Monday, March 28, 2011

Ina GartenINA Garten has shown she has a heart.

The Barefoot Contessa star has reached out to meet a 6-year-old boy stricken with leukemia who requested a cooking session with her through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She turned him down, twice, claiming her schedule was too packed to meet him.

Now, after multiple blogs and news outlets criticized her decision, Garten is inviting Enzo Pereda to the set of The Barefoot Contessa.

“Ina became aware of Enzo’s story this weekend and will be calling him today,” a spokesperson for Garten said in a statement to ABCNews.

“She looks forward to inviting him to spend some time with her at the Food Network studios.”

“Ina receives approximately 100 requests a month to support charitable causes that deeply affect peoples’ lives,” the statement continued.

“She contributes both personally and financially on a regular basis to numerous causes, including to Make-A-Wish Foundation. Sadly, it’s of course not possible to do them all. Throughout her life, Ina has contributed generously to all kinds of important efforts and she will continue to do so.”


  • bran

    wow what a bitch.. turning him down twice.. it doesn’t matter if Your schedule was fool or not. that little boy wanted to me you

    • ireland lives

      how does anyone know that this little child is ill?? parents do terrible things to get their way. what BOY wants to cook at age 6????? mommy wants some time in the spotlight.

      • smac

        They have to go through Make-a-wish, and a referal from a doctor is required– I know this because my child had cancer and got a wish.

      • Yvonne

        Let’s see….Maybe because he’s sick he watches alot of TV and he saw her show and liked it and her. If Make a Wish is granting this request then HE IS SICK. Yes, a 6 year old may want to cook. what is up with you Ireland speaks?

      • Mike

        Make a Wish foundation makes all kinds of sure that the people they are trying to help have a legitimate condition. Fame seekers don’t get a wish. also, my wife has been in the kitchen and cooking (with her mother and grandmother) since she was 4. Age isn’t a factor when it comes to a dream, hence the terms lifelong and child-hood dream. Ina Garten is a bitch and thats that.

      • Jason

        I cooked at the age of two so you can be six and cook too only ignorant and stupid people would say six year olds don’t want to cook

      • schwarz

        Mommy is the one who wants the attention.

      • Gabrielle

        You obviously don’t spend much time with little kids. My 2 yo granddaughter loves to watch Ina (she calls her Grandma when she’s on TV because–LOL–we both have brown hair and are fat) and she calls The Neeleys her Mama and Daddy when they come on (yes my daughter and granddaughter are black)…so it is possible for kids to like to watch cooking shows because she has helped me in the kitchen basically since she could walk and throw things in the trash and now she loves to “cook”–she has her own junk spices to mess with at the counter and “wash dishes” with me.

    • twins mommy

      @ Ireland lives….a doctor has to make the app for Make a Wish or someone who has proof of the diagnosis, my daughter has Leukemia and her wish was to go back to Disney World. I can assure you going through this process there is NO WAY a parent can lie. Of course parents have made up stories to get money etc, but you cannot fake something like that with this organization. When my daughter was going through the process they came to our home and knew her entire medical history and we were told that asking for a wish where a celebrity is involved is not the greatest idea.

    • brooke

      All kids that get granted wishes through Make-A-Wish have or have had a life threatening illness. Many are recommended by their doctors. All the families have to submit proof of their illness.

    • Mike

      I agree 100%!! What kind of person goes out of their way TWICE to deny an incredibly sick child their 1 request from Make-A-Wish?? I have seen concert dates rescheduled, major league sports pros miss games, and yes, authors rescheduling book signings to make a wish come true for sick and dying children. All that flap about her assistant not telling her is a bunch of bull. As soon as the story got out on the internet she did an about face because she didnt want it to hurt her book sales. Bitch. I hope she loses everything she has ignored people to get. She is a self absorbed fag hag who needs a taste of real life, then maybe she will think twice about turning down a 6 year old child who had cancer for HALF HIS LIFE!!

    • Mike

      I agree, Ina Garten is a self absorbed fag hag who thinks with her credit cards. I have seen all kinds of things when it comes to Make A Wish foundation, sports stars missing games, BOOK SIGNINGS RESCHEDULED and concert dates postponed. There is no excuse for what she did, and for those of you who think it was her assistants’ fault, really think again. A person’s assistant tells the boss EVERYTHING that comes across the desk or comes in on a phone call, it is the boss’s decision to accept or reject, and she rejected a cancer patient 6 year old twice. F&*^ HER and her snotty ass. She deserves every stitch of bad publicity that comes with this and more.

      • terrence

        Wow, Mike might want to get that bigoted attitude taken care of. You are one seriously sick man.

    • mark gingivitis

      Its full, not what you wrote. thought it was a bit ironic.

