Tom Selleck Loses Temper With Gun-Toting Extra

Friday, April 1, 2011

Tom SelleckTOM Selleck has quite the temper!

The actor apparently flew off the handle when an extra on the set of his TV show Blue Bloods picked up a real gun and started pointing it at people!

The extra — who was playing a cop but had never held a real gun — was horrified when Tom, a lifelong gun enthusiast and board member of the National Rifle Association, spotted him and yelled, “Hey, YOU! What the HELL are you doing? That gun’s NOT a toy — stop waving it around!”

“Look at you…your finger’s STILL ON THE TRIGGER!”

According to American tabloid the National Enquirer, the extra then squirmed, “Is the gun really loaded?”

Selleck replied, “No, it’s not loaded. But when you handle a gun it’s common sense to assume it IS loaded, and NOT point it at people!”


  • James

    Tom Selleck is in the right he had a good point, i just hope he doesn’t get bombarded for this.

    • Reece

      I fully agree with you. The headline is misleading. I don’t think that’s a “Loss of Temper” .

      • Gloria

        Common sense??? WHo has that today?

  • ilovedessert

    I have never understood why Hollywood insists on “real guns” with blanks instead of plastic guns and special effects to make it look like a shooting…after all they are already adding a Foley artist, (sound effects person) to the mix…

    In addition, perhaps Tom should push himself away from the table..for someone who was so fit now look at him!

  • Reece

    I am not a gun-owner nor do I ever plan on owning a gun however, I will applaud Tom Selleck for his diligent insistance of the one rule any gun owner should follow: Treat all guns as if they are loaded.

    And Tom looks fine, thank you very much.

    The show is a great show. We’ve been watching every episode.

  • 230therapy

    Tom Selleck’s reaction to a person pointing a real gun at people was entirely correct and justified. The person MISHANDLING the gun was violating the cardinal rule of gun safety: ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. The person violated another rule: Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. There is ABSOLUTELY no excuse for someone to point a gun at someone outside of an emergency situation.

    These safety rules are not that difficult, yet morons across the world continue to violate them. If you do not know the safety rules, never handle a firearm.

  • U.S. Falconer

    When responsible people show their ire at others acting stupidly, the idiots in the media casts it as a loss of control.
    Why do we let media morons pretend to have the wisdom of life?

    A reporter with integrity would recognize, identify and report the REAL bad actor – the idiot who hasn’t a clue about handling a dangerous tool. I wonder how many reporters and editors with integrity one could find.

  • Michael Spivey

    Right. Respond appropriately to a blithering moron endangering lives, or even possibly endangering lives and you’re “hot-headed.”

    Toms reply should have been along the lines of “I don’t know, you checked it didn’t you? Every weapon is assumed to be loaded.”

    Had it been me I probably would of just shot the idiot in self defense.

  • BambiB

    Selleck is right.

    The press is wrong.

    The headline should read, “Selleck Corrects Idiot on Proper Gun Handling”.

    You tell ‘em Tom.

    Rule #1 of Safe Gun Handling: Every gun is always loaded.

  • Jack Deth

    Mr. Selleck was absolutely correct in his response, no matter how loud, to the the unnamed extra. Firearms are considered loaded at all times. Even when they aren’t. And they are to be handled in that manner.

    I’m surprised the extra wasn’t punched into the middle of next week.

  • wop2

    Selleck should have “relieved” the fool of the gun and smacked him into the middle of next week. I’ve had guns pointed at me, and I’ve been shot at and missed, and shot at and hit. I’m a certified instructor. I took my two oldest grand daughters to the range this week for their first shoot. An hour of safety briefings the night before, which we will review constantly for life, and about an hour shooting .22 pistols. Both girls, one 9, and one 10, did very well. In case anyone wonders, we had both dads there too. At no time did those girls get to do anything other than hold the gun and fire. This was a one on one coaching/teaching/learning experience, and sorry, Sarah Brady, but no one got hurt and two young women learned critical firearm fundamentals. Let the “you are irresponsible” criticism begin.

