Friday, March 25, 2011

Sylvester StalloneSYLVESTER Stallone is taking on the fashion world.

The Hollywood legend is set to launch a men’s clothing line, named Stallone, next year.

The line will consist of jeans, shirts, outerwear, underwear, and watches, and the inspiration for the collection will be Stallone’s most famous characters, Rocky and Rambo.

Stallone, 64, recently admitted he’s past his prime as far as dramatic movie roles go.

“I’ve done my mind movies and I don’t think people are really too interested in seeing me do that anymore,” he said.

“I think I’m past my prime for doing dramatic films, it’s almost like a pathetic cry out to be recognized as a serious actor.

“I did my little moment, I’ve very proud of the drama in Rocky Balboa and Copland but I would much rather just direct dramas than act in them.”

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  • sweettits

    streoids = small dick right sly

  • chris

    Good move by him. He’s right, people are no more interested in watching him doing lead roles in movies. I wish he brings out his best in his new career.
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  • Kelly K.

    He’s looking OLD..and beat up!!….Like a boxer should after several years in the ring!>>>???…LOL…..Poor Sly!