Simon Pegg Prefers Americans Over British!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Simon PeggSIMON Pegg is struggling to come to terms with his new audience now he’s made it in Hollywood.

The British actor says he’s stunned at how easy it is to get a reaction from American audiences compared to back home in the UK.

“In the UK we’re ashamed of our emotions but Americans are much more prone to emoting and not being frightened of that,” he said. “They clap louder, cheer louder, cry more. On chat shows here, if you mention like, ‘I was going through Idaho the other day,’ there’s someone who will go, ‘Well, yeah! Yeah! I’ve seen Idaho on a map!’

“Whereas I’ll see Americans on British chat shows and they’ll say something and they’ll look to the audience like, ‘Why aren’t they clapping? I just mentioned the place name!’” I’d much prefer to watch a film with an American audience because they’re more collaborative.”

Simon recently revealed he wrote a sexy poem for Sigourney Weaver.

Pegg — who stars alongside the Alien actress in his new sci-fi comedy movie Paul — created the prose for Sigourney in which he rhymed her name with “horny”, but he refused to serenade her with it when she found out about it on the set.

“I’ve fancied her since I was 10,” Simon said. “I actually wrote a poem about her at university. She found out about it. She asked me if I could remember it and I pretended and said no. I rhymed Sigourney with horny.”