  • willford

    I have been shot and hit, shot at an missed. Also have had a couple go off by my mis-handling. I have been handling weapons for more yaers than I can Count. MY daughters starting shooting a 7, and 8 years of age. I did the same. SAFTEY was HIGHLY stressed FIRST. Mr. Selleck is Correct. I was almost killed with a UNLOADED weapon. DO NOT POINT A WEAPON at anyone. Period

  • LWG

    If Tom had saved a life, would the press still consider it “losing his temper”? This is simple ignorance on the part of the writers. Selleck’s conduct was completely justified.

  • Pete

    Why is the author anonymous? Is it because he KNOWS HE’S an IDIOT?

    As ALL the comments say, Mr. Selleck did everything RIGHT… I, and other instructors I know have all done the same thing.

    Mr. Selleck deserves an apology from the idiot that wrote this slander. And the author should be sent back to processing want ads.

  • greg

    the guy was obviously just acting as a real cop would.

    • Kiser

      That’s a lot of BS. Real cops don’t go around waving and pointing their guns at people. But there’s always someone like you that will make an assinine remark like the one you did. You’re an idiot for saying it.

      • No Body

        you’d hope they don’t, wouldn’t you? i’m a bit more cynical about how real cops might behave, myself.

  • Rick

    Gotta tell ya… Tom was spot on. Extra is waving around a REAL gun and has NO idea if it’s real or loaded. And finger on the trigger! You paint Mr. Selleck as some ranting crazy person. You need to get more knowledgeable writers. You article should read, “Tom Selleck enforces common sense on set!”

  • http://facebook Artabr

    The writer is a moron, the actor was a dangerous idiot & fool.
    Thank you Mr. Selleck, for doing the right thing.
    To those in the Media, buy a clue, please.

  • ErnCP

    The LameStreamNewsMedia is, as usual, very wrong.
    Tom Selleck was absolutely right and justified in his reaction to some idiot mishandling a firearm. No anger here, just common sense, which is so uncommon these days. The ONE basic rule of handling a firearm, is to ALWAYS treat it as if it is LOADED..Always..
    Of course, since Tom Selleck is a member of the NRA and vocal about our 2nd Amendment rights, the LameStreamNewsMedia is going to give him bad press.

  • Mike the Limey

    Tom Selleck did what any other responsible gun owner would do in upbraiding the idiot for messing with a firearm.
    Kudos to him for explaining to said idiot about pointing firearms at people too.

  • Dave H

    I agree with Pete # 12

    IMHO, the most telling line it the story is, “the extra then squirmed, “Is the gun really loaded?”.

    Assumptions get people killed — not just with firearms. There are all kinds of other inanimate tools that will kill you or someone else if you make assumptions and don’t know how to use them properly.

  • NavyCop

    As a police officer, it is policy to draw down on anyone displaying a firearm, and pointing it at someone is justified reason to use deadly force. Ignorance is deadly. This is what we get when we tell everyone guns are dangerous, no one learns about them. Ignorant fools are dangerous.

  • cccc

    Tom is rigth you never point a gun at people unless you plan to use it even if you think it is not loaded.The extra should’ve been fired on the spot and never hired again anywhere where a real gun will be used.This person was truly an idiot and a perfect example of how accidents happen.NEVER ever touch a gun if you aren’t familiar with them let someone who is teach you how to handle it,NEVER touch the trigger unless you plan to use it,IT IS NOT A TOY!, and 3 NEVER EVER point it at anyone you don’t intend to shoot.

  • Larry

    Good for Mr. Selleck. I was involved in the stage for a period of time. Often the “source” of firearms for use. The guns stayed on my PERSON (pistols) (even if I was on stage/my part did not call for them) Or locked up. Mainly because of idiots. Who thought it “fun” to point guns at actors as they come off stage and “dry fire” them. Sadly we couldn’t afford prop guns.

  • Rick

    This is very straight forward. Mr. Selleck was absolutely correct, the extra was ignorant and the writer is an idiot and shows no evidence of understanding true journalism.

    1. All guns are always loaded.
    2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
    3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
    4. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

    Nobody has ever been shot by and empty gun, but a lot have been by guns someone THOUGHT was empty.

