Oprah Winfrey Won’t Support Barack Obama — in Public

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oprah WinfreyOPRAH Winfrey will support Barack Obama in the 2012 elections — but not publicly.

  1. “For 2012, much has changed for Oprah. She now has own cable channel called OWN that has been struggling to find an audience — she isn’t going to do anything to alienate them,” a source told PopEater.

“Unlike in 2008, when a drop in ratings didn’t matter as much for the queen of TV, Oprah is now fighting every day to get people to tune into OWN.

“Helping a friend keep the most important job in the world is great, but making sure her OWN network thrives is now her priority.”

Meanwhile, Winfrey apparently wants to give Donald Trump a haircut!

Sources say the billionaire media mogul is keen to end her iconic show by getting her hands on the real estate mogul’s legendary locks.

According to New York Post gossip column Page Six, the e-mail invitation to Trump’s office said, “The eyes of the world will be upon these episodes.

“This will become one of those historical television moments that will become iconic.”[imagebrowser id=654]

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  • Randal Phillips

    What alienates ME to OWN is that that crowing witch owns it. I do like it, though that she and MO hate each other. That’s funny

  • http://zafambiz@zafam.com Zafirah Moh’d

    i want to know, why Oprah Winfrey will not vote for obama publicly in up-coming 2012 election?

  • Lovely

    Because when she supported him in 2008 her ratings dropped a lot from her talk-show, but it did not matter because her show was still doing pretty good. Now, she has her own network which is not doing that good at all…so instead of supporting in the “public eye” she will support him in private..because she fears she will lose a massive audience from her network.

    She is still voting for him in the 2012 Presidential Bid..and I can finally vote(Yah!)..so I’m voting for Barack Obama also.

  • Dean Bagwell

    I was beginning to like her again. On second thought, there are more stations to watch.
    How could anyone vote Obama? Perhaps the God she says she listens to is the same one Obama listens to. Birds of a feather. I really wish I had not seen this article. I guess you can’t hide stupid.

  • Sasha

    Oprah is queen! She is voting for Obama (good choice) and she has honestly stated her reasons why she is not coming out publicly in the 2012 elections. Obama is goooood! he can pull this off. Opray has her own business to attend to Kudos to her!

    To the person who person who called her stupid her is he a Billionaire! or President! enough said.

  • Chris

    Where did Oprah go to school?! Claiming she’s going to vote for him *IS* supporting him publicly. How can she be so successful, and so stupid at the same time? I’m a Democrat, and Obama’s been caught in too many lies and bad choices. He’s not getting my vote in 2012. Never again. I will not vote for liars anymore.

    • http://valenciaj1733@yahoo.com valencia jefferson

      I can’t believe we are so shallow. President Mr.Obama, is a good man. We should thank God, that he is a man who wants peace and freedom. I wonder if u were face with these issues how would you handle it ? After all its not just his fight its everybody’s fight to hope and wish for this humble man to succeed in humanity. Could u do better! I say Mr. President continue your struggle to fight for equality and freedom for everyone.

    • ghshack

      Then you won’t be voting period. They all lie!