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Posted by Adam

William and KatePRINCE William won’t be wearing a wedding ring!

The British royal will marry fiancee Kate Middleton on April 29 and is going to eschew the modern-day tradition of men wearing wedding bands.

“There is only going to be one ring, in accordance with the couple’s wishes,” a palace spokesperson at the Palce told People magazine.

Middleton will have a wedding band, and it will be made from Welsh gold.

A tiny amount of gold mined from the Welsh mountains (not far from where the couple will start their married life on Anglesey,) has been kept in the royal vaults since it was originally presented to William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

The Queen has “given a piece of the gold that has been in the family for many years to Prince William as a gift,” a palace source says.

Recent reports claimed Elton John is planning to throw a party for William and Kate.

The Rocket Man singer — who was a close friend of William’s mother, the late Princess Diana — and his partner David Furnish have planned the party, to which David and Victoria Beckham will also be invited to thank the young couple for their invitation to their  April 29 nuptials.

“Elton loves entertaining and hosting people at his home,” a source told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper.

“He is touring America at the moment but he flies between there and the UK and comes to his Old Windsor home whenever a short break in his schedule allows.

“He has wanted to invite Kate and William to dinner for a while now to thank them for his wedding invitation. He always puts on the most incredible feasts fit for royalty anyway so they should feel right at home.

“The Beckhams will be invited but it depends on whether his club will let him travel.”


  • Glynda

    ‘the couples wishes’? Lol what bride in the history of the world has ever said, ‘you know what honey, i don’t want you to wear a wedding ring.’ Yea…right! in accordance to his wishes you mean.

    • lw

      What does it matter? I think that everyone in the world will know that he’s married!!! I told my husband that he didn’t need to wear a ring – although he decided to – it doesn’t make a difference whether someone wears a ring or not, if they have committed themselves to you why would a ring make any difference? And on the other hand, if they were going to cheat on you, why would a ring make any difference?

  • Zoe@ etf trend trading

    They make really a cute couple. I’m happy for them, and will watch the wedding on TV… ETF Trend Trading

  • nosesy one

    If a man is truley commited to a woman he would wear a marriage ring..perhaps william is not 100 percent for this wedding..must have some internal researves..well..only time will tell. a ring is an outward sign of fidelity..he has posetion over her..that’s why she will have a ring..he will have independence over her by not showing that outward I know all the world will know about the wedding..wait a few years..never know..they have been together many years..other girls look very goog after a couple has been together for so long..the stess of royelty and the limelight will take its toll.I’d have a ring if i were them…we’ll see..take a look at the history of the royal family..adultery..fornication..Harry…

  • Carla

    I also do not think it makes any difference if he wears a ring or not, like we dont know he is going to married to her and who would even be allowed to get close enough to him to even try to do anything to him in the first place? This is to much, I’ll be glad when this wedding is over I’m tired of hearing about it.