  • Selleck is RIGHT

    Not a fan of Selleck AT ALL – but he is 100% correct in his response. From start to finish, finger on the trigger and the whole deal. Selleck NAILS IT!

    You DO NOT point a gun at any person for any reason unless you intend to shoot and kill that person. It does not matter if the gun is loaded or not. This is simply rule #1 and you NEVER violate it if you respect and observe proper gun safety rules.

    In fact, if this is the case that moron actors with ZERO gun training and even less common sense are playing around with actual firearms on the set – then there NEEDS TO BE A LAW passed that REQUIRES these fools to take and pass a proper gun safety exam.

    We should not even need a law like this to be passed – this should be common practice at all studios, on all sets and taught in acting school (or wherever it is actors obtain what passes for an education in Hollywood).

    The writer of this article should be ashamed for their ignorance and issue a formal apology to Mr. Selleck. You seriously need to rewrite this and praise Mr Selleck.

    At the VERY LEAST you need to point out that responsible gun owners and gun safety rules agree completely with Mr Selleck’s actions.

    • Areth Foster-Webster

      Plenty of people from “up nawth” are responsible gun owners. If fact if they pronounce it “up nawth” they are far more likely to be gun owners.

  • Peterk

    let me guess the extra is from up nawth, has never shot a gun in his life etc etc etc

    from age 6 on I was taught how to handle a gun, selleck speaks the truth

  • James Smith

    The author of this article is just as dumb as the guy pointing a gun at people. Tom did what any responsible person would do. How could anyone not get ticked off when they see someone waving a gun around. I wouldn’t have been as nice as Tom. May have even drawn my weapon.
    My question is.. Where did he get the gun? Was it just laying around?

  • coolgunner

    Peterk, while I’m 100% in agreement with you that the extra had no idea what he was doing, I do have to say that there are plenty folks ‘up nawth’ who not only can handle a gun properly but are also able to chew food without any mechanical aid of any sort. LMAO!

  • Dan Frain

    More than one police rangemaster I’ve met said he would shoot anyone who endangered any of the other students.

    Selleck is right to insist on safe gun-handling. The actor is an idiot, but hopefully will learn safe gun-handling and will come to enjoy shooting as a sport.

    Poking holes in paper is fun. I don’t know yet about poking holes in people, and I hope to never find out.

  • Mike

    Whoever wrote that headline is almost as big an idiot as the gun mishandling actor. Way to go Tom for correctly assessing the situation and correcting the actor’s bad behavior. Tom’s reaction was timely, correct and commendable.

  • IrateIrishman

    ilovedessert says:
    “perhaps Tom should push himself away from the table..for someone who was so fit now look at him!”
    Lets see what you look like at 66 years old…

    wop2 says:
    “…Both girls, one 9, and one 10, did very well. Let the “you are irresponsible” criticism begin.”

    No criticism here, my nieces learned to shoot at about the same age as did I. Good on you for teaching them to safely handle them rather than act as this idiot extra did.

    Peterk says:
    “let me guess the extra is from up nawth, has never shot a gun in his life etc etc etc”

    Why not come up “nawth” and I’ll take you to the local ranges “Hathcock” match? Got a few 3 gun comps going on too. That un-named extra could have easily been from any major metropolis down south the same as bahstan or new yahk.

  • Aaron

    I applaud Mr. Selleck’s astuteness when it comes to the SAFE handling of guns. I would NOT say he lost his temper. I WOULD say he pointed out to a clueless idiot that said idiot should keep his booger hooks OFF weapons. Thank you, Mr. Selleck, for your awareness of gun safety and pointing out that safety to a totally useless moron.

  • Patrick

    Wow, way to print a misleading headline! 50 years ago it would have been “Knowledgeable actor sets other straight” or somthing.

  • Kudos Tom

    The author should apologize publicly to Mr. Selleck.
    The extra should apologize to him, and everyone on the set.
    Everyone on the set should thank Mr. Selleck for hopefully imparting some “common sense” into the extra.

  • William R. Meyers, MSgt, USAF(Ret.)

    Mr. Selleck would have been fully justified in shooting the extra pointing the gun at people.