  • ireland lives

    now that she caved, I will never buy a book or product with ina garten’s name..I am sorry for the child, however, i don’t get any feebies handed to me with my orblems. Only oay for children. What would happen if people who reproduced actually supported their offspring?

    • Glynda

      Pay attention, haters! SHE did not turn him down twice and SHE did not cave…..staffers who should have known better made that terrible decision and she was never even aware of the situation until she was blind sided by criticism and ulginess. I happen to know her personally and she’s a kind and generous person, just as she seems to be. I think she should fire some of her staffers right away and replace them with people who care about her and the things that matter to her. Stop being so damn quick to judge until you read the whole story!

      • LARRY

        HORSE SH-T, we have staffers also and they make us TOTALLY aware of any and all requests! Glynda, perhaps you should really know how show business works. Yes we have personal assistants and believe me they know every little thing about us and schedule everything WE choose out of the list they provide to us!

        She’s phoney and should continue to be the FAG HAG she is as the beard for her husband!

      • http://yahoo JayPay50

        wow not sure what the actual truth is! cant be good for her or the kid I have read all the comments and I can agree with all sides. I dont know all the facts and niether do you so I guess if she did that she was a snooty person and deserves a backlash! IF her handlers are doing it they deserve it too. IF its the mama trying to get close to Ina and using her kid double shame on you and if god forbid there really is a sick child that is being hurt by this then that is the biggest crime of all!

      • Ben

        You happen to know her personally? Why do I not believe you?

      • Jim H

        Carefull your ignorance is showing.

    • John

      Sometimes it isn’t about just raising money for a charity but showing some humanity to a suffering young kid, Hopefully, every Food Network personality will learn from this situation that we not only watch your show but are watching you also. As it is written, ” with much given, much is required”.

    • elton

      im sorry…….I was under the impression that when you leave the replying to the staffers that in fact the staffers are your voice…………. yes or no? I mean aren’t they there representing the person in question? yes or no? Sounds to me like she actually said no twice and has just decided to invite him now because of the backlash she’s receiving and no amount of arguing the point will ever make me reinvite her into my living room ever again……………..

    • Donnie

      Get over yourself and stop covering up the situation this person is just as responsible as Oprah is there high society status does not give them the right to hurt others someone should explain the truth to there child who thinks alot of her and tell them how she really is

    • Lynne

      Wow Ireland… you are one very hateful, bitter person – I feel sorry for you.

    • Jim H

      Often times people make snap judgements without knowing the person or all of the facts. Do you know for sure that Ina Garten said NO to the kid herself, or was it done by a member of her staff who make the decision in her name without consulting her. Unless you know the facts then don’t judge. I would be willing to bet that is the case.

  • Neal N. Lichmee

    Pathetic media hounds. We all have a sympathetic chord for those who are ill and suffering. I am somewhat skeptical of the fact that a 6 year old knows his way around the kitchen other than find the Lucky Charms and Oreos in the pantry. I hope that she introduces him to lobster bisque and oysters on the half shell. That will set the tone.

  • Robert

    First, is every celebrity supposed to honor every one of these wishes? Who do they say “no” to? People say that they would honor the request because it’s a child. What if it was 50 children a month, all sick, all wanting just a day? Where are those extra 20 days coming from?

    Finally, how many six-year-old boys would choose visiting a cooking show as their wish? Seriously, no one smells the hand of mom in this? Just seems weird.

    • Contrairan

      My first question when I read of this while looking up a recipe was “what six-year-old wants to spend time it the kitchen with Ina?” As a fully grown 52-year-old woman who loves to cook, she’d certainly be MY first choice if I were on my death bed, but really? A six-year-old? This smacks of mommy once again looking to benefit from her child’s difficulty… and as a mom, it makes me more ill than I could be from eating anything I’ve cooked after watching Barefoot Contessa! Hang in there Ina, and know that I wish I were your next-door neighbor!!!

      • KT

        Ditto. My first thoughts also, albeit that cooking with Ina would NOT be my last dream-come-true — no offense intended. Also think that her staffers let her down. Get pro-active, Ina, and live this ‘stuff’ down. Get involved with ‘Pro-Start –’ High schoolers looking to train in the culinary arts. Turn the tide.

    • Ben

      Highly unlikely that she would have more than one request from a dying child, much less fifty.

  • Barbara

    I am sorry to say that I watch Ina Garten almost every day and I think it is terrible for her refuse this little boy. Anyway, usually when someone is as Heavy as she is they have a faulty personality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think she will lose alot of viewers because of this episode!

    • geejay

      That’s an idiotic statement. You might wanna try filtering what happens between your brain and your tongue….or fingers.

