James Garner Nearly Died

Friday, April 1, 2011

James GarnerJAMES Garner is on his way out.

Sources say the Maverick TV legend — who’s been confined to a wheelchair since a catastrophic stroke in 2008 — came close to death recently after he developed severe breathing difficulties and was rushed to the hospital.

Sources say James was stricken at his home in Brentwood, Calif.

“The poor guy is frail and barely hanging on as it is,” an insider told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“When Jim clutched his chest and couldn’t catch his breath, he thought it was the end.

“His wife rushed him to the emergency room at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica. It was terrifying.”


  • http://garnerphile.blogspot.com/ Suzanne Moore

    These are absolutely nothing but lies, pure and simple, printed because you think it will get more hits for this rag.

    Jim has NOT been confined to a wheelchair since his stroke, and he is doing just fine, thank you very much. You must not have seen the press release he JUST gave out on the announcement the Simon & Schuster will be publishing the memoir he recently completed. Read all about it:http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/jacketcopy/2011/03/james-garner-will-publish-a-memoir-with-simon-schuster.html

    You also must have missed his recent interview for the PBS presentation “Pioneers of Television.” But, then again, you didn’t need see these things to know perfectly well that he’s doing well and will probably outlive us all.

  • Gordon Boggs

    I don’t know if a message can be given to James Garner but if it could I would want to thank him for coming to our military base during the Viet Nam conflict. I was lucky to be in the mess hall where he was taken for dinner. He was very friendly and I sat next to him while we ate and had a picture of us standing next to him as he was leaving which I regret deeply I later lost when I loaned it out to my son for show and tell at his school. He has always been a very favorite of mine and I have watched every movie I know of he has been a star in. The man I met was a very nice man. I wish for him good health and a happy life.


    Gordon Boggs

    • http://garnerphile.blogspot.com/ Suzanne Moore

      What a nice post, Mr. Boggs! He is just fine no matter what these rags say trying to sell their garbage.

  • http://www.magnum-mania.com Mike

    I’m glad he’s doing well. I always liked him as one of the true gentlemen of Hollywood. A fine actor, and by all accounts a sweet man. I wish him a long and healthy life. They don’t make ‘em like Jim anymore.

  • jimmy

    im 43 years old now but i can remeber watching rockford with my dad he is not with us any more but he loved jim i still watch rockford on rtv brings back good memories

  • RA Simmons

    When I saw that posting which said Jim was ill, my heart skipped a beat are two as well. I have as so many others watched and enjoyed this great entertainer for may years. He is the prime example of what a true star is. There is no one like James Bumgarner, and there will never be another. That about wraps that up. Jimmy, we all love ya out here in Texas. One day at a time my friend–cheers!

  • Joe_m_31069

    James Garner was always a class act,a true gentleman.

    • Monarch

      i agree Joe, I always liked James Garner.  I thought he was a true genteman a well. 

  • Monarch

    adam, i just love your phraseology, “james garner is on his way out”.  true, no one lives forever, but i hope that when your time comes whomever writes about you is less callous.  every loss of life should be spoken about with respect.  you haven’t shown any to James Garner.  

    • Dale

      I totally agree with your comment about James Garner,Monarch & how distasteful just the headline is alone, “James Garner is on his way out,”.Completely uncalled for,how would you like it Adam if that headline was about you? I’m sure it wouldn’t be a good feeling seeing & reading that headline! But one thing Monarch I’m confused about in your comment is near the end of your comment when you say,…..”Every loss of Life Should Be Spoken About With Respect”? In general i agree with that comment but in this case it just sounds like your speaking of James Garner as if he’s already passed away.

  • Rosewood7k

    Love James Garner.  What a crappy statement…

  • Lee Anne

    I have always loved James Garner in all of his roles. I have missed him  so much
    since  Rockford Files  was cancelled. I believe this man to be a true patriot and
    of course, a gentleman….God bless you Mr. Garner ….

  • You Asshole

    Adam, what a scumbag. Hope you’re ‘on your way out’

  • Robertsglass

    he was the man!!

  • Richard

    The guy who taught me how to drive a car

  • strattuner

    james garner,steve mcqueen,james coburn,eastwood,they are all stellar,but when james garner did that role of captain call ‘streets of laredo” he was immortalized,as a cowboy badass forever,thanks for memories MR GARNER,YOU TAKE A BACK SEAT TO NO ONE

  • Elmo

    Guys, ” on his way out” is just another way of saying he probably won’t live for much longer. Adam’s got problems, but that harmless sentence ain’t one of them.

    • Dale

      Harmless Sentence? Yes it is another way of saying he probably won’t live for much longer but it’s dam right distasteful!! If you have any ounce of common sense in you,you don’t write a headline like that,you write something like,…-”James Garner suffers a stroke but the former Rockford Files & tough as nails private investigator ain’t ready to go anywhere just yet!”.But then again common sense isn’t very common!

  • deanna koepp/schiefelbein

    I hve been doing rockfords with my cars since 1974,shiney in wisconsin

  • calabresellagirl

    I just finished reading his autobiography” THE GARNER FILES, A MEMOIR” absolutely unforgettable story, a true humanitarian, unselfish loving father and husband, thre are very few actors I personally have respect for including Audrey Hepburn, Specer Tracey, Katherine Hepburn, Tom Hanks but he will always be at the top of my list. A true class act and gentleman.Thank you Mr. Garner…..God Bless you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Larry-Coons/100000251160457 Larry Coons

    prayers sir god bless you

  • Virginia de Pintor

    7 April. Happy Birthday James Garner. You have given everyone countless hours of your magnificent talents. Thank You so much. I hope you have cake and ice cream, I’m having some in your honor.

  • Anonymous

    Always the handsome actor who with his co-star Doris Day, made a couple of my favorite movies. How sad it is to see someone who was such a strong and capable man now in a wheelchair and struggling with health issues. Time passes to quickly but James has lived a wonderful life and I admire him and have never forgotten him. God bless you James for your talents and for entertaining myself and countless fans over the years.

  • Mikieman

    Adam Your artical is not very becoming for you……Why not write that this man who is a Holly Wood Icon is just not doing very well……Why for Hell Sakes write in detail over what has happened to him…….This must give you a raging H/O to put those words on virtual paper……..You Sir are a first call JERK…..and your family must be soo proud of you and your callous words towards a man who has never harmed you in any way……