Katie Couric: Why She’s Leaving The CBS Evening News

Friday, April 1, 2011

Katie CouricKATIE Couric wants to focus of her love life!

Sources say the busty broadcaster quitting her CBS Evening News anchor job for the sake of her children and herself.

The former Today show star, 54, is ready to sign off in June when her $15 million-a-year contract expires, according to American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Katie feels she has nothing else to prove in the job,” divulged a close friend.

“Katie traveled at great personal risk to Egypt during the country’s recent revolution, and the dangerous trip made her realize that she needs to stay out of harm’s way for the sake of her two daughters whom she is raising as a single mom.

“She also wants time to heat up her romance with her longtime boyfriend Brooks Perlin, who is 17 years younger.”

Couric recently addressed rumors she was heading to back the Today show.

“No! No that’s not something that I’m doing — I love the Today show, I miss all my friends from the show,” she said.

“I still see Matt Lauer a lot, and I saw Al Roker, he was running in Central Park the other day and I said ‘Hey Al,’ and he said ‘Hey’ and I’m like ‘Hey, it’s Katie!’ He thought I was a random!”[imagebrowser id=844]


  • free2drm

    I am glad she is leaving CBS. I used to enjoy their evening news until she came on board.I had to quit watching it! I think it would be just dreadful if she went aboard 60 minutes. I would have to quit watching it as well. Her bias shins too brightly for me. Many feel the same way. It is evident in CBS evening news’s ratings. She really has done this to herself.

  • Marcy Hess

    I am glad she’s leaving as she was and has always been terrible at her job and shamelessly biased to the point that everyone who has allowed her a voice on TV should be ashamed of themselves. She is not a very intelligent woman and she, Like Barack Obama can’t decide if they should be serious people who have a brain or celebrities. They both seem to want to be stars and adored and they don’t care what they say or do to get attention and accolades. I’m so happy to see her leave the news industry as she never belonged there. I hope CBS is smart enough to replace her with an actual news person who offers the news and NOT their own opinions and biases.

  • Jennifer

    I have to disagree. She did an awesome job in interviewing Palin, showed the world how intelligent Palin was?? I enjoy Katie, and I hope she finds something that is a better fit. She did a great job with the news, but it is one of those things America is not ready for. She is just ahead of her time.

  • dick

    i dont think she did a bad job but gone are the days of brokaw, jennings, and rather, and cronkite. no one can come close to those guys. dan rather screwed up with the the bush thing (talk about bias) but his time there until then was pretty good.

    Katies niche was the today show. personality is too bright to constantly report on negative headlining story grabbing shocking news. that gets old and weary. today show is upbeat and starts your day. she should go back a few days a week. with merideth leaving id say it should be a possibility. i think a show on her own would not do well at this point in time. go back to today show then launch your own show.

  • Buffy

    There comes a time in one’s life when and if you can afford to, to start going on vacations and being there with your children and taking care of yourself. Katie should have done this a long time ago. I never watched Katie on the Evening news nor did I think she was very good on the Today Show. I found her to be mean and cutting when ever she could be and wanted the show to focus just on her. And while she did her best to try to make Sarah Palin look stupid and uninformed, you could see the pleasure the pleasure she was getting out of trying to do this. Do I think she was successful, No way!!! Of course when some people only want to look at it through rose colored glasses they will only see what they want to see. And to be honest, I think I hear more about Sarah Palin now adays than what we have ever heard about Katie Couric in a long time. In my opinion she is just all about her and what she can do to get ratings, which as we can now see, she wasn’t really good at doing that either. It’s time for her to go home and with good wishes only.