    • elizabeth

      Really Barb A faulty personality because you are fat… Get serious you sound so stupid… So shut up

    • stanislaus

      I am looking for the logic in that statement, but still can’t find it. Nope you are STUPID.

  • Maxie

    When I told my husband about this story last week he said see she is a bitch! I’m glad that the little boy is getting his wish, but shame on her or her publicists for not making this happen without all the horrible press. I won’t watch her anymore!

    • Carol

      I don’t find it difficult to believe that Ina was never aware of the request. I choose to believe that upon hearing of the little boy, she wanted to help and made a sincere invitation to spend some time with him.

      It’s not my place to judge whether a 6 year old boy watches the show. Maybe she reminds him of his Grandmother or a favorite aunt. What does bother me, however, that so many people want to jump on the band wagon and go lynch the woman when we probably don’t know the entire story. The people who brought up how many requests celebrities get and how little time they have are certainly on the right track. What if each of you had 20 friends and family members who were in the hospital or sick at home in one month and you were expected to go visit and help each of them? How many of you would actually make it to all 20 of them?

      Maybe we should all try to be a little more realistic and a little less judgemental. If we’re unhappy about how the world has become, possibly we should look in the mirror before we start pointing our fingers and criticizing.

      • marndt009

        Well stated Carol! Who are we to judge – we do not know the whole story and I would like to believe that it was just an unfortunate oversight on someones part. It is sad that many people choose to hang someone without all the information and facts. It sort of reminds me of the 16th century and witch hunts.
        Your opinions make me realize there is still kind hearted people in this world.

    • stanislaus

      Glad to hear your husband has an opinion – what a nasty comment.

  • http://Showbispy Sadie

    Robert says:
    What if it was 50 children a month, all sick, all wanting just a day? (But it isn’t 50, Robert!)
    Finally, how many six-year-old boys would choose visiting a cooking show as their wish? (Exactly, Robert. Not many…..all the more reason to grant this one!)

  • LA

    shut up all you bitches…..
    who knows the truth,
    and if you did – ALL of it,
    could you handle it?

  • karol

    Oh. “she did not know about the request until this last weekend”. Yeah, riiight… Until she realized the horrible P.R she was creating for herself, she did not grant the request.; how convenient and sincere.

  • love

    never really liked her. now i know why

  • Sarah

    Ireland, the little boy is dying of Leukemia! Stop sounding like a jealous, cold-hearted brat.

    Barbara, what an ignorant thing to say! The only one with a “faulty personality” is YOU! Keep your hatred of overweight people to yourself, you disgusting jerk.

    I don’t believe Ina was unaware of this child’s requests. I think she finally agreed to save what’s left of her reputation. It’s all damage control.

  • jay

    i have always heard that ina garten is not a “great” person but decided to watch her as she showed some great looking and tasty food(her use of “good” ingredients i feel is her way of shooing away those “poor” people from her recipes).
    as soon as we read the first story we knew this one was to follow her publicists and her are full of sh*t, sadly the food network will keep her and her annoying ugly husband. i neither have to watch her shows nor buy anything with her name on it…and will have a strong influence in keeping whoever i know personally from doing so too. oh ina garten and your pathetic PR haven’t you heard of “word-of-mouth”.

    • Contrairan

      Methinks you doth protest too much! To call Jeffrey annoying and ugly betrays your wish to have someone like him in your life! At 23 years of marriage, I only hope that my husband and I can achieve their 40-plus years together!!! Neither my DH nor Jeffrey were the studs the Ina and I married, but then neither are Ina or I the beauties we were in our twenties. True love and true commitment are shown in the fact that love endures when gravity craps out on us. LAY OFF Jeffrey, and know that your incivility has done even more to cement my loyalty to the Barefoot Contessa! Ina ROCKS, as has every one of her recipes that I’ve made, and there have been many!

    • terrell

      Wow you have some serious issues about this. I for one am a great fan of Ina and whenever Jeffrey is on – it is twice as enjoyable. Might want to attend anger management classes – you need help.

  • Iker’s Ma

    ‘Save’ what’s left of her reputation?! Please! Honey, you have jealousy in your heart. Get rid of it cuz it’s unattractive. Ina has more heart, class & reputableness in her pinky fingernail clipping than you’ll EVER have your whole life. Leave her alone. People love her. If you’ve ever watched her show, you’d see what a big heart she has!!

  • Noel

    Are you flipping kidding me, since when is against the moral laws to turn somebody down? We can’t please everyone, and those who do not like her because this simpelton crap probably never have. So get off your high horse, start doing some charity work yourselve’s and worry about your damn self, WOW!

