Michael Douglas Speaks Out! Actor Michael Douglas Insists He’s Not Bothered About Greedy Ex-Wife

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Michael DouglasMICHAEL Douglas is unconcerned that his ex-former wife has re-opened her lawsuit against him.

Although a New York judge ruled last year that Diandra Luker — who divorced the 66-year-old actor in 2000, receiving a $45 million payout — should file her suit demanding 50 per cent of the money Michael earned from his movie, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps in California where they divorced, she has renewed her battle to get it heard in the east coast city.

However, when questioned about it, Michael was unconcerned saying, “I don’t think anything of it. I feel great!”

“This is not a case that has merit. This is a case of who has the deep pockets,” Michael’s lawyer Marilyn Chinitz added.

Diandra — who has three children under the age of eight — has claimed she cannot travel to California for a lengthy trial because of her kids, but Michael’s lawyers are unsympathetic.

“We don’t have to feel sorry for a woman who’s going to sell her [Southern California] house for $30 million on top of everything else she’s received,” Marilyn said.

While Michael — who has two children with wife Catherine Zeta Jones — is officially a resident of Barbados, Diandra’s attorney Nancy Chemtob has pointed out the actor could appear in court in New York because he has purchased a $5.5 million home in the state.

However, Marilyn revealed the actor had to spend time in New York for medical treatment as he battled throat cancer last year.

“Mr. Douglas is cancer-stricken, tragically, and she has the audacity to imply that we misled the court. He has to stay here,” she said.

After the couple divorced, they agreed a settlement which allowed Diandra to receive a share of the money he made from his movies while they were together — so far earning her $6.3 million — but she claimed she should receive money from Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps as it revived the character Gordon Gekko, who Michael played in the original Wall Street movie in 1987.

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  • Robb

    WOW. She gets 45 million plus selling her home for 30 million and still that is not enough??? Unbelievable

  • Robb

    WOW… She got 45 million plus selling her home for another 30 million and says thats not enough? Unbelievable. Sound like one of my ex wifes

  • maria

    What a money hungry @#$%^, if I had received a $45 million settlement and selling a $30 million home. What is $6 million but a drop in the bucket. Get over it. If what you received is not enough then no amount of money is ever going to be enough.

  • Dorothy

    Nothing but pure greed. If his ex can’t make it on 45 mil, a house selling for 30 mil and then money from HIS movies, then the court should make her hire someone to manage the money for her.

    • mighty

      i think a little cash is in order its about living the way you are used to living so she does not have to waitress but to go after more money

      when he has been sick just shows what a little shrue she is , just a sad

      creep so glad michael has zeta jones !!!

  • Vic

    She should not get anything- what did she contibute to Michael’s success? other than headache and trauma.
    Typical Scum – wants everything for free and to live off others, women like this are nothing but blood sucking parasites.

  • http://MichaelDouglasspeaksout Renee

    I cant believe they gave her that much out of a settlement, plus 30 mil from home. What they should do is split that money so she dont get it all or she has to give that money to charity.

    I dont feel she has any right on getting the money from this movie,it wasnt part of the deal.
    If she dont like it then they should put up a trust fund in the kid’s accounts til they hit of age & get some spending money till they get full access to the funds.
    She is too greedy for her own good,Let the kids have it they are blood.

  • http://jinka Katrin

    Too funny, she deserves every penny if she had to wake up to that old fossil every morning!

    He chose to marry her and have children, they are entitled to the exact same lifestyle. No one forces these men to marry and have children. If you want to keep leaving your family for the youngest newest model then its only fair that you continue to support your previous family!

  • Glenda

    It isn’t about the money. She wants to hurt him in any way she can. She is getting off on all the attention. Pathetic, isn’t she?

    • http://Yahoo Kelly Parsons


    • Mary Jayne

      Why is she greedy and he isn’t? The future money he made off projects (she was married to him while he made) is part of their divorce settlement. He is worth zillions. He is using his health and poor me to get out of his original agreement.
      His wife put up with his cheating and his drinking and his poor fathering of their son. They had a rich lifestyle. He settled the divorce with an agreement he nows wants to get out of by saying “poor me” and she is greedy. No way!!!!

  • Dustin

    “Ex-former wife”? Does that make sense? Isn’t it either ex or former? By that logic it would mean she isn’t his former wife anymore and they’ve remarried.


  • yours truly

    Ex-former wife? Isn’t that a double negative?

  • S.H.

    She is just having fun!

    She does not care about the money, she just wants to bug both of them :) This is my view. I would do the same thing and so would every woman.

    Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman! (Parapharing)

    • http://Yahoo Kelly Parsons

      Most loser type women, maybe.

  • Lizabelle

    @Katrin, I don’t think they had any children together. If all three of her kids are under 8 and they divorced either in 2000 or before then, there is no way those are his kids. So no, he doesn’t have the provide children that are not his with a lavish lifestyle. And honestly, I can see why he divorced her. She is insane!

    • Bonnie

      They have one son together, Cameron, who is serving 5 years in prison on drug charges

  • dANNY

    Why is the exwife going after Michael again. the poor guy
    has been through his cancer treatments and who knows when
    it may come back. Let him enjoy his remaining life with
    Catherine and his little children. The money she received is more then enough to live the rest of her life
    in luxury.

