Wednesday, March 16, 2011

EminemRAPPER Eminem has paid homage to his hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

In a new video, the rapper championed his roots from the start of his career and turned a recent car commercial shot for Chrysler into an advertising tribute to Motor City.

“Detroit, there is a resilience that rises deep in your streets,” he said. “You can’t define it, but you can feel it. You can feel it overflowing from the people who call you home, from the people who will always probably declare, ‘I’m from Detroit’.

“You took our country from its infancy to its industry. And your name still carries with it a nation built on steel, muscle and sweat. You became a city that carried a country. The city… is built on dreams. People who arrived here, driven to excel, who know that nothing is accomplished without hard work, without sacrifice. When you hurt, we hurt.”

The footage features locals going about their daily lives as the rapper walks through the streets of his childhood.

Meanwhile, the Stan hitmaker has become the most popular person on Facebook, overtaking even Michael Jackson.

The 38-year-old  stormed ahead of the last King of Pop by getting 30 million ‘likes’ on the social networking site, compared to Jacko’s 29.8million.

Eminem — real name Marshall Mathers – already overtook Lady GaGa on Facebook in February, but on Twitter it is a different story with GaGa in pole position with 8.7 million followers, while Eminem has just 3.4million.

Eminem –- who has been single since splitting from his ex-wife Kimberley Scottrecently admitted that his worldwide fame makes it difficult for him to date.

“I have trust issues,” he said. “With women, friends, whatever. You always wonder what their real motives are. I’ve got a small circle of friends, and it’s a lot of the same friends I’ve known forever.”[imagebrowser id=521]


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    It must be tough to get any privacy when you are that famous,my sympathy is for the people the suffer to survive in public. The wemen that seem to flock to Marshal Mathers seem to need a couple of stiff drinks before they can loosen up, and associate freely, it helps when you have on undergarments that fit. Many of the entertainers that have become wealthy do not have proper access to their funds. Marshal Mathers would probably be in trouble if he had to pay damages, or was faced with a large suite. He might have had enough of childhood.

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    Em coming from Warren, I feel ya I love detroit and I miss home, take care!

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    nicepost keep it up..