  • Duke


  • Patty

    I guess she was too busy hosting a dinner party or drinking wine!!! I’ve always felt she was a little snooty, but now I’m sure of it!!! The only reason she’s doing it now is cause of all the bad press she’s getting!!! I think she’s a grade a bitch with no heart. And by the way her show on food network is the worst thing on that channel. If you’re having trouble sleeping just put her show on and you’ll be asleep in no time!!!! I really hope the food network realizes what kind of person she is and gets rid of her!!!

  • LJ

    Right on Sarah! I agree with you 100% and couldn’t have summed it up better myself!!

  • Che fMichele

    The ONLY reason she granted that poor childs wish is because of all of the backlash the Food network was getting….probably came down to a do it or else.

    And enough about her not knowing her staff or what they are doing ….she is ALWAYS iniviting them over or dropping by their homes with something she just whipped up in her latest episode.

    The staff is paid to do what she tells them to do…in general they do not make those kind of decisions without authority….she’s just a average cook…certainly no Thomas Keller and so on and so on….

  • MIke

    I believe her. I bet some PR idiot or personal assistant that takes these calls for her just replies “no” to everything she gets, and this time it blew up in her face.

  • Sue

    YIKES!!!!! The amount of hate and downright viciousness oozing from this site is frightening!!! Sounds like most people have an ax to grind and couldn’t wait to pile on the criticism. Do you feel better now??

    • terrell

      Does it remind you of a witch hunt or lynch mob? Pathetic!!

  • Spark

    Apparently she needs a glass of water to wash down her big fat barefoot!!! Larry was correct when he stated that she (meaning Ina) picks chooses what she wants to do —not her staffers! What a lame excuse. Take her off the air!!!

  • Ronnie

    Wow! twice–I am not one to judge but, I must agree–this sure does look like damage control. Oh! and to the “haters” who think kids don’t like to cook—you should see mine–they grew up wanting to “help” in the kitchen. My money is on damage control—she just worked the poor kid in to save her butt.



    • terrell

      Shwan, might want to learn how to punctuate and NOT USE THE CAPS LOCK all the time. I for one do not believe all the garbage about her being gay or Jeffrey. So what – you are a racist bigot who is stupid on top of all that.

  • Pag

    Jeezzuss!! What a bunch of idiots, morons, fools, small, stupid, and little-little-little minuscule jerks write hateful and ignorant replies to this thread. Knowing no facts, or circumstances, wanting to sound like all knowing ,but believe me they are coming off looking just the opposite. Go to Church people, you need it.

    Regards, Pag

  • Jules

    Ina is a wonderful person. Period.
    All you “oh I’m gonna boycott” morons should look in the mirror.

  • biatch

    Barefoot Bitch

  • ExecChef4life

    The real victim is Jeffrey. He’s the one who has to suffer day in and day out as Inca shovels butter infested, gravy soaked, larger-than-life heart attach on a plate dishes down his mouth. Poor guy. My wish is that Jeffrey can find refuge and a lower LDL level-maybe that soon to get the ax staffer that dropped the Make a Wish ball can call in Robin Miller, to salvage their position.

    • tebetha

      You are a disgusting person and I pity your life – it must be horrendous to carry around that much hatred. Ina and Jeffrey are happy and I for one think they make a great couple.

  • LK


  • John

    I’m confused. Did she personally turn down the request twice or was it her handlers? It appears that she wasn’t even aware of the request. Happy for the kid and the way this tuned out.

  • Gail A

    I am disappointed in Ina at this moment. To turn down a sick child is unforgivable to me. She should feel honored that this six year old was even interested in her. Say a prayer for this young boy.

  • SOAR


  • http://Yahoo Lisa B.

    The ONLY reason why she agreed to see the little boy is because her refusal to see him is ALL over the news!! She wants to save her reputation. I USED to watch her show all of the time, not anymore.

  • twins mommy

    Make A Wish reps come to the home and interview the family but then talk to the child at length, they even went up to her room to look at what kinds of things she had to get an idea of what she liked and what she would want to do. They even asked on multiple occassions what our daughter wanted before they finalized the arrangements because kids change their minds.If the Mom or Dad did push for it then shame on them. But I will say my daughter loves to watch Top Chef with me and she’s 8 so it’s possible but who knows.



  • Dianne Stuart

    Isn’t it interesting that suddenly she has the time to spend with this little boy. I’m pretty sure that all the bad publicity had something to do with her change of heart. Sounds like too much, too little, too late to me.

  • Margaret

    I bet I know a person from the south (Savannah, GA) who would honor this young boys wish! She knows how to make a person feel welcome from any part of the country.

  • Marje

    I’m not condoning the action, I’m just wondering if it was Ina herself who said no, or did her “people” think she was too busy? Was she aware of the request? If she was, then I have lost a great deal of respect for her.

