Ashley Judd Was Raped as a Child

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ashley JuddASHLEY Judd has opened up about her horrific childhood.

In her new book All That Is Bitter & Sweet, the actress reveals that she was raped repeatedly and suffered through a horrific, abuse-filled childhood that left her with deep psychological scars.

In the tome, Judd says her upbringing was so torturous that the only way she could think to make the ache in her heart lessen was to die.

Ashley says she went to 13 different schools between the ages of 5 and 18, growing up feeling unloved and un­wanted.

Her mother, Naomi, and father, Michael Ciminella, divorced when Ashley was 4, and Ash­ley admitted that as early as 7 she began suffering from de­pression.

The first of many sexual assaults that Ashley endured occurred when she was still a little girl living in Kentucky, where Naomi had moved the family following her divorce.

Ashley recalls in graphic de­tail being pulled into a dark, empty store by an older man who offered her a quarter to play a pinball machine.[imagebrowser id=1045]


  • Henry Adams

    Oh my god, i never knew that, Us Gov should put more strict laws on rapers, they don’t deserve to live as they are not part of humanity, never was and never will be… :(


    • Vince

      I’m sorry to hear this but happy she has adjusted so well. She is such a gorgeous woman. Check out the pics they have of her at

  • not buying it

    Anything to sell a book.

    • Melanie

      I think its awful to think how hard it is for her to admit that this was her life.On top of that you have ignorant mean spirited people who don’t know her saying she’s lying.If she was doing this for money im sure she could come up with money and save face many other ways.Negative people i swear.I love all her movies and she does alot of humanitarian work.She out of the whole family seems to have pulled through okay.She in my eyes went from good actress,and humanitarian to a survivor.

    • Thea

      I feel so sorry for you guys that don’t buy the fact that females are being molested. They are and often by family members. I had to wait until my Mom died before I could tell a counsellor that I had been molested repeatedly by two family members. I suffered PTSD for over 25 years, untreated. No one could get to the root of it, because I wouldn’t tell them what it was. Everyone assumed it was my military service (I’m retired AF). NO! It started in my Teens, from sexual abuse. I kept silent because of people like you. Start opening your eyes and ending this horrific cycle.

  • Rae

    I’m very sorry that you went through something very horrible when you were a child. God bless you ,you have turned out to be one of my favorite actresses.

    • Joe

      Do you guys really think that these celbs. read this crap you are writing on this blog….QUIT ADDRESSING THEM BY THEIR NAMES…they are not on here…

    • John McManus

      I’m Ashley Judd and have read all these comments so thank you Rae.

  • Denise

    Dear “notbuyingit”. Don’t knock it unless you’ve been through it. I was molested when I was younger. I know exactly what she is going through. It’s not anything just for a book. People like you piss me off. Ashley is a public figure. Acting and book writing is a part of her life. Don’t be stupid. ASHLEY, God Bless you for writing your book and telling us your experiences. I know how hard that must be for you. You are an amazing woman and a phenomenal actress.

  • Janet

    As a 55 year old survivor of repeated childhood sexual abuse it is always shocking to learn the number of children who are victimized. It seems 1 out of 3 female children have some type of sexual abuse and the number of males is just now coming to light. My personal attitude is one of hate and no mercy. I suggest a single bullet to the brain (Russian style) of the rapist then grind the body up and use it for food for aquarium fish. At least that way they would be contributing citizens.

    • Just Saying

      No…a single bullet is too nice.

      Swedish torture is better: Cut off the hands, the feet, the genitalia, the eyelids and the tongue.

      Then they can feed those parts of the body to the fish.

      They can leave the tortured and living flesh alive so that they can think about their deeds for as long as they are kept alive.

  • Doreen Kelly

    I feel for Ashley She is one of my favorite actresses and I have no doubt she would make up such a story. I have not seen any new recent films but she is a great actress. God bless Ashley

  • Ashley fan

    I prefer the Swedish torture for rapists or a worst type of torture anyone can think of like cutting the genitals and put chillies and salt on the cuts to heal them.Then feed the dried gentials to the fish or vultures.
    God bless Ashley.She is a such a great and beautiful actress.

