Clint Eastwood on The Fence About God! Director Clint Eastwood Discusses His Religious Beliefs!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Clint EastwoodCLINT Eastwood remains on the fence about his religious beliefs.

“I was born during the Depression and I was brought up with no specific church. We moved every four or five months during the first 14 years of my life, so I was sent to a different church depending on wherever we lived.

“Most of them were Protestant, but I went to other churches because my parents wanted me to try to figure out things for myself. They always said, ‘I just want to expose you to some religious order and see if that’s something you like’.

“So although my religious training was not really specific, I do feel spiritual things. If I stand on the side of the Grand Canyon and look down, it moves me in some way.”

The director says making Hereafter also moved him to ponder some of life’s great unanswered questions.

“Of course, it would be wonderful to talk with my parents again, who are, of course, deceased. It makes the idea of death much less scary. But then again, if you think that nothing happens after you die, maybe it makes you live life better. Maybe you’re supposed to do the best you can by the gift you’re given of life and that alone,” he said.

Eastwood recently admitted he feels “ridiculous” when he goes to watch his teenage daughter play sports.

The 80-year-old actor-turned-director — who has seven children with five women, including 14-year-old Morgan with current wife Dina Ruiz – thinks he is now a better dad than he used to be, but sometimes feels uncomfortable that he is much older than other parents.

“When I was younger, I was desperate to find the brass ring,” he said. “So I worked constantly and I wasn’t as good a father as I am now, because now my daughter takes precedence.

“I go to the school activities, all the softball games. I look kind of ridiculous out there. Almost everybody’s got a younger father than me. But it’s fun. I think you appreciate everything when you get to my age.”


  • Suvasis

    Hey Clint – when you stand at the side of the Grand Canyon and it “moves you in some way” IT’s CALLED VERTIGO – you’re DIZZY!!