Kate Gosselin Pining For Ex? Sources Say Kate Gosselin Misses Jon!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Kate GosselinKATE Gosselin is missing her ex-husband.

Sources say the reality TV star — who raises eight kids with Jon Gosselin, whom she split from in 2009 — is pining for her former spouse and feels lost without him.

“He was her whipping boy, but also her best friend,” a source said. “Yes, things were very toxic between them, but there was at least some sort of camaraderie.

“His departure made the show less interesting to people and left a very real hole in her life.

“She pretends to be made of steel, but underneath, she is very sensitive.”

Gosselin is was reportedly to be back in the dating game.

The reality TV star — whose divorce from Jon was finalized last year — recently headed to 230 Fifth in search of romance and she had a film crew in tow, according to New York Post gossip column Page Six.

“It was supposed to be Kate’s 36th birthday celebration, but it was all about meeting men,” a source said.

“She was all dolled up in a black cocktail dress, brought a camera crew and was chatting up a lot of guys. It wasn’t clear if they were actors or not.”

Kate recently confirmed she’s back on the dating scene.

“I’ve been on a few little dates here and there but I have eight kids already,” she said.

“I don’t need nine.”[imagebrowser id=604]



  • zack

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    • ming

      Got that right sister.

    • ming

      o.k , got that right was meant for janice, oops

    • Night Angel

      Ewww, who wants to see that ugly cow naked? Are you kidding me? Bah!

    • BIlly Rey


  • Janice

    careful what you wish for you just might get it. You cannot treat people like 2nd class citizens forever and think they will just suck it up and tolerate it forever. 8 kids or not.

  • mark


  • April

    FOLLOW THE MONEY !!!! She needs him for ratings!

    • Rusty557

      Bullshit! Not in her case. Kate is a greedy back stabbing cunt and she is going to get what she deserves! There is no such thing as love anymore! Love is DEAD! And unfortunately as the future moves on it will remain this way! Anyhow Kate is getting karma right now! And this is her punishment for LIFE!!

    • ming

      Tell us how you really feel.Carma is a real bitch.

    • Karie

      April…you are right on the money! She is so manipulative. I sorrow for those children. Like having Joan Crawford for a mudder. NO WIRE HANGERS!

  • margaret

    If there is any truth to this report, I hope they will get back together because of love. I’ve always hope for this. The children do so much better with Mom and Dad around. i am always puzzled how people can love each other so much, then destroy one anothe. i have been with my husband for 44 years. We’ve face some major challenges but it’s beeh worth fixing them together. I’m 70 and my heart still beats differently when I hear his voice.

    • Night Angel

      Wow, that’s nice Margaret, I wish you and your husband many more wonderful loving years :)

    • Lillie

      You sound like an amazing woman. Kate could use some lessons from you…

      • http://NONE LINDY

        WOW. U ARE A GREAT EXAMPLE FOR EVERY COUPLE IN A RELATIONSHIP!!! I hope myself to be like u and your husband. I know relationships are hard, and theres no “perfect” one. They are hard and require workfrom both sides. I admire you. : )

  • http://yahoo richard

    who cares????????? Does she want more publicity or her ex back more???? THe kids will be the ons to suffer!!!! BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom

    This woman is a witch.
    Jon is a Saint for allowing her to treat him as she did, he would be a fool to request yet another round of that behavior.
    I hope that Jon does wake up.
    It is however the kids who will be most impacted by sicko mom’s antick’s.
    Run Jon run

  • Heather

    I’m sorry but I don’t think she deserves to be judged. When the show was on the air she was a stay at home mom with 8 kids, 6 of whom are the same age. Jon got to leave for work every day to be with adults while she was at home to cook, clean, bathe, dress, diaper and supervise 6 toddlers. That would make anyone a little edgy. She had to keep order and routine otherwise things would have spiraled out of control. I challenge anyone who wants to judge her to try and do that for a week and then report back how calm and loving they managed to be.

    • Susan Condit

      No, Jon did all those things before he left for work and when he came home. Duh.