  • Steve Serdinsky

    Ashley Judd, as a younger man I fell in love with her through from the movies at first sight. I do not know why she wrote the book, my “guess” in part is that she did it for herself, her peace mind. To the near present I allowed myself to become upset at the way her ex-husband treated her. I can understand what a woman does to a man that “proke” them into vicious. uncaring acts, revenge, “getting even,”none of it justified, not knowing what happened, I would like to think I would have treated this marvelous looking woman as well as a couple should treat the one they love, as we know, both experiences still occur today, everday and always will. Steve Serdinsky

  • jean

    omg shocked .but it happened to me at a very young age by a relative . its something you carry all your life.then when you get older and realize what happened,you want to tell but afraid too. so now its been 57 yrs ago and still silent .never told my mom or a soul .he happened to be a brother in law and he and my sister both have passed on. I did many times want to tell her after he passed but never could.she probably would have never believed me then as she would have said why tell me now. but then I thought WHY SHOULD SHE GET HURT. ALWAYS THOSE WHY’S IN MY MIND.BUT THEY HAVE SOME KIND OF MIND CONTROL OVER YOU ,AND MAKE YOU BELIEVE ITS OK .ITS YOURS AND HIS LITTLE SECRET.

  • Michael Francis

    No wonder she mostly takes those strong female roles. She wants to be get even with her past.

  • who’s the real sick one

    Some of you speak of toture as though this is a part of your every day lives, which means you are no better than the rapists. Sadly, in your minds you think you are.

    • Gary Swanson

      Karla – Arguing with someone whose view is as narrow as Dean’s is a complete waste of time. Rather than argue your point that what happened as Ashley Judd as a chld and what she has done in movies as an adultare two separate and distinct events he chose to call you names. Awesome!

      Dean-I’m sorry for what happened to you as a child and I can’t think of any punishment sever enough for the person who hurt you. But, I’m having trouble understanding what a few scenes that Ashley Judd has done in movies have to do with what happened to her as a child? Those scenes happened years after she was attacked so help us out here and connect that dots for us. Frankly, I have a sense that your problem with Ms. Judd has a lot more to do with her politics than on-screen nudity but that’s just my opinion. Help us out here with a logical argument rather than rhetoric.

  • Dean Bagwell

    Maybe that’s why she does so many nude scenes. Perhaps that’s her way of “getting over” her past.
    Hey Ashley, here’s a clue. Perhaps you’re drawing attention to rapist and perverts with your nudity for everyone in the world to see. That’s why I don’t watch any of your movies. Also, you went overboard with your politics.

    • karla

      youre an idiot. she doesnt decide how a role is played just acts it out and what happened as a child has nothing to do with her as an adult. so because someone was molested or assaulted they should stopped living and become a nun? How did the 7 year old ashley judd draw attention to her rapist with a sexy 7 year old body? Are you kidding me? Heres a real clue get off the computer and criticize the people around you that you know, or better dont sound so stupid when you try to insult someone for coming above those type of things. a.hole

      • Dean Bagwell

        For your info nutcase, I was molested as a child. In that sense, I decided not to draw more attention by acting out in nude scenes, or partying to get more drawn to me. It’s called common sense. Perhaps need to think before you post. a.hole back at cha

  • Nightrider

    Not much of an article, was it…………………..

  • Nightrider

    Doreen Kelly is a nut case

  • cameron

    Don’t believe a word of it.

  • Marlie

    I’m so sorry to learn this. Ashley Judd is such a dignified lady, there’s no way she would write her only autobiography based on a lie, the opposite of dignified. Love you, Ashley, and am glad you’re on your way to healing. Boy, does critic Jason Patric look more like a fool than ever; loser. I’ll buy her autobiography. Best wishes.

  • http://exploitivearticle no name

    The book is obviously a novel.

  • Dan

    Enough already. As if you think this is not common and depression deserves your angle.

    Go follow your families spotlight and live your life.

    Don’t give us your sadness when the world has far more sadness that needs listening and attending to.

    Boo Hoo to you. Hope you have a better day.

    • http://nosite jess

      you sound like one of those child predators.everyone has things they need to get of there mind.the world is one big problem.some care some don’t those that don’t need to live together and leave the rest of us haven’t hurd ain’t no hope for the future.

  • Phil

    Thank you Ashley for coming forth. Your celebrity will only help shed light on such atrocities!!!!Naomi should be ashamed of herself….

  • Dean Bagwell

    Marlie, how is going nude in all her movies dignified?

    • Hollister

      You know what, Dean…even if I or any other woman stood in front of a man completely nude that does not give him the right to touch us without our permission.

      When I was 7 a man tried to rape me [I ran like hell the other way] and I told my father about it thinking he would protect me, instead he sneered at me saying…”look how you’re dressed [I had on jeans] no wonder he tried to rape you.” So my father, a good [cough] Christian conservative blamed me instead of the rapist.

      Men who rape and men like Dean who blame the women instead of the rapist need their nuts cut off.