    By the time I reached Basic Training, at age 18, I’d already had 14 years experience with firearms, and rule #1 was not to point the weapon at anything I did not intend to kill.

    During my first formal firearms training, in M-16 Basic Qualification training, the instructors told us the reason they carried sidearms (pistols, to those unaware of the military nomenclature) was so they could shoot dead anyone who pointed his weapon at any other person during the training.

    Rule #2 is to assume any weapon is loaded. Even partially disassembled weapons can fire.

    The extra and the so-called “writer” of this piece need some formal training, and a little “back of the barn” time learning not to make that sort of mistake again.

  • roo_ster

    The author of the article is a fool. It is attentiveness to gun safety like Selleck’s that has brought down the number of accidental gun deaths year after year, for decades.

    Don’t sweep others with a gun, loaded or not, and keep your booger hook of the bang switch, thanks.

  • Matt

    How about shows some balls and apologize for printing an inflammatory and misleading article.

    Don’t see it happening though. Like all the other typical media hacks they’re just going to keep spreading bullshit.

  • Colin

    Tom Selleck is to be commended for his action. I am only disappointed that he did not throw the idiot out of the area completely. This is NOT a display of bad temper but a display of concern for the safety of everyone in the area where the idiot was playing. Firearms are NOT toys, and should never be treated as such. I have no idea how many people have been injured or killed by an “unloaded” weapon, but it is substantial.

  • Jeff

    That’s not losing his temper. Personally, I think he showed admirable restraint.

  • joshrunkle35

    If someone was lighting a cigarette near a gasoline truck it would be appropriate to yell at them. I believe Bruce lee’s son was killed on the set of a movie by a firearm. When playing with dangerous things it’s important to put safety first.

  • Rod

    Having met Tom a couple times I can’t believe he would “loose” his temper. If he was emphatic about reprimanding poor behavior he had good reason, his co-worker was showiing extreemly poor judgement in hanlding the gun the way he did.

    Even Rosie O’Donald couldn’t make Tom loose his temper and god knows she tried.

    Keep up the good work Tom!

  • Li’l Army Wife

    The crazy thing is, if the gun HAD been loaded and the idiotic “gun-toting extra” had shot someone the media would be all over how evil guns are.
    Selleck deserves a commendation NOT to be painted as a short tempered jerk for his reaction. The author of this column is apparently as stupid as the extra!
    I grew up around guns and was taught how to shoot when I was 15 – I know have a concealed carry permit and am raising my children with some COMMON SENSE gun safety!

  • Walter Lipman

    Whoever wrote this is an abject moron. The extra should have been punched out by Selleck for his troubles…that would teach him something about how to handle a weapon. I’m no friend of the gun lobby; however, I know how to handle firearms correctly, and Mr. Selleck’s response was far more muted than mine would have been.

  • Bethany

    Kudos to Tom Selleck! He is one of the best role models in Hollywood.

  • Pete


  • Mike A.

    Mr. Selleck is absolutely right! I cannot stand morons who cause accidents and mess things up for the rest of us!

  • shootcentermass

    Mr. Selleck had EVERY right to get angry with that man. You have to obey the fundamentals of firearm safety whenever you come in contact with a firearm. Anyone with formal training and experience knows this. That was extremely reckless of the extra to have his finger on the trigger and waving it around regardless of it was loaded or not. In Marine Corp. Boot Camp, put your finger on the trigger of a gun and point it NEAR your DI and he’ll have the barrel of his gun on your head so fast your pants will soil before he even has the chance to deck you in the head. Guns are NOT toys.

  • common sense

    People are always killed by the “I thought it was unloaded” type of moron.
    Kudo’s to Mr Selleck.

  • common sense

    treat every gun like it is loaded.
    never point a gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy.
    keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
    be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

    these are the basic rules, but one rule is also true-hollywood has the blood of the children on its hands with the way they have taught people to handle guns.

    most movies/tv shows teach children the worse way to handle a gun … its criminal negligence

  • Victoria

    No he doesn’t have a temper, he has common sense. Always assume a gun is loaded and for goodness sake keep your finger off the trigger and keep it pointed in a safe direction. I would have done the same thing as TOM Selleck.