    • barbee

      she was a stay at home mom with a slew of helpers until she told Jon to quit his job and she hit the road (well, actually the First Class air) with Steve (the bg/BF), the 5 Star hotels and traipsed around the country making a fool of herself. If she wants him back now it is solely because she can’t make the $$$$$$ she feels entitled to on her own and the kids have lost their pull (not little and cute anymore).

  • eddie lynch

    I’m right here Kate……….ferrari45860@yahoo.com……..give me a call…………

    • ming


  • karen

    Oh, Kate – “Don’t it always seem to go,
    That you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” – Joni Mitchell.

  • Teresa

    Heather, I’m sorry but she WAS never home alone with the kids, from the day they where born she had help from numerous people, she set that all up and made sure of it before the 6 where even born, the poor pity party for amazing mom of 8 was and still is a act!

  • Melanie

    If this is true, I hope they get back together, but this time she learns to appreciate him. I felt she spoke to him in a harsh way all the time from day one. I stopped watching it because of her attitude not their divorce. I understood why he wanted out. I would like to see them get back together because they still are in love and not for the kids sake. I wish them well.

  • http://yahoo E. G.

    I feel bad for her kids. I wish her 15 minutes of fame were over already.

  • http://yahoo zach

    Please get these people off of media coverage. If she takes John back they no longer warrant media coverage of ANY TYPE. Who cares about these immature imbeciles. If Kate stays single and dates REAL men then it could be a worthwhile venture and the public would likely be interested in how she does. But with her loser ex nobody cares anymore. It’s just a boring re-try and it will be an extreme waste of time seeing that these two are still PINING the media for more attention. Kate: date some real men.Have real sex with a real man and you’ll stop thinking about the “good ol days” witch we ALL know were not that good, otherwise the story would have been sustained from the very start.

  • William

    KATE is pure trailer trash

  • me

    keep the show off the air,shes needs to get a real job and shoving her face in the public eye& who cares if she wants her husband back.nobody else will have her!shes a BIOTCH!

  • JLS

    I watched her show in the very beginning when it was cute to see all the kids growing up. The more fame she got the more of a B**** she became. Go back and really see how he was treated. What he has done since then has nothing to do with what happened before. She was cruel and nasty to him. The only reason she in in the tabloids is because she likes the attention and she put herself there. The kids are the ones who are taking the beating. Now all these so called trips of a lifetime she is taking with them? AGAIN all about her and her being on TV. She needs to take a step back and not worry so much about herself. When you are getting free help and free trips and whatever else free. Don’t take advantage and just keep want want wanting.

  • ba

    the only thing what save the s how is jon and kate getting back together – i will watch them-
    the second chance is tv hit!!!!!!!!!!
    don’t mess up like charlie s.

  • Robert

    Somebody tell Kate that being on the market even with 8 kids is no crime and completely fine. However, “I have eight kids I don’t need nine?” Really? Kate if you’re looking for guys making a blanket statement saying that guys are kids is probably not the best foot to put forward. Oh and your best friend doesn’t usually tend to be your whipping boy. That’s just me maybe…

  • onlysmokeJEep143

    she’s the kind who’s motto is “i’m gonna do whatever i want, right or wrong”…
    it ain’t no one way street…poor guy

    • http://showbizspy.com Barb

      funny looking kids? lets see your baby fat photos, you’re the nobody. duhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  • http://yahoo Em

    What a desperate sad excuse for a woman! Go home and take care of those funny looking kids you made and get off the TV! You’re a nobody and having tons of brats doesn’t make you a somebody!

    • Paul Hewlett

      You sound like a total vagina.

      • http://NONE LINDY

        U my dear sound like a BRAT! SMACK your parents!

      • http://NONE LINDY

        U my dear, sound like a BRAT! SMACK your parents!