  • MC

    GIVE ME A BREAK!! She doesn’t have a heart! She’s got a wallet and she realized how the negative publicity was affecting her. I’m so over Ina. And over the Food Network too. I’m not interested. This isn’t any other charity too — this is Make-A-Wish… BIG celebrities make time for Make-A-Wish children. Who the hell does Ina think she is?!?! How quickly Ina found the time to deal with the negative publicity… here’s a hint INA, it’s easier to do the right thing and avoid the bad press!

    • Jim H

      I am giving Ina Garten the benefit of the doubt. It is entirely possible someone in her organization made a foolish decision without counsulting her. I think the woman is being unfairly judged when the facts are not known by those who are sitting in judgement. I will continue to watch her program and buy her books.

  • Gincy

    Remember when she turned Jennifer Garner down from being on her show because she was “too busy” and had “too many requests”. She is a huge diva for sure with the personality of a clam.

  • renate

    Ina is a reflection of her staff and vica versa.
    Her instructions to them are clear: Keep me away, I am too busy.
    Guess what Ina, I am too busy to watch you hoity, toity show where you spend hundreds on lobsters, steaks, roasts and truffles and what not using only the best ingredients food network can buy.
    If I hear that phoney laugh one more time, I will throw up in my french lobster bisque with leaks!

    • tebetha

      If you hate her so much why watch her? Does your television not have an/off switch?

  • Barnettson

    I am glad she changed her mind. She did the right thing.

  • Aaron

    To Ireland Lives and Contrairan:

    What cynics. Do either of you have children? because I doubt that a mother of a child DYING of leukemia is going to be wanting the time with Ina Garten for herself. Use your heads. If you are dealing with a very sick child, you’re going to honor the child’s wish and you’re not going to care about some TV cook, yourself.

  • Aaron

    Also, I’m sick of all these lard-ass cooks who further spread their gospel of “how to invite diabetes and high cholesterol into your life”. Makes me sick. Get over yourself, Ina, you cow! Have a heart that’s filled with kindness to sick 6-year-olds; not blockages!

    • tebetha

      You have such a way with words – too bad all of them are disgusting. “Lard ass cooks” – would love to see a photo of you.

  • Cher

    I watch her nearly everyday, I’m not impressed with her or her staff now. Go sale your book,Ina.

  • Dee

    I think back to every job I ever had, and all the charitable requests that ever came in. Typically the manager, owner, etc. never even knows about it – that is why they hire staff – to take care of things. Most businesses, and of course celebrities, receive many requests every month and of course the person getting the call/email/letter needs to make a decision. What is unfortunate is that the person who made the decision to turn down the request obviously didn’t have very good judgement.

    I have always enjoyed Ina’s shows. I can only imagine how busy her life is. I look at my own life and think how difficult it would be to add one more task to my day, could you imagine what her schedule is like?

    The other thing is, I do think it is quite strange that this boy wants this. What is even more unsettling is how did it get out that he was turned down? That seems like confidential information.

    • Queenie

      OMG, you read my thoughts exactly. Right after I posted, I noticed that you were saying the exact same thing. How DID this get out that he was turned down? Where’s the expose about that?

      • tebetha

        The mother sent the info to TMZ and that is when it took off. I blame TMZ as much as I do the mother for releasing something that is supposed to be private.

  • Queenie

    When I read the obnoxious media blogs about how awful it was that she turned the boy down, I was disgusted. If she had granted the boy’s request the first time, would they have said anything? I didn’t even know that Ina Garten was even involved in Make-A-Wish Foundation until this ruckus was made about her denial…when someone gives charitably it should be done quietly. I hate that she had to turn a charitible activity into a media event to save her job (cooking show is a job) because some obnoxious do-nothing blogger chose to make a nasty noise about it. For goodness sakes, why was this in the news in the first place? Who leaked this story to the media in the first place and why? Shame on the bloggers for trashing people who sometimes do good things without necessarily having the time to do some others. Good grief. Get a life people.

    • Dee

      I don’t know why people feel it is their job to go to the media on something like this. I also don’t understand why people feel the need to trash her. Obviously we don’t know the whole story, but no matter what it is the way this thing has turned out is awful. I highly doubt she knew about it, but if she did it is still her right to make the decision she did. People only have so much time and energy and can only do so much. Since you don’t walk in her shoes you have no idea what she does or doesn’t have time for.

    • terrence

      The mother sent this to TMZ and they started the firestorm. They are guilty of character assassination and they should be accountable. There are some seriously ill people who live to bring people down. Ina does not deserve this.