  • Bruce

    Lost his temper because an idiot was pointing a gun at people while his finger was on the trigger? I doubt any thinking person would call that losing his temper. That was the correct reaction to a potentially deadly situation.

    Who wrote the headline? Was it a uneducated child?

  • Stephen

    Way to go Tom for having the guts to point out that a gun should never be pointed at a person, loaded or unloaded! The writer of this article should apologize to Mr. Selleck immediately! Does the writer realize that several actors have been killed because what someone thought was an unloaded gun was actually loaded with live ammo?

  • Mitchell

    Firearm injuries are most often the result of people assuming.

    Assuming guns are not loaded…assuming they know what they are doing with a weapon…

    Their are no “accidental discharges”, only negligent ones.

    If an extra on a TV set didn’t know how to handle a weapon, then he was a danger to himself and everyone around him.

    That’s not something uncommon, and a $125 NRA basic class would cure him of that in about 8 hours.

    (Hint, Hint…)

  • Bram

    Thumbs up to mr Selleck for keeping everyone safe. Can’t help but wonder though, how the heck did an extra who obviously knew nothing about firearms safety get his hands on a gun between scenes? I would hope that whomever was in charge of firearms safety on the set would provide at least a 30 second basic safety instruction, and keep them under tight control.

  • Jim Hoss

    The headline is totally misleading. Would someone write, “Actor Looses Temper When Extra Drives Drunk”? When anyone acts irresponsibly they should be corrected, especially when the safety of others is at stake.

  • Gladys Boring

    There is an element here which as yet has not been acknowledged. Anyone who was responsible in any way for publishing the story is not concerned about the correctness of that story, short of taking into account any possible liable laws.

    What must be remembered is that most media are concerned only with making money. In this case, attracting readers was the point of the story, not correctness.

    At one time I was the subject of a story on television. I’d been warned that the people responsible for putting the story on the air will not be concerned with my reputation, only with selling the story. I was always well aware of that and I cooperated only as I chose to do.

    Readers should be aware that the media are about selling their stuff, not necessarily about being accurate.

  • Michelle

    LOVE Tom, LOVE Blue Bloods!

  • chaburchak

    Too bad Tom wasn’t around the day Jon-Erik Hexum decided to play with the blank pistol he’d been given — might have kept him from blowing a piece of skull through his brain. Crying shame, too, that guy had so much potential…

  • renee

    It’s too bad there weren’t more people like Tom then perhaps we wouldn’t have blithering idiots who don’t know their behind from their elbow when it comes to handling guns.

  • Larry

    He should have answered “Rule number 1, ALL guns are loaded!”

  • tmitsss

    Jon Erik Hexum could not be reached for comment.

  • Claude Clay

    if the schools taught real world like they did through the 1960′s people would know safe gun handling and how to cross the street. Leaving out important learning experiences cause they lack political correctness is getting people killed.

  • Valorius300

    good for you tom.

  • Andrew Orphanoudakis

    That is how you address stupidity!

  • Daniel Foreacre

    Damn straight!

  • Slick

    Great job Tom

  • Scott

    Exactly the way it should have been handled

  • Skyking

    Said extra was not “Gun toting.” Said extra was being an idiot with a gun not his, and got the reaming he deserved..

  • John Lilly

    Telling a person how to properly handle a firearm is now “flying off the handle.” Good to know.

    • dave

      John Lilly, show me your pink panties. Your an idiot making statements like that. You belong on obama’s side. Selleck is right 100 percent.

      • Dave…

        do you know what sarcasm is by any chance?

      • Lilac Templar de Tremelay

        Sarcasm Dave – sarcasm.

      • Teddi Stearns

        hey Dave stop resorting to inflammatory remarks. I believe in Obama’s agenda, but Selleck was spot on. The two thought processes are capable of being together. People like you who resort to inflammatory generalities are the reason we can’t come to a logical agreement.

      • Anonymous

        Teddi i do not believe in the presidents agenda other than his agenda s a disaser in process

      • Bradley Cheeks Dale

        Teddi, you’re an idiot, Obama’s agenda is a disaster in the makings, you obviously don’t remember Hitler

      • liberalssuck

        Dave, That buddy was sarcasm!! John’s statement was .

