Katherine Heigl is Box Office Poison? Actress Katherine Heigl’s New Film Postponed Again!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Katherine HeiglKATHERINE Heigl‘s new movie has been postponed again

One for the Money – a comedy thriller — has been pulled from studio Lionsgate’s slate to an undetermined date this year, according to Entertainment Weekly magazine.

The film — based on the popular Janet Evanovich novels about bail bondswoman Stephanie Plum — had been moved from July 8 to June 3 earlier this month to keep it out of the way of Sony Pictures’ The Zookeeper and Warner Bros.’ Horrible Bosses.

The June date, however, placed the film against X-Men: First Class.

“We just want to find the right home for [the film],” said a Lionsgate rep, “and that [date] didn’t feel like it.”

Heigl — who adopted daughter Naleigh back in 2009 — recently revealed she wants to have a biological baby, too.

“We still talk about having biological children as well,” she said last year.

“I’m not ruling anything out,” she says. “But adoption has been a part of my life and a part of my family, so it was how I wanted to start.

“Josh is a great dad. I didn’t expect it. He’s such a guy.

“I adore him, I can’t imagine being with another man, but he can be very self-absorbed.”[imagebrowser id=711]


  • nigga

    she is too grody. you can’t have a leading lady that is off adopting babies and being a shrew in general. she was done after she did that pregnancy movie with that jew boy. the last thing i want to think about when im in the movie theater is pregnant women.

  • PT

    Box office poison? Are you nuts. All of her movies have done well (with the exception of Killers) and they made healthy profits. Her last 5 movies have grossed over $3/4 billion in total – so no idea where you get such a ridiculous idea.

  • saeid

    hi are you okey

  • http://showbizspy.com LH

    Even though the only movie I have ever liked her in was Knocked Up with Seth Rogen,Katherine Heigl has always been a cute actress with a fun personality.

  • Ken

    Heigl has a pretty good box office record – her rom-coms might not be to everyone’s taste but her record is considerably better than many of her peers. Her most recent effort fared well making a modest profit in a time where her peers films flopped badly. Witherspoon, Aniston, Hathaway, McAdams – all had disastrous rom com outings at the box office this year in comparison. In fact considering the really bad rap and constant very unfairly harsh press she gets it is a testament to her the movies have done as well as they have.

  • P7

    Whoever titled this article is a moron, seriously. Katherine Heigl may be a polarizing figure in Hollywood, but she is far from box office posion. Both “Life as We Know” it and “Killers” pulled in very respectable worldwide grosses and “The Ugly Truth,” although the reviews were terrible earned a ton of money. According to boxofficemojo.com, she’s doing very well.

    Life As We Know It – $98.3M worldwide
    Killers – $93.4M worldwide
    The Ugly Truth – $205M
    27 Dresses – $160M
    Knocked Up – $219M

    …and all on budgets ranging from $30M – $70M. Pretty fair track record if you ask me. Her films are performing in the same range as some of Sandra Bullock’s early work. I don’t think she’s poison at all. I think she’s the victim of some bad press, some of which she admits was her doing, but I think it’s time to go ahead and give the gal a 2nd chance as far as opinions on her personality go. I really don’t understand why some think she is a shrew. She’s a shrewd comic, that’s for sure. Some of her remarks on David Letterman were taken in a way that was totally out of context if you ask me…she was making fun of herself, and not serious at all about how much she “hated” the Grey’s set…Grey’s is what made her, I’d like to think she has fond feelings toward the show.

  • Watcher

    To the person who suggested “Box Office Poison”………………See what happens when you attempt to have an idea without having the mimimal equipment required to produce one. You wind up exposing your pathetic intellectual condition.

  • sean

    Most people aren’t supporting Hollywood anyway with the evil ads & weak films coming out of there, including those with children.
    What are they on.

  • Pam Roberts

    Just bring the movie out already!! I love the series and Janet Evanovich and am waiting to see if the movies are as good as the books!!

  • Ms Aggrevated

    She is too stuck on herself and her acting isn’t that great. Her movies suck.

  • dina

    Box Office Poison? You must be kidding……not one of her recent films have made a loss….
    You are obviously an idiot who knows nothing about a great STAR like Katherine Heigl.
    Or just JEALOUS!