Christina Applegate: Labor Was Rather Painful For Actress Christina Applegate!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Christina ApplegateNEW mom Christina Applegate says her birthing plan “went out the window” as soon as she started labor.

The Going the Distance actress gave birth to a girl called Sadie Grace in Los Angeles last month -  and the new arrival has brought a lot of joy into Applegate’s life.

“I wasn’t necessarily nervous about giving birth, I just accepted the unknown. Of course we had a birth plan that went out of the window! I was open to adjusting things so that it was the best scenario for her wellbeing, as well as mine,” Christina said.

Christina says she has no plans to go back to work full time any time soon.

“Of course I’m looking for what to do next but I’m not jumping into anything. I can’t imagine being away from Sadie for an hour, let alone an entire day,” she said.

“I don’t see myself having a huge family. Probably another child and that will be it.”

Applegate recently insisted her baby will not be a child star.

“She’s allowed to study, and if she wants to take acting or dance classes she’s allowed to,” Applegate said.

“But I have a very strong ‘no’ when it comes to monetary exchange for your talents until she’s 18.”


  • http://yahoo mitch

    You have to love her, for at least having a plan to go out the window.

  • Carly Shay

    If she thought that was hard imagine what I have to go through after Freddie fucks me! :P :D ;)

    • Miguel

      “Carly Shay” from iCarly?! Yeah right, and I’m the King of Sheba. Quit playing so much!

  • Bosley

    As the husband of a cancer survivor, I wish her and her family all the best that life has to offer. Having a child will open new avenues of joy for her.

  • tacochoca

    Beautiful family. I love Christina.

  • Robert Kanter

    I think she is a remarkable woman…a survivor and talented…she deserves all the best that life can afford her. Her baby is a blessing…the baby us blessed to have her as her mother!

  • barb

    Congradulations on the birth of their daughter..welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood……… well happy.

  • http://?? germaine gavin

    I think Christina Applegate is a class act. I wish her all the best.

  • http://Yahoo D.M.

    Well the last time i checked “LABOR PAINS are supposed to hurt! Aint no picnic at Disneyworld thats for sure! Unless your one of the spineless ones and get those shots so u feel no pain! Why not experience the real deal… Hey no pain… No gain!