    • John Page

      Lilly you sound like a real pussy! Did Mr. Selleck scare you to?

  • Dylan Kroll

    Tom Selleck is a credit to the gun owners of America.

  • Andrew Rothman

    That’s not temper — that’s common sense! The extra should have been replaced immediately and permanently, as should the set armorer.

    The FIRST RULE of firearm safety is “ALL guns are ALWAYS loaded.”

    The second is “Keep your finger off the trigger until you are on target and ready to shoot.”

    Selleck was right, and possibly too gentle.

    • Joshua Roe

      yep, too gentle.

    • Coastie

      You beat me to it. And when someone does that sort of thing around me it often causes a broken finger when I take the gun away from them.

    • Angelina L Limato

      Agree not temper but common sense. He also was probably responding in earnest seeing him handle the gun like that. You never know if someone could have loaded a weapon that shouldn’t not be loaded. He is right, always assume a gun is loaded and treat it respectfully. Never point it unless you are intending on shooting it. People need to learn to think before they do things.

    • Paul McCallum

      You are correct on the first rule, but the second is never point a gun at anything you do not intend to destroy; Third is keep your finger strait and along the receiver until ready to fire and the fourth is keep the weapon on safe until you intend to fire (assuming you have a safety).

      You are all correct he was way too gentle, pull that kinda shit in the military and you will get shot…PERIOD!

      • george

        Actually, the 4 rules of gun safety are:

        1. The Gun Is Always Loaded!

        2. Never Let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.

        3. Always Be Sure Of Your Target And What Is Behind It.

        4. Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Your Sights Are On The Target.

  • Denise Hemmingway

    Tom was correct to dress down the extra. One reason I won’t use anyone who hasn’t a clue on how to be around guns on any of my projects is that they are the ones who do stupid things and get others injured or hurt.

  • Crrrock

    should have just knocked him out :)

  • James P Jr Bettes

    Even a gun loaded with blanks can be deadly, as in the case of Brandon Lee. Somehow a bullet had hung in the barrel, and when the blank cartridge fired, it caused it to shoot out like a live round, killing him. You ALWAYS treat every firearm as if it were loaded with live rounds.

    • Anonymous

      It was the wadding which killed him, not an earlier squib. They’re still propelled by gunpowder, and even wadding can (obviously) do damage.

    • Dirty Deuce

      No, when you crimp a shell to make it a blank, the explosion will sometimes rip the shell instead of opening. This causes the brass to become a projectile. No hangup is needed.

  • Robert Haight

    Wow, someone with knowledge speaking

  • F1Frankie

    The first line of the story talks about Mr. Selleck’s temper, not how he could have saved at least one life by swiftly correcting a moron’s careless and reckless ways.

    Do people really wonder why some talk of left-leaning media bias? :/

  • Craig

    Way to twist the story to make it sound like the guy was carrying a gun, and that Tom did something wrong. You media hack assholes do not have a fucking clue. Get a real job dickheads. Good work Mr. Selleck

  • Dave…

    I do the same thing to idiots like that. XD

  • Lucas Fegel

    Agreed. Treat weapons with respect and you will not have accidents!

  • Jill C

    This is a temper? Seems like common sense to me. Adam, you should rephrase the title of his article, because you are lying about Tom Selleck in the title.

  • iKarith

    That’s not “flying off the handle”. That’s having a brain and objecting to some idiot who was stupid enough to not even know if the gun he was playing with was loaded! I’ve met six year olds with more sense than this idiot.

    Tom Selleck is a gun owner, for what it’s worth.

  • William Stringer

    I love to hear when a man stands up and does the right thing. Firearms are not toys and most people today just don’t have the right mindset or training.

  • Frank Roberts

    Good job Tom.Staighten his ass out.

  • Clinton Cooke

    He didn’t fly off the handle. The way he reacted is the same way an adult scolds a child for playing with something dangerous, which is exactly what happened. Had the gun been loaded that extra could’ve hurt or even killed someone! Mr. Selleck’s reaction was very appropriate for the situation.

