Bristol Palin Was Almost Tina Fey’s Babysitter

Friday, April 8, 2011

Bristol PalinBRISTOL Palin almost babysat Tina Fey‘s child!

In her new book, Bossypants, Fey writes about Sarah Palin’s visit to SNL when the 30 Rock star was impersonating her.

Sarah apparently offered to have Bristol watch Tina’s daughter, Alice, while she made her Saturday Night Live appearance.

”I thanked her, saying Alice was too little to stay for the show,” said Fey.

“I can’t imagine Bristol would have been too psyched to do that anyway; it was her 18th birthday, she was in New York City, and I had made a vicious joke about her a week earlier. But I appreciated the mom-ness of Mrs. Palin’s offer.”

It was recently revealed that Bristol was paid $262,500 for advocating against teen pregnancy in 2009.

The Candie’s Foundation, a nonprofit organization that seeks to raise awareness of teen pregnancy and parenting issues, reported Bristol Palin’s earnings to the Internal Revenue Service.

“We know that Ms. Palin’s work has had a positive effect on creating awareness about teen pregnancy,” Ali Tyrangel, a spokeswoman for the foundation, said in a statement.

Tyrangel said an independent survey of 1,000 teens comparing Bristol Palin public-service announcements with those of another organization using non-famous teens found that the Palin spots were much more powerful and attention-getting.

“Bristol Palin has been a courageous and powerful partner to the Foundation as we attempt to discourage teen pregnancy,” she said.

Representatives for Candie’s and Bristol Palin could not immediately be reached for comment.

Bristol, then 18, was pregnant during the 2008 presidential campaign and her son was born in the month after the election. She and the boy’s father, Levi Johnston, had a much-publicized breakup.[imagebrowser id=818]



  • Dutch

    She looks exactly like a young Roseanne Barr….hmmm

  • Tawny Jones

    Thanks for the photo of beautiful Bristol; but nobody cares about Tina Fey’s silly, worthless book.