  • http://jinka Tilly

    Well what goes around comes around, poor MD is probably getting his just desserts.
    I often see the one that leaves the spouse and family, down the road get it big time. His wife is waay too young, they don’t have anything in common. She just checked herself into a mental health, his cancer…ect. ect. ect.
    And I agree with the other poster, she may just be turning the knife and enjoying it….
    My feelings are you chose to marry someone and have children, unless there is major abuse ect. you have to think carefully before you run out on that family. Too many men/women leave for the next best thing, which turns out to be crap usually…and then its too late. Then you’ve lost your children’s respect over…a fantasy. American culture my friends.

  • http://Yahoo Sheila

    Glad you’re feeling better Michael! You Look Marvelous! :) ~ I hope that Diandra person gets nothing but thrown out on her kiester!

  • sunneeone

    I can’t belive she got 45 million, can sell her house for 30 million and she wants more…from a man who hasn’t been her husband since 2000.

    What a money hungry B*tch!

    • http://Yahoo Sheila

      High Five! sunneeone!

  • Kat Swan

    The little kids they talk about aren’t his. They were divorced nearly 11 years ago. Sad goldiggers are present on the back end of relationships too.

    As for him moving on to the next new model, he was married only once before and they have an adult son together. I think he has more than supported her in the way she was accustomed. 45 million and she still isn’t happy??

    • http://Yahoo Sheila

      I totally agree Kat!

  • Nik

    Greedy b*tch!

  • JoAnn

    SUCH a poorly written article! “…his ex-former wife” – what?! Seriously.

  • http://yohoo becool

    Michael and his ex have one child cameron.

    She put up with a lot from him, and so did his child, she does deserve everything she can squeeze from him. He is worth millions and millions, so his child and his mother are entitled to the same lifestyle also. Catherine only married him for the lifestyle, and her future as he is nothing more to her.

    • S.H.

      Was there a “cake” in the oven?

    • S.H.

      Diandra, was the long-suffering wife, and she should get
      more $. Diandra would still have her husband, if it was
      not for CZJ. I have a good memory.

      Diandra may just want to clean his account out, too! :)

  • Eric

    To the reporter who wrote this article: you said: “MICHAEL Douglas is unconcerned that his ex-former wife has re-opened her lawsuit against him.” “Ex-Former wife”. He remarried his his ex wife????? And Zeta-Jones is the Bipolar one???? Bizaro World!!!!!

  • jeff fallon

    Another story of a gold-digging whore is all it is.Did she help him act?Did she sit there and watch every take?Nope probably went and spent his money shopping while he was working.
    And she deff wasn’t around when he was going through all the hard-times he’s had.WHAT A WHORE

    • http://Yahoo Kelly Parsons

      wow…such anger!

  • Ohmy

    Too funny,
    When you have childen with someone, you still are attached to them in some way. That is the mother of his son Cameron and always will be. Catherine is actually the real Golddigger, but she pulled that off pretty good telling the old geezer what he wants to hear in the bdrm ect. Meanwhile she’s thinking gold card gold card, ect. So my point is don’t beat up on the ex. He married her and has a child with her.
    Catherine went to a mental health facility because its very difficult to keep that up over the years, many women can do it; but it does take its toll – even for a actress.

    It is not fun having to have s@x with a man you’re not attracted too, but you have to do what you have to do for your goals in life. His ex stood by him for many years and he did terrible things to her, sometimes you just have to suck it up and pay the people you hurt; one way or another.

  • Freddie

    They did have one child together. Marriage isn’t required for people to make babies as far as I know…

  • http://Yahoo.com Edward Frazier

    If you marry a women in this day and age you should have your head EXAMINED!!!!! Especially if you have $$$$$$$$$ FORGET IT!!!!!!!

  • Tinker Bell

    Jeff you’re right MD is a whore! He drank constantly and constantly cheated on that ex.

    And he was probably cheating while she was working hard shopping, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like Michael is paying in more ways than one, he has a wife that views him as a atm, has cancer, and is over the hill. Even more interesting is now with this cancer its a win win situation because her child will get a large chunk of his estate which means she will too!!!

    Which also means lovely Catherine will be rich and can finally find a man that attracts her, and that she can fall in love with. Thankfully she is still young, and pretty and her hard work/acting has paid off!! “Oh yes Michael you are the studliest man I’ve have every seen”. (snicker snicker) and of course the old fart buys it!!!

  • greg

    If the cancer didn’t kill him then she will LOL

    • http://Yahoo Kelly Parsons

      That is funny!

  • Michael

    Does Michael’s exwife know my exwife. Diandra Douglas is filled with hate and greed and has no heart or compassion. Even though she has millions, she is miserable.

  • http://hahah Marge

    Thats a good one Edward! See today you don’t have to marry the man, just get pregnant and send him your bill!!!
    The blessing is you get a nice fat monthly check, and don’t have to wash his clothes! Bless your heart, RLOL

  • Gringo

    Geezer, his son and his mother?? ex former wife??? wow, I love this stuff….

  • TheWayit is

    Michael I think she is happy as a lark, rich and truly having fun at his expense.
    What can I say, I see the glass half full.

  • marcia proch

    i think she regrets losing michael and is just trying to
    get back into his life anyway she can! he loves catherine
    and she can’t stand it!! he ought to ask for some of the
    money she was given, back!! if she can’t live on the amount
    the courts gave her, she needs a better accountant!!

  • jerry

    wow, here’s proof that woman can be the ultimate gold digging k^&tzzz

  • Sherri

    Well, I won’t call her a money hungry leach because, whether your admit it to yourself or not, we all are money hungry. But she is a leach.

  • Adam Schramm

    Ex former wife? Doesn’t that make her his current wife? Nice editing, guys.

  • Ezra Kramer

    Now you know why Michael dumped her.

  • tinