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Jason Patric: ‘Ashley Judd is Lazy, Selfish and Arrogant’

Posted by Adam

Jason PatricJASON Patric is clearly not a fan of Ashley Judd!

The actor has lashed out at the actress — his costar in the 2003 Broadway revival of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof – in a new interview.

Jason said Ashley is “lazy, selfish, and arrogant”.

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  • http://Yahoo D.M.

    “U GO BOY”…………. TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!!!!! :)

  • Kate

    “Tell it like it is”? Have you met the woman?

  • Michelle

    I don’t know what triggered Jason Patric to comment about her.
    And, I’d like to give Jason Patric a piece of advice.
    “Don’t say negative about your fellow actors, man!”
    Because I sincerely appreciate Ashley Judd for her Philanthropic contributions (a global ambassador for YouthAIDS).

  • brad323

    He’s obviously jealous that Ashley Judd is a household name and nobody knows who the f*** he is!

  • dougalmac

    OK, Jason had a bad experience with Ashley. Maybe she was having a bad time in her life and took it out on Jason. Maybe she and Jason didn’t hit it off. Maybe their personalities clashed. Maybe Jason just didn’t like her or Ashley didn’t like him. People hear something and then feel like they have enough info to draw conclusions. But unless you are privy to their relationship as people or witnessed some of the things Jason claims, how do you know for sure it’s true? It’s his opinion. Just because Jason had a bad experience doesn’t negate the good things about Ashley.

  • Julie

    I can believe what he’s saying. Do you people taking up for her realize how much she is hated in her home state?

  • Roger Michael Dillen

    Jason Patric is not just a good actor , he is a great actor . Check out the films ” Rush ” , ” After Dark My Sweet “, and ” The Beast ” , just for starters .
    As far as Judd , who knows ? I don’t know her , but , the public often confuses the person they see on tv interviews , or at Public functions , as being one in the same with who they really are , off camera .
    Remember , an actor on Leno or Letterman , is selling their film , or book , or whatever . They are still Acting .

    • Tosh

      Hey Roger, I saw that After Dark… I rented it on iTunes a couple yrs back OMG! It was truly good, he and another movie, different kind of film that I enjoyed I saw that a couple yrs ago too, “Walker Payne,” he was divorced, good father, but had $ issues, it wasn’t modern day, and he had this great dog and started the dog fighting to get $ for kids. It was a good one.

  • Bob

    I can assure Julie that, having lived the last 35 years in Lexington, I have NEVER heard an unkind or negative opinion regarding Ms. Judd whatsoever.

  • http://yahoo Gary

    I am well aware of Ashley Judd. Who is Jason Patric and what acting has he done?

    • Tosh

      Jason Patric, Speed 2:Cruise Control, was one of his biggest films. He is a great actor, just that he said that I’m shocked. Well, maybe that was the case, if Ashley, as in the other article I read, has been sufferring and dealing with Psycholological trauma, from being sexually abused, so maybe that was affecting her more back then, than maybe now. She was really “blowing up” at that time, then her career started tinkering a bit. But too, I feel she is bitter against her mom and sister and feels left out. I feel bad for in a way, she mentioned in the other article of not feeling loved, plus I saw her on Oprah a few years back with them, you could see the distance and the hurt she felt.

      • film fan

        she IS an actress, you know????

    • film fan

      before posting such an easily answerable question, you might try IMDB or something, he has more critically acclaimed films and performances to his credit than she does.

  • Kentucky Woman

    I saw a poster write that Ashley’s home state hates her. I can say that Ashley Judd is not hated by Kentucky which I believe is her home state. We love her here!!! Maybe Jason & Ashley clashed or something but he needs to take the high road and not say anything at all if all he has to say is negative….He makes these claims but doesn’t give the reason why he feels this way. Very lame!

  • Ricky

    Speed 2 was NOT his biggest film or his most noteable he recieved an academy award nomination for Rush. And he was in Lost boys which is a classic and far better than some silly speed sequal.No speed2 was a novelty role for him he ihas been in much better films and has had many better roles than that.

  • Ricky

    sleepers was a good role for him with co stars like Brad Pitt,Robert DeNiro,Dustin Hoffman,and Minnie Driver in just that film alone I don’t know how you can not include him among the elite and at least acknowledge that you know who he is

  • Ricky

    He is a well known actor in many circles of die hard film fans.And he deserves more credit than you people are giving him. he is an accomplished actor with the real kind of raw talent that every actor should have that many of the real famous ones don’t even have.

  • http://yahoo john


  • film fan

    OK, OK, coming from an actor that has to purse his lips in every picture taken of him, this loses credibility. Unfortunately, Ms. Judd’s philanthropic endeavors do NOT make her a good person (those are pr moves and tax breaks). Things said about Ms. Judd in the past have always been the vanilla-esque “she’s a joy to work with” “a fine actress” etc. etc….The same things said about Joan Crawford and a long list of actors (men and women) who were anything but nice. It was being professional and respectful. Those days are gone folks, the downward spiral of our society is at full speed..look around, open your eyes and hearts, and you will see it’s true.

  • http://ShowBizSpy R

    jason patrick is so the photo above he has os pink lip gloss. he is just angry ashley had prettier clothes to wear in cat on a hot tin roof