    • http://showbizspy.com Barb

      funny looking kids? lets see your baby fat photos, you’re the nobody. duhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  • duane

    I still have the issue of People Magazine where Kate Gosselin showed off her then-new bikini body and I say: Kate, why don’ t you give me a shot? I’ ve been told very often that I’ m quite handsome, that I’ m a nice guy, and that I’ m always upbeat. I tend to come down quite heavily on “reality-TV” media sluts, but you are definitely a glorious exception. How about it? What have you got to lose?

  • Jen

    WHO CARES?!?!?!?!?! She is useless!

  • http://showbizspy.com Barb

    She’s pining for a guy who had sex in the back seat of a car with his slut side dish, what is he 12. I mean with all the money they made off this show and he couldn’t get a room with this chick. Lets face it…. that tells alot about the slut doin it in the car with him. Good Lord she needs to move on, cuz once a cheat always a cheat. It’s kind of like a Junky, once you get a taste of the forbiden it’s almost impossible to stop, the cravings are killer. We all choose our mate at the level of our self esteme. So, I hope Kate doesn’t make the same mistake twice.

    • ba

      poor guy couldn’t spend a penny without kate promission !!!!!!!

  • hsg703

    Get this fake, arrogant beeotch off of every website and TV station…Of course she misses her ex, he had personality and humility…..Hey Kate….”You’re a nobody and NO ONE LIKES YOU!!!!….go away already!!!…..

  • Don 7833

    Isnt her 5 mins of fame up yet? Nobody really likes her. Everyone knows how mean deep down inside she is. Its time to go to the reality show old folks home and move on to something more interesting. The kids aren’t as cute as they use to be. They are’t talented or funny on the show. The show has become the same thing over and over. They take the whole brood to a place, film them at the place and film Kate complaining about everything that is going on. Its over!

  • http://showbizspy normal guy

    Just pose for playboy you bimbo



  • Kyle

    Very plain and simple, she is a bitch.

  • jean

    don’t blame everything on jon.she was the one who wanted to start running around ,and ducking her responsibilities at home .she wanted in the limelight. she wanted her 15 minutes of fame ,and now she got it .
    she was the dumbiest broad ever on DWTS .
    she got paid very good money on that .
    jon is also an ass about several things ,but when ppl say he’s the blame .NOT TRUE.

  • http://yahoo valoispq

    Yeah well I liked her and the show, I am sure she has ocd tendencies, but hey you do what you gotta do to get thru the day. What I did not like was her interaction with Jon.

  • http://yahoo valoispq

    Yeah well I liked her and the show, I am sure she has ocd tendencies, but hey you do what you gotta do to get thru the day. What I did not like was her interaction with Jon.

  • http://yahoo valoispq

    Yeah well I liked her and the show, I am sure she has ocd tendencies, but hey you do what you gotta do to get thru the day. What I did not like was her interaction with Jon.

  • Daniel Barbier

    Many of you think that she was a “stay home mom who cooked and cleaned and yada yada yada” … BS and a half! She had so many GD nannys and caretakers helping her it wasn’t even funny. And for those of you who say that Jon got to go to work while she stayed home … oh well! that’s how the dice fall and someone had to bring in the dough. I’m married and have to seriously say that all women are the same, no matter what nationality or upbringing … Complain about how men don’t do anything and treat them like dirt … no wonder men are driven to have affairs!!

  • Night Angel

    What a boring show, I wish they would cancel it already.
    Kate, sorry lady but your 15mins are over, capiche, finito. Go get a real job and support those kids like any normal parent would do. Jon isn’t a saint, he made his mistakes but at least he’s trying to support the kids in a normal way while this dumb ugly ex-wife of his is using those poor kids like a money cow, I hope alot of smart men stay clear away from her, geez.

