Miley Cyrus is Greedy! Teen Superstar Miley Cyrus is Obsessed With Cupcakes!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Miley CyrusMILEY Cyrus is obsessed with cupcakes.

The singer-and-actress was reportedly delighted when she came across a dessert stand backstage at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday as it was stocked with her favorite type of sweet treat.

“Miley was with her publicist and told her to hang on for a second so she could come over to the Sprinkles cupcakes area and get a mini-strawberry and a mini-red velvet cupcake,” an onlooker told HollywoodLife.

“Miley was like, ‘You don’t understand, Sprinkles is my thing,’ and said her mom ‘has a cupcake problem’ too.”

While attending the star-studded event in Los Angeles, Miley was quizzed on rumors she has reunited with former boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

However, she shrugged off the questions, saying only, “Shhh! I’ll never tell. My lips are sealed.”

The 18-year-old star is preparing to tour Liam’s native Australia and she can’t wait to get back on the road again.

“I love being on the road and traveling,” she said.

Miley and Liam, 21, split last August after around a year of dating, before reconciling the following month and eventually splitting again in November.


  • Wooow

    why the fuck is this a story. get a real job

  • http://showbizspy DEVILDOG

    heres the next lindsay lohan.

  • no way

    we don’t give a fuck about her!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://idk lexi

      lots of people care about miley!! i know this story has nuthin todo wit anything but its still sumthin bout miley so yea XD kk bye

  • pat

    i finally found the nude pics miley tweeted of herself uncensored at

  • bonnie

    Gee its a sad sad world that all the adults are getting in on the bashing of this young lady.Leave this young lady alone shes got parents to do the job of parenting.And by the looks of it she doesnt belong to any of the NEY SAYERS for a better word. take care of YOU,YOUESELF,and all thats your BUSINESS,

  • Aynsley

    What. The. Fuck. NOBODY CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARES. She likes cupcakes. She took two. Why this is a trending topic.

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    where’s the noonegivesashit button at?

  • Bleska Nogilfruit

    I like cupcakes too. Miley took some cupcakes and mashed them onto my face. One was chocolate and one was vanilla. I also liked when she stuffed the frosty into my nose and made me sneeze.

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    i love miley!!!!! u go gurl and i know this story has nuthin todo wit anything but i just love her. miley is koooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!

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    greedy brat she only loves money and always talks so whiny