  • elton

    I plan to picket any of her book signings that take place in the area. I no longer watch the food network and will continue to do so until the food network takes her off the air and im boycotting all products associated with her..

    to find out more about who she is associated with go to

    • tebetha

      You must feel really good about being part of a hateful group people. You should be ashamed.

  • eydie

    she turned him down because she didn’t have time. he asked again, she turned him down again. then it became obvious that she was getting some very bad press, because, hey–it’s a sick kid. so she thinks, “gee, i don’t need this bad mouthing that’s going on, I’d better grant the kid his wish.” it’s not too difficult to figure out what’s what here.

  • Donnie

    It is only even more of a shame that it took her reputation to be put on the spotlight and show her how shameful she was in doing this child this way in the first place, this should have never had to be an issue if people took light of important issues instead of being so greedy yea sure she will do this after so many have and found out her true self I am happy for the child who will get his wish but sorry for his fading star who I hope will in time look back at this all her life and when her time comes feels the sadness he felt I would personally not have contacted her a second time Contessa you are still not a favorite of mine..

    • terrence

      Donnie, might want to use punctuation marks. From a “snooty fan”.

  • John Taylor

    To all of the ignorant (and I mean, IGNORant), cynical haters here: Ina Garten has just as much a right to be human and make mistakes as anyone else. No one is perfect; not even those of you with the audacity to say all these cruel, hateful things here.

    This is a disgrace, and some of you should be ashamed of yourselves. It saddens me to see how cruel and cynical people are these days, more than ever, it seems. People are ready to rip everything and everyone apart in a heartbeat — just on speculation.

    Ina doesn’t deserve this! Not only are you being unfair to Ina, but also, to yourselves.

    Even if Ina did in fact turn this kid down initially, that is her perogative. I do not believe she did it maliciously.

    Man, if only people could learn to examine themselves, love themselves more, then perhaps they would have no time or reason to judge someone they don’t even know.

    Ina take heart, you are still loved by far, more than you are hated. It’s unfortunate that only the haters seem to be the most vocal.

    • Donnie

      Birds of a feather, flock together your probably just like her snobby

    • John Taylor


      You know, I don’t even take you seriously. You’re just simply trying to push buttons here. You’re not even for real. This is just your ego talking here.

      Obviously, you (and others like you) don’t like it when you’re challenged to come out of your comfort zone. I think you know within yourself that there’s truth in what I as well as others are saying. But just like many others, putting others down is just so comfortable and fun for you.

      Do you feel any better about yourself, my friend?

    • terrence

      I will second that- Ina doesn’t deserve all this hatred and garbage that is aimed at her.

  • Elianna

    Regardless if someone gets 100 requests per month, Ina he’s a 6 yr. old boy with leukemia. I don’t think you get many 6 yr. old boys with leukemia asking to cook with you. Glad to hear she’s going to spend time cooking with him.

  • Elianna

    It’s sad that people turn on each other in such nasty, evil ways based on word of mouth. I agree with those that are willing to give Ina the benefit of the doubt. Whether she’s heartless or not, there are many heartless people who aren’t famous who hurt people willilngly every day so do I think Ina is the anti-christ no and those who seek to destroy her based on what you hear second hand, you should really look at yourselves more deeply in the mirror. You’re not God… people should be happy this boy is getting his wish and leave it at that. We aren’t running the Salem Witch Trials in 2011.

  • Cristina

    People who accuse others of being snobs are probably snobs themselves.

  • Laura Clark

    My nephew has loved watching cooking shows since he was three. He loves Alton Brown so yes, it is very believable that that boy wanted to cook with her as his wish. My nephew, if in the same situation, would probably pick this same wish but with Alton.

  • Chef Michele

    Let’s “bottomline” this… the food business we receive numerous requests every month….as a restaurant owner they are never ending BUT when it’s Make A Wish or St Jude we always responde because it’s for the sick and dying child….Ina should be ashamed and/or fire the staff that the incident is being blamed on

  • acaringnurse

    I would have been honored if anyone would like to cook with especially a young child who happens to watch my show, because I would have chosen another chef like Bobby Flay, Paula Dean or the Neely’s. Not Ina Garten! It is not everyday a 6 year child wants to cook with a Food Network star. I use to watch The Barefoot Contessa and I thought her show was rather snobby, and she confirmed that.

  • Janice

    yeah I would say the backlash is gonna really change the amount of viers she has and the book sales are gonna plumit as well. I am done watching her. I often wonder why all her friends are Gay? FAG HAG much??? She made the comment a while back that she ONLY Has HER friends on HER SHOW. well lah tee dah , WOW she is uppity A? Living in the Hamptons has made her forget she was born in Brooklyn NY. Her Husband also acts like a Greedy child ? what is that all about.. She talks about him a bit much and he acts Queer also. Not Manly at all…

    • hlena

      Wow you have some serious bigotry issues – seen anyone about that hatred? Too bad people like you can’t be locked up for all racism & bigotry.