  • penny

    kate, it’s time to think about the kids. you claim you are looking out for the interest of the kids. prove it and give them a camera free life. i know it will be hard for you to find a job to care for 8 kids. hell i could hardly do it and i had 4. but keeping the kids in the eye of the camera is not your answer. jon will have to help out more as well, true! but you can say your a good mom and looking out for your kids if you get them out of the spot light and let them get on with a normal life.you have made more money them any normal parent would make in a life time. stop being selfish and realy think about the kids. stop spending money on yourself and give them the normal life they should have. it will be hard for them to live down your mistakes but it will happen they are all still young and have a chance. give it to them. ms.slefish

  • http://yahoo Jewelzz Pons

    Kate is facing her reality she is getting what she deserves !! What man on gods green earth deserves a woman to give him 8 kids. She’s a dumb bitch she knew what she was doing; he is a dummy. I think they both deserve eachother. They can only do to you what you allow them to. They both put up with to much B.S. from the start.

  • Kim

    She does look better with short hair.

  • irvinggirl33

    Give it up Kate !!! You are making yourself sound like a pathetic desperate housewife…. RUN JON RUN !!!!!!

  • http://djklfkjldsf Joe

    Who gives a shit what this idiot does? Enough already.

  • General Electric’s BIG DOG

    Media whore. Kate, please crawl back under your rock now. We are all tired of you.

  • Lisa

    It would be great for Kate and her kids to be a family with Jon again. But second remarriages rarely work and too much damage has been done. I hope Kate finds the love she is looking for.

  • Pat

    Please, stop giving this narcissistic woman the attention she so deeply needs so she can melt, like the wicked witch of the West, after she had water thrown on her!! Kate has no soul and only cares about Kate!! I’m sure those kids are all screwed up and will need some serious therapy for life!! The woman is pathetic, and any man who dates her only wants to bang the box!! I’m sure they’re lining up, saying, ” pick me, pick me!!,” to be the new daddy, provider, and her next victim (black widow). Please, for the love of mankind, STOP writing about the spawn of Satan, because nobody cares!! What about those Lakers???

    • Digital


  • runjohnrun

    RUN JOHN RUN, You’re better off without her

  • http://yahoo chally

    sorry 4 your loss bt did you wish to have another one or you wis to settle your matter with your husband

  • duane

    As I still have the issue of People Magazine where Kate Gosselin showed off her then-new bikini bod, I say: Kate, would you like give me a shot?

  • http://showbizspy.com BrokeTooth

    I can remember when the show was new, kids were cute, and kate the mouth just couldn’t shut up. It was Jon who made several comments during the whole thing about how he would like to go back to just living a normal life without all the media attention. But guess who wouldn’t have any of that because it was all about her??
    And now that she’s ruined several lives, including her kids, she’s still out trolling about as if some other poor slob would want anything to do with her! You kidding me?
    I wouldn’t poke that cavern with YOUR ten foot pole!
    Any dumb a$$ wanker out there getting their jollies off on fake nude pics of this woman is sicker than she is.
    Any bimbo beeotches out there spewing man hating comments and defending her need to stay in the kitchen, shut the hell up and bring me my coffee already! hehheh….

  • tv

    I believe this is nothing more than another plubicity stunt. The ratings on her show has dropped and she needs money to keep up her extravagant lifestyle.

  • Sosca

    Did you see her in Alaska with the Palins?? She is sooo.. spoiled! She was from the beginning with Jon..I hope he’s happy in his new life.. Only way for happiness for her is a total personality change.. She’s even mean to her kids.. come on girl!! Jon and his friends will be their choice to be with when they grow up.. except maybe that twin that seems to be mirroring her..also a brat.

  • http://yahoo.com wayne capinegro

    She makes a person’s skin crawl just looking at her or her ex.

  • Cas

    No one will date Kate if they watched the show and know what a shrew she is. That’s why she’s pinning for Jon. Someone to take her abuse.

  • Paul Hewlett

    Ugly wannabe celebrity. Quit whoring yourself around and take care of those eight half breeds.

  • http://n/a neil

    She actually makes me miss Octomom. I shudder at the thought.

  • Cadiebell

    More likely she misses the ratings and someone to push around.