  • Michael Chiarella

    would’nt you scold a kid if they ran across the street with out looking both ways sure thier feelings would be hurt but they would’nt be hurt

  • Nobody’s Squirrel

    As the left mis-handles a gun, so it mis-handles the country. Typecasting?

  • jimklaassen@Yahoo

    Way to go Tom!! People with knowledge, should ever handle any form of fire arm.real, or a movie prop if they done know what they’re doing

  • Independent Tom

    That wasn’t temper, that was merely a scolding necessitated by life-threatening incompetence.

  • Grant Guess

    Never point a weapon at anything you do not intend to destroy.

    What amazes me is that they did not set down the rules on the set if real firearms were present (usually, the firearms are provided by a business that specializes in firearms for films).

    But, Selleck handled the situation properly and he had every right to admonish the imbecile.

  • Dominic Badalamenti

    Being too soft on such an issue …could have dire consequences in the future….good job Mr. Selleck!!

  • mkrich

    glad to see there are a few celebrities left that have common sense.

  • Don Gwinn

    He has “QUITE THE TEMPER” because he told someone to stop pointing a gun at people?
    So, help me out here. If a President or a Senator wants to ban a rifle I own and have used safely all my life, that’s “Common-Sense Gun Safety.” But if someone violates ALL of the Four Rules of Gun Safety, and an expert tells him to stop doing so (presumably so that nobody dies on his set that day) that’s just an actor with anger issues being unreasonable because he has quite a temper?

    Ridiculous. Moreover, if that idiot had managed to shoot someone with that gun he was pointing at people with his finger on the trigger, what would the headline have been? Would you have reported more in sadness than in anger, that Tom Selleck was in the room at the time, but what could he do? Or would you have demanded to know why the guns on set weren’t being used safely, and pilloried whoever was in charge of the weapons on set?

  • Newbie Shooter

    “The extra was horrified…”

    Good, he should be horrified. He was pointing a gun at people with his finger on the trigger. How horrified would he have been if he had shot someone?

  • Jeffrey Hardin

    What a misleading story! Get it right…I would have slapped the bejeezus outta of the guy, Tom was being nice & rightfully corrective…

  • Wayne H

    One of the biggest problem with people who think that guns should be taken away from law abiding citizens is they don’t understand them. they never had a friend, relative, or parent show them how to properly/safely handle a firearm and that it is just a tool you don’t need to be afraid of, but you do need to respect it’s capabilities. just like a car also has the capabilty to kill many people you don’t see people screaming about banning cars that travel faster than 30 mph.

  • Vee Miller

    Finally, a class act Star who KNOWS how to treat firearms. Selleck is one of the best and counters a few of the LiBtards calling for more gun control when they make their living portraying violent gun abusing thugs.

  • Sharon Fehmel

    I agee with Andrew, not temper, just common sense!!, something most people wouldn’t know if it bit them on the bum. ALWAYS assume a gun is loaded and don’t put your finger on the trigger unless you mean to fire it.

  • Carol

    Tom Selleck is awesome through and through!

  • adbirds

    The same very good advice my father gave me from day one.

  • Carol

    I think the writer of this article needs to look up the word ‘temper’. Something that Tom Selleck did NOT lose.

  • Larry Goodman

    I would like like to know how the word temper entered into this.. I was common sense and a good response . to prevent an accident.. even if you don’t like guns everyone should have to take a safter course..

  • Politically Incorrect

    Okay, I get gun safety, and it sounds like the extra was being an idiot about gun handling and unsafe in general, BUT, don’t these actors/extras point and fire these weapons at each other daily as part of their jobs? Addtionally, aren’t there indiviuals on-set that manage these weapons at all times. Sounds like someone wasn’t doing their job…

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, whoever was in charge of the firearms on set was clearly slacking.

  • Dan2012

    Tom was totally RIGHT!! His reaction was 100% Justified and in keeping with Safe Gun Laws and Probably Saved that man’s Life and Innocent ones as well, Even though the gun was NOT Loaded , THE NEXT ONE might be! THIS EXTRA WILL NOT be the one who PULLS THE TRIGGER!