  • marndt009

    Well stated Carol! Who are we to judge – we do not know the whole story and I would like to believe that it was just an unfortunate oversight on someones part. It is sad that many people choose to hang someone without all the information and facts. It sort of reminds me of the 16th century and witch hunts.
    Your opinions make me realize there is still kind hearted people in this world.

    • aristotle

      16th century witch hunts is a good description. That along with lynch mobs is what all the media outlets are guilty of starting with TMZ.

  • Love Ina

    I love Ina.
    I, along with many others wish we could cook or hang out with Ina.She is classy,very sweet and a wonderful person.My thoughts are that the people that call her fat, snooty etc are so jealous of her success and fame.

    I will always be a fan of Ina and Jeffrey.

    • harriet

      When Jeffrey is on – the show is even more fun. They complement each other.

  • bruce

    well Ina it seems that you have more time for you little friends and neighbors and even your employees that are healthy and will ” LIVE ” to see another day.

    To turn down the the wishes form a little boy who might not see his next birthday all I can say is from this day on may all you souffle flop and all the meals that you make from here on out taste like s h i t !!!!!!

    There are celebrities that are much bigger than you that take the time out to make the difference in someones ” LIFE ” and those memories literally will last that persons lifetime.

    Well your show will never grace my Television screen again !!!!!!!

  • Joanne

    My opinion of Ina hasn’t changed one bit. Everyone in show business or business in general can not handle every detail personally. That’s why they hire assistants. You are doomed if you fail to delegate authority to them. It’s also important that your assistants recognize and prioritize requests on your time and money as though they were in your shoes. There is a very good chance that Ina never saw this particular request.

    I’ve worked in PR for years and some of my clients (even some you’ve never heard of) are swamped with requests and demands for their time and money. It’s a tricky thing to juggle everything and not hurt someones feelings….. It’s also paramount to remember who pays you and is furthering your career. They are number one even when you feel otherwise and would prefer to donate your time elsewhere.

    My love to Enzo and wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Lori

    This is an unfortunate incident. I am a huge fan of Food Network, but have been put off any time I have tuned in to Barefoot Contessa. Like others have said, Ina comes across as snooty and elitist to me. I know that there was an enormous backlash over this incident, and it is likely that she finally acquiesced in order to save face—for herself and for Food Network. As to those who question a 6 year-old boy wanting to cook: really? Why is it not possible?? Many of the male cooks on Food Network have told their stories, and were interested in cooking at a young age, many learning at the elbow of their mother or grandmother. This is the 21st century, people, can we maybe let go of some of those antiquated stereotypes, maybe??

    • algernon

      Your television does not an On/Off switch? I am a fan and support Ina in any way and it is your problem you think she is “snooty & elitist”. Not the way I see her at all. But then I am not one of her “haters”.

  • stack

    the only reason she is doing it is the bad press she was getting fear of no show this is proof of what a hartless whaleboat she is

  • Belle

    Have you all noticed that Ina doees NOT have children. her whole life revolves around feeding her and her husband’s faces. My 20 yr.old daughter can’t stand her so now I know that there was a reason after all. When money and tummy trumps compassion and humanity, then something is very wrong indeed!

    • algernon

      So Ina is guilty because she does not have children. What a stupid comment.

    • terrence

      If you have a daughter I pity the values you taught her. Did you teach her to hate also?

  • linda turner

    well now we know what it was like in Rome. Why not just throw her in the coliseum and all you evil-tongued cretins can just throw your fire bombs with glee. I am ashamed I live in the same country as you. It is a free country and you can say what you think out loud-putting your assinine comments here proves that. How pathetic your lives are that you can judge someone based on the media firestorm that reports anything (whether it’s true or not). HOW small YOU ARE.

  • WTFsNext

    “Ina Garten has shown she has a heart.”????

    No. Ina Garten has shown that when the world sees her do something heartless she has the ability to change her mind to save face, and hopefully her ratings.

    Good for the child for getting his wish, but she’s still lost me as a viewer.

  • Reallypeople

    Reading all these trolls is better than watching TV…

  • Penny Lane

    This is not the first time a not so flattering story has been in the media about her.

    She comes off like a snot.

    • harriet

      And you are perfect.