  • Kendal

    I am currently in an inpatient program in the Battle Creek Veteran’s Hospital getting treatment for chronic PTSD secondary to rape in the military. I was also raped at 9 years old. I also served during the first Gulf War. I understand being imprisioned by the guilt and shame but also feel a sense of freedom and healing in treatment. I truely wish you the very best and pray for you to continue to heal and recover as I will do the same.God speed.

  • Flush Washington

    You know I went to UK during her wild days (when she was known as Wynonna’s sister, believe it or not)…and I saw her at a LOT of parties. Without being distasteful, let’s just say she was VERY wild….to the point that I remember thinking, “man, she must have daddy issues.” Makes sense now….that sucks…anyone that would do that to a child should be dismembered.

  • Potatoes

    I don’t believe her.

  • Potatoes

    I don’t believe her.

  • dona vanburen

    somehow I always sensed some real tragedy lay behind those acting scenes. I admire her acting. I have no comment on her mother or her sister. I trust this book will help her and others who have suffered such abuse.

  • solvency


  • http://yahoo Walt

    I was molested as a child. My mother was a drugie, my father a drunk. My sister gave the whole town crabs. BOO HOO. We’ve all had problems. When a celebrity writes a book about their gut wrenching childhoods, real or imagined, it does nothing to heal the wounds for those of us who have been traumatized in our own lives. Trust me, if you have really had bad times in your life, you don’t want to be reminded of them, by anyone.

  • Diana

    so sorry this happened, a lot of times these things go untold, I know from experience. Do not make the mistake of saying she is doing this for publicity, this happens much more than we know..Society is sick and twisted, unfortunately. We do not know what is in her heart but I am glad she turned out to be a lovely woman. Hope she gets help if she feels she needs it.

  • robert

    I know a woman….she is over 60 now.. who says she was molested as a child but kept silent because the “sweet old man” who did it was a friend of the family and she knew she would not be believed. After her marriage she went through a promiscuous stage, nervous breakdowns, prescription drug dependance….the damage these perverts do to children follows the victim for the rest of their lives………….

  • nt

    Apparently Ashley Judd is just the latest “celebrity” to jump on the “I was abused as a child” bandwagon, popularized by Oprah. So tired of people coming out of the woodwork to say….”me too! I was abused more than you were. Buy MY book!” Please, America is too fascinated with these mere mortals. Ask them who the VP or speaker of the house is…..bunch of ignoramuses.

  • john gaines

    God bless you Ashey for telling your story..

  • JM

    I was also brutally teased/abused as a kid by an adopted sibling who was as demonic as the kid Damien from the Omen. Briefly there was even sexual abuse, but it was more the day to day severe stress I dealt with knowing this wad of useless human gunk (who was also one of the stupidest people ever in school, life etc..) but yet knew “exactly” how to (as Oprah said recently on a show abt. abuse), get into my “DNA” far as knowing all my weaknesses and zoning in on them. He was positively born a bad, evil seed who was simply a mistake and an extreme case of bad luck for myself and my family (as he was adopted). I TOTALLY get it why Ashley has always had this “hard ass/ ruthless” demeanor and is known to be very difficult etc..Obviously she is and was damaged goods and was had to deal with the living hell shes know 1st talking about :(

  • susan

    I always had a feeling that there was a way darker side to this story than Naomi Judd presented. Even in the movie about their lives, and the books, Ashley was always the one who seemed to be in the background that nobody paid much attention to–although, Naomi has always been such a likable person, and I’m sure it wasn’t deliberate. It seems like she had so many problems herself and was struggling so hard to succeed that she just didn’t have time for Ashley. But I think Naomi wanted people to see their lives as much more “glamorized” than they actually were. I wonder when Ashley told her mother about the sexual abuse. She says nobody believed her when she told about what that man did to her. I hope her mother believed her.

    • Ashley(I’ll say anything to sell a book) Judd

      Absolutely Right

  • Ashley(I’ll say anything to sell a book) Judd

    Let’s see of out of monies, my career is in the toilet.
    Hummmmmmm, I know I was raped as a kid it’s B-S but no one will ever know.I’ll write a book…sold !

    Her next book has her a poor black child.

  • Not_Important

    I was also raped as a child, but since I’m a straight guy who got raped by a much bigger guy, I have yet to tell anyone… and probably won’t, in my lifetime. Still, I have many mental wounds from the experience that I wish I could get rid of. If Ashley’s for real here, then she’s probably making the right move by talking about it (wish I could do the same), but for me at least, I try to stay out of the limelight. I don’t want to draw anymore attention to myself than I have to. I figured Ashley would be smart enough to have learned that lesson, too, but I guess different people deal with things differently. I really hope writing this book gave her some sort of peace of mind about the whole experience, I know my journal’s had more than enough of me already.