  • Luis

    Yeah I noticed how abusive she was from the get go and how a wimp he was to take it. Yes she stayed home with the kids but she had a lot of help. Kate let the fame and money go to her head and Jon let things get out of hand. The only real losers in all this are the kids and the two oldest particular one is already a minnie Kate. If they get back together I hope the cameras don’t follow. Do it for the kids for starters then work and that toxic marriage. My wife and I still fight after 15 years but we never cross the line. Maybe it’s different with cameras all around you but the bottom line has to be the children and Kate lost site of that.

  • Mark

    She treated him like crap. She showed him no respect as a husband, as a father, as a man. She may as well have cut his sack off. I hope he never gives her the time of day. She deserves to be miserable and alone raising 8 children.

  • Taylor

    Ugh… Who cares about her? She just broadcasts her kids on TLC for money, because she’s too lazy for a job and just wants the easy way out. I feel so bad for their kids–I used to love the show when they were a family, even though I never liked her.

  • Mike Hunt

    My pet rock has a higher IQ than Kate Gosselin.

  • Rob

    I hope Jon and Kate get back together. Then Jon can go back Kate’s slammin’ bod!

    • Mike Hunt

      Unless you like the “fatties,” you need an eye exam.

  • justin time

    There is absolutely no viable information in this gibberish of a story… What a waste of key strokes!

  • me

    She was awful to him on national TV, a lot of guys saw that, and will never date her or a woman like her.

  • Mel

    First of all media gives way too much attention to entertainers.
    Jon was pathetic and weak and never stood up for his manhood, but you see he was secretly pining for a younger funner lady that would allow him to be a man (as manly as he could be)…
    Kate has some mental health issues going on and she inflicts criticism on everyone that comes into contact with her .She needs MEDS not a MAN.

  • IceQueen

    Puhleease! What Kate REALLY wants is publicity and money. The only reason she wants him back is for ratings. I can’t stand looking at her fake smile. There is nothing even remotely appealing about this vapid wench. And let’s face it, Jon is a loser too. If it wasn’t for the fact that Kate plopped out a litter of kids, no one would have any interest in either of these idiots. Nothin like pimpin your kids around for cash!

  • Denise

    Did you notice in this picture and the others, Kate is flipping off the cameras? Or the paparazzi? Or Jon? Whoever it is, she is flipping them off? LOL. Go Kate!
    You tell ‘em.

  • Denise

    Regarding pining over Jon. Of course, she is going to miss Jon. It’s time to move on to bigger and better things. Don’t worry, you will definitely find someone much better and more manly.

  • coco

    why she is again trying for public attention—go a way be a mom all will be back to normal–just stop being stupid with no manners at all

  • Shelly

    Stop judging people ! what terrible hurtful things people say. Kate Gosselin is a strong lady who loves her kids. she was devastated from the divorce. and she misses her husband. Pain of divorce is so devastating, leave this lady alone. Her first love is for her husband. That is God’s plan anyway, marriage for life.

  • Dodger

    To all of the Haters: You have no idea what Kate went through, I doubt any of you really know what it was like for her. But, we ALL know what a jerk Jon is. He was very ‘out there” with his stupidity. So wish her the best and stop your hateful, hurtful ways.

  • http://n/a neil

    Good luck with that man hunting thingy Kate. Who would want to date anyone with the Lincoln Tunnel under their dress?

  • http://yahoo julie

    ive watched the show since the beginning,jon was a whining little man who was jealous because people liked kate better than her ,you try to have all those kids and then be married to a 9th child.boohoo for jon,shes better off w/o him,people act like she had those kids against jons will,takes two people

  • S

    Honestly for a start i’d like all of you who think you are perfect have done no wrong and have picture perfect relationships to pipe down take a look at your own life before you have the audacity to think you have the right to be a critic in other peoples lives….Now with that said NEWS FLASH no one is perfect everyone makes mistakes poor decisions ect. And we all know Kate is no saint but hey neither is Jon there is a lot more that we dont know about. And raising children can be very difficult and I only have 2 I could not imagine 8 and you cant expect her to be a saint about it all the time. All im saying is dont be too quick to judge when you know that you have skeletons in your closets and you should be ashamed for acting all high and mighty.