  • marndt009

    So, everyone that has a bad thing to say, has never done anything wrong, never hurt another person or has caused harm – all I have to say is shame on this NATION, shame on us all- who are we to judge anyone, whether we are gay, single, short or busy….. We all have a life, and why cant we spend it being happy and not so ill and hateful to everyone else. As I said before, I am not for Ina, nor against her, I don’t know her position in this, nor would or should I ever guess what it might be – the only thing I can say – is I hope SOMEONE – whomever IT or HE/SHE might be forgives us for our hate and I would suggest that can we come together to at least say that we agree to disagree and would it be a bother to say that everyone is entitled to their own opinion? Just a thought. I wish everyone a great night! Take care, Melanie

    • marndt009

      I agree we should all shout in peace, and welcome love and peace and love…. all of us only have a short time in this world, should would be bitches” sorry for the bad word” or should we be lovers – and I mean that with my whole heart – I am not that old only 46 – I just want everyone to not give too much off of a mean heart and love one another…

  • marndt009

    you know this is so OLD school, I am so tired of you people that think you are better than everyone, can you please FRICKEN FREEZE, I am so tired of anyone telling me that I should be – better than I am – fuck you – can you please – I dont mean to say bad words, nor do I mean to de-mean anyone, I Just want to say IT is hard to be a person and if you cant get off your high cow, or hourse, you are in TROUBLE….. sorry not my game plan, I just LOVE COLDPLAY, TESLA, AND OTHERS, DIDO, to name a few… Love to all.

  • tina

    ina fell from grace people, face up to the facts. whether her husband jeffrey is a bucky-beaver look-alike or not, that does not equate right now. she did a nasty thing that happened to get leaked to the internet and wound up souring all her milk and eggs dishes. sorry ina, you goofed.

  • disgusted

    This woman is disgusting person. All she worries about is making chicken for Geoffrey on Friday hoping he’ll come home and entertaining her snotty Hamptons neighbors who could care less about her! The only charity she has ever supported is Planned Parenthood, this says an awful lot! Personally I’ll be boycotting her and Food Network, they don’t deserve my time.

  • http://N/A Marcus


    I feel for any child who is sick with any type of cancer. With that you still have to teach them that they are not going to get everything they want! (SICK OR NOT)


  • Theresa Moore

    Ina Garten didn’t actually meet the child or come anywhere close to ranting his dying wish.. After turning him down twice, she was worried about bad press affecting her ratings and earnings and only then offered to meet with the young boy. His family declined saying he had chosen a different wish ~ to swim with the dolphins. Shame on Ina Garten. She has lost me as a fan ad is undeserving of what fate has so generously given her considering her selfishness/

    • nofriendofina

      Ina will pay when she meet’s her maker.

  • InaGartenSux!

    Ina Garten has a heart? Pfft, please. She was just worried about how this was affecting her in the PR department. Once again, just looking out for HERSELF. Selfish bitch. I wish her the worst! I hope she eventually loses her show and has to live in a Section 8 apartment with barely anything to eat. Lets see how she’ll feel then once she doesnt live in her posh Hamptons residence anymore with Gwenyth Paltrow and a whole bunch of fags as friends, who wouldnt give a damn about her if she ever fell out of her high chair.
    And Theresa, I couldnt agree with you more. And its wonderful to know that the boys parents turned her down at the end.
    Screw you Ina Garten!

  • dagraze

    Ina Garten is human! Can you make everybody’s wish come true? Has the child passed away. Before you hate her just think about how busy you are and then how much more Ina is. Ina is human and you are not!

  • nofriendofIna

    no more of Ina for me. I once thought she was a good lady, but now that thinking has went out the window. I’m not gonna wish her bad luck, she will pay when she meet’s her maker.

  • Getoffothersbacks!

    Wow Ina doesn’t meet the kid she gets abuse then if she does its for selfish reason’s because of bad press. She can’t win with you people! You take your busy lives and then try and do 100 charitable things a month and see how far you get. I bet most the people on this blog and others think that donating a few dollars a month make you martyrs to comment on others and how or what they do to support charities. I’m sure Ina and the people that matter in Ina’s life know exactly how much she does give and as any of us won’t know exactly what happened then have absolutely no right to judge, post awful comments and wish bad things happen to her. Most of you need to take a look at yourselves and instead of being horrible to people get off ur butts and go donate your time to a charity rather than sitting at your laptop commenting on others when you have no clue what your talking about! I know this was a while ago but I’m sick of reading articles and then seeing other members of the human race bitch and insult others. I mean how charitable is that!

  • Annie

    When did Make A Wish become a bully organization? Trying to ruin someones reputation because a wish was not granted. Whatever happened with this request for a wish may have come about for many reasons. It is still a request and not a demand with consequences if the wish is not met.

  • Victoria

    Shame on Ina Garten!!! I still can’t believe she would turn a Make A Wish 6 y/o boy twice, who wanted to cook with her!!!! I’m NEVER going to watch her show again!