever she wants. It is none of our business. Enjoy her gift to the world , a gift from God. What does her weight mean to you. At some point you will feel dishonored by yourself. Erectile dysfunction,lost your job,kids might be out of control. No One should feel ashamed as God created us in his image. Family,friends,love,respect,compassion,empathy,sacrifice,honor, obligation,Happiness. Ahhhh

      • BonBon

        Actually, what you are wishing on others is what you wish on yourself. The curses that you try to heap on someone else will only come back to you. Also, God did not make a 400 pound person in his image. And since she is the one losing the weight, she must have seen something wrong with it herself, otherwise she would have just kept it on and would have possibly added even more.

  • jimhaze13

    just like panceratic cancer… sorry

  • JLi

    Barney and friends

  • jimhaze13

    c’mon and admitit the thruth!!
    my mom-in-law died in less than three months of diagnoisis!!

  • Mel

    Surprised diabetes has not got her yet.

  • Mel

    Surprised diabetes has not got her yet.

    • leelee

      Surprised something hasn’t got you yet. Lol

  • Mel

    Surprised diabetes has not got her yet.

  • Mel

    Surprised diabetes has not got her yet.

  • JulieA

    She is not telling the truth but, then again, she doesn’t owe the public any information about her private medical issues. Definitely a gastric bypass procedure. No other way for an obese person to lose that much weight so quickly, other than a medifast diet. And she’s not doing medifast….

  • CC

    Did an f’n dyslexic, mentally challenged 5 year old write this? “… isn’t down to ..” ,”..has lose ..” This is a pathetic pile of shite!

  • vicki

    who cares how she lost the weight. i am just grateful she’s alive! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!

  • JulieA

    Her weightloss is definitely the result of some type of gastric bypass surgery, but she doesn’t have the obligation to tell everyone her business. There is no way that an obese person can lose that much weight so quickly and stay healthy, other than a medifast diet. The truth will come out one of these days.


    Aretha Franklin has given us so much, why does anyone
    feel they have the RIGHT TO HER PRIVATE LIFE? NO ONE
    OWNS this woman! Leave her the hell alone! If you
    don’t like her, that is your right. If you love and
    RESPECT ( She taught us what that word means )her,
    appreciate the fact if she wants you to know, she will
    tell you. Outside of that, shut your pie hole!

    • leelee

      Right on !! Aretha my hero. You give me strength. You are a real woman. A courageous American. FREEDOM FREEDOM….

  • AutomaticlyShite

    Any news article that doesn’t have an author that is willing to put his name on it is by default shitty.

  • Shelly Rhodes

    First of all, the person who put this together can’t write or can’t type. Either way, crappy article. Second, she is the one and only Aretha and she deserves some respect, no pun intended. This woman is almost 70 yrs old and God has given her a great talent that has made a huge impact in music over the years. For her to be healthy, Aretha and her doctors will do what they think is best. Though, if it is a gastric bypass, it can be dangerous. I have a friend that had multiple strokes in her 30′s and her weight soared to 300 plus. She had a gastric bypass, lost too much weight to fast, and her muscles didn’t have time to adjust. She passed away a year ago barely 40 yrs old. I hope it works for Aretha.

  • Pan

    I thought she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer several months ago. What ever the current problem, good luck to her.

    I do know (personal experience) she is not always truthful to the public..ask her sorority sisters.

  • Patricia

    Her public doesn’t know the real Areatha, only God does. I am so glad she is doing well, and God Bless her in her on going musical talent, and hope she does a
    gospel album real soon. Areatha, I was born Sept, 1942, I loved your music in the day, and your parents would be proud of how you have gone on and with dignity done your thing! Your daddy would be so proud if you did some of his favorite gospel music on an album, I know I would get it hot off the presses! Patricia

  • glennis

    I am sorry but who came forward and made a law that singers, actors/actress have to keep the whole world informed about everything in there life includeing the health records . We as a country act like these people owe us every tidbit of info on them, well I hate to think how you as a singer would act if everyone was demanding info on you after you had a health scar. you would be up in arms wouldn’t you.Be gratefull that Areatha is giveing us her God given voice to enjoy.Please start to show some respect to these people.

  • Michelle

    The last time I checked Aretha Franklin was a grown A** woman that pay her own bills takes care of herself!!!!! So what if she did have the surgery, did she ask anyone to pay 4 it 4 her?????? I feel like ya”ll need to stop HATEING!!!!! Then again what would we do without our HATERS!!!!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!


    keep up the good work Mrs.Franklin, you r truly the Queen of soul, and for that we love ya!!! your buiness is just that. u owe the world one thing,to keep singing beautiful music. speaking on behalf of the WORLD we LOVE YA!!!!

    • leelee

      Right on!

  • http://yahoo Taren

    First of all its no ones concern about how she lost the weight how ever if your going to lie at least come up with some thing better then pancreatic cancer you would have lost more weight then that but each to there own.

  • leelee

    Damn…I hope i look that good at 68.

  • Kevin

    Okay Starr Jones you didn’t have a gastric bypass.

  • Frank Toney

    Well everybody got their own opinion about what the queen did to lose the weight. first of all she did not lose tje weight all at once, she started to lose the weight last summer if you would look at her during the funeral service of the late Albertina Walker back in October of 2010 you would notice the she had lost quite considerable amount of weight, so all of you naysayers you all need to be more respectful of one’s private life and feeling. just remember tha God is watching. Love always to the one and only queen of Soul Miss Aretha franklin

  • dieting

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