  • Sam Summey

    I understand Tom has reacted that way before. He’s right, absolutely right, careless unsafe behavior cannot be tolerated.

  • Chuck Peavey

    I can’t think of a single person who knows how dangerous a gun is who wouldn’t have done the same thing!

  • Lou Farris

    That is an alert to someone doing something stupid, the same way you would warn someone wearing a blindfold not to cross a busy street.
    Even a blank can cause injury, when used improperly.
    Selleck did the right thing..

  • Jesse Helmick

    I’d have him removed from the show. That’s felony stupid! Nice move on Selleck’s part, but I wouldn’t say he “flew off the handle.” Guns are not toys. ALWAYS assume it is loaded and NEVER point at people unless you plan to use it..

  • John Angus

    Shows how stupid the liberal media is, ready to jump Selleck for a temper instead of the IDIOT waving the gun around. Good job Tom!!!

  • Anonymous

    Good for him! That is is no way a display of temper; it’s safety. Selleck was looking out for the safety of everyone around.
    Why wasn’t the extra given lessons in basic firearm safety before being allowed near a gun?

  • spasm

    Temper. I think he held his own rather well. I’d have made the guy eat it!

  • Anonymous

    Millions of dollars spent on “education” to teach high-school kids not to make babies or catch STDs, but not a penny to teach them what to do when they find a dangerous object that exists in 50% of American homes. Why are politicians in charge of our kids’ education again?

  • RadarRecon

    What’s a real gun doing “lying around” on a TV set anyway?

    • Anonymous

      They use real firearms for close-ups.

  • Amishron

    The liberals truly are ignorant & stupid just like Diane Fienstien.

  • liberalssuck

    Good job Tom. I really lke him!!

  • Kristian Sorensen

    Had the LAPD been there, they would have opened fire.

  • C. Blake Powers

    And you make Tom out to be the bad guy here? He did the right thing, and was far more gentle than he might should have been. Even if there were blanks in the gun, it still could have been deadly, or does the name Jon-Erik Hexum not ring a bell for you? Idjits.

  • Joe Dan Gorman

    I’m amazed at these Leftwing FruitBats who actually think ‘politicians’ taking guns away from ‘people who never break the law’ is a good thing. Dumb masses

  • bill

    Wow- my esteem for Mr. Sellec just went to “11″.

  • Bryan Greenberg

    Is it loaded? I don’t know, why don’t you put it to your head and pull the trigger! Too bad we can’t outlaw stupid people! Natural selection doesn’t get enough of them during childhood.

  • Anonymous

    Not to start a controversy, but I think Tom Selleck would be a better NRA spokesman than Uncle Ted.

  • tess

    Go Tom, I think the dolts have gone mad as well as being ignorant, nobody knows how to behave properly anymore. The rest of us are justifiably fed up, so many morons, and so few who actually use that orb attatched to their neck…

  • R. Stokes

    To bad someone with Mr. Sellecks attentiveness wasn’t on the set of “The Crow”, Perhaps Brandon Lee might still be around, god job Mr. Selleck

  • Jason Smith

    For such a large man, Tom Selleck is by far the quietest man I have ever seen, A few years back he was “interviewed” by Rosie O’Donnell She brought him on to talk about his newest movie and ambushed him about a recent ad he had done for the NRA. She was hostile and abusive both in her posture and language. Mr. Selleck responded only as a true gentleman would. His explanation of 2nd Amendment rights was spot on and spoken with the passion of a Patriot. Mr. Selleck gets it.
    My grandfather was a quiet man also. I only heard him raise his voice twice in my life. Both were at deer camp. And both were because of gun safety.

  • Bill Cyr

    Good for Tom Selleck… Although I am not sure a “Real” gun should just be sitting around.

  • Linda Flaniken

    He was better treated than any 6 year old on school playground shouting ‘bang-bang’ and pointing his finger.

  • Don Pablo

    My wife thinks I’m nuts when I chew out the bank guards waving thier guns in my direction.

  • Don Pablo

    My dad said don’t point a gun at any thing you don’t expect to shoot

  • Josh T

    Rock on Tom, I have had to do that at the range.