Mia Wasiskowska: Jane Eyre Came At The Right Time For Actress Mia Wasiskowska!

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mia WasikowskaMIA Wasiskowska was interested in taking Jane Eyre to the big screen even before the project was announced.

The Aussie actress — who plays the lead role in the new film adaptation of Charlotte Bronte‘s classic novel — says the story touched her upon her first reading of it in 2009.

“I was reading the book in the middle of 2009 before I knew any project was on the horizon. I was half way through it, and I emailed my agent, ‘This is fantastic, is there a script around, or is it being developed?’” she recalled.

“Nothing was there at the time, but two months later she e-mailed me the script, and I met with [director] Cary [Fukunaga]. It was really good timing.

“The chances of it actually happening were so small, so it was kind of amazing.”

Mia recently revealed she got “hypothermia” while shooting Jane Eyre.

I remember precisely that, on day two, I got hypothermia, but it was okay,” she said. “It was very, very cold. It was hard enough in regular clothes, let alone with fake rain and soggy period costumes.

“Yeah, it was very bleak. When you’re in that environment, you really get a sense of the isolation and the distance between one estate and another.

“In our world, we have so many ways we can escape with technology, like TV, Facebook, computers, text messaging and all that. For her, it was reality, every day.”[imagebrowser id=113]

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