    • Liz

      To Not_Important

      It might surprise you to find this out, but you’re pretty darned IMPORTANT, including all you have to say.

      I’m sincerely sorry for what happened to you. God may not take the pain away, but He will always see you through it, if you give Him the chance.

  • Sally

    A lot of men seem to be instantly dismissive of women who report sexual assault, particularly when the women are celebritites. “They must be in it for the money or publicity”. But who in their right mind would make up a story like that simply for money or publicity, especially when they already have those things? I think a lot of men go into denial because they don’t want to face the fact that their brothers are raping women, children and other men in sickening numbers. It’s much easier to pretend it didn’t happen. Or even better, blame the victim.

  • anthony

    what was her skank hepatitis mother doing thia entire she was abused?

    • Liz

      These stories make me so angry. Nothing should EVER happen to any child.

      • Liz

        Correcting edit….These stories make me so angry. Nothing ***like this*** should EVER happen to any child.

        Sorry, I do not recommend typing while angry.

  • Lee

    Where was Naomi when all this was happening to Ashley? Hard to believe she allowed a heroin addict to live with and be around her small children. Naomi has done a lot of talking about her life, but I have a feeling she’s never completely come clean. Poor Ashley. Such a beautiful child and so alone.

    • Liz

      I agree with you. What was Mom up to during this time? I know Naomi had/has her own issues, basically being a teenaged mom herself. Still, it’s so easy to look to the parent, isn’t it? I don’t think Naomi has ever come clean either. Then again, it might just be her own coping strategy.

  • Liz

    Once again, I’m so sorry to hear of yet more victims suffering from childhood sexual abuse. I firmly believe the courts aren’t doing much in terms of punishing the ***ANIMALS*** who ruin children’s lives this way because—there are ANIMALS within their very own ranks. Nothing else makes sense to me. Sexual abusers (particularly child sexual abusers) deserve the death penalty.

    I am not a victim, thank God. But I am an avid child advocate and wholeheartedly agree with Oprah. THE LAWS NEED TO CHANGE.

  • Ashley(I’ll say anything to sell a book) Judd


  • Lynn

    I was molested from age 6 to 14 by my brother. I have been married 2 times and allowing them ( husbands) to know this has totally ruined my marriage. I was always afraid to be around my brother for the fear of it reoccuring over and over. I was always cautious with my daughters ALWAYS. Parents it happens in the family and it is up to you to watch and protect them.

  • Objectivist

    Why do all these semi-talented self-absorbed hollywood types have to be victims? Don’t they get enough adulation from the brain dead public?

  • http://msn Got Luckey

    It is not about her politics or she does a nude scene. Rape is not about anything but power. God bless her and help those scars to heal. She is one of my favorite actresses. Her work on the humanitarian front is awesome. Keep up the good work Ashley and let your light keep shinning…..

  • suzy

    If she were abused, I really feel for her. It probably did happen; but I don’t see why she would slam her mother like that publicly. That should’ve been private. Who’s parents are perfect? She’s an ungrateful whiner.

  • Ikey

    She comes across as a sincere person, I wish her well.

  • Deborah Scott

    Never give up your true strength and courage of endurance is inspiration to all of us’
    you are a  survior in the truest sense of the word. I have suffered much the same
    way you have growing up, so I can understand what this does to your mind set
    be brave, this one is a life long battle, but you are not alone we never are, to all of the
    millions of rape survivors, united we stand.

  • Marilyn

    I just saw you in the movie, Helen, and was mesmorized by your performance.I have always been a fan. My parents were huge fans of the Judds. You are a beautiful, profoundly sensitive, angel survivor of evil monsters who prey on curious, trusting, innocent children. I am so happy that you are still in my world. I can tell right through the screen that I could love you like a daughter I never had. However, I was blessed with a tall,
    handsome, strong, son who, except for playground bullies he always scared away, never encountered any of those monsters. He knows he is lucky and is a mental health counselor who graduated with honors from the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth. Currently, he is also studying photography at Rhode Island School of Design. Hopefully, we will be planning his wedding next year to his beautiful, patient fiance who has been waiting a long, long time. By the way, I understand you married a handsome race car driver and I am married to a handsome race car nut going on thirty-eight years. Finally, I want you to know, my family and I NEVER miss Missing! Love you and would love to hear from you. God bless us all and to all a good life 

  • Tate Morele

    you are the best Ashley and i wish u all the best in your life

  • Tate Morele

    i follow all your movies Ashley aspecialy Kiss the girls , you did it with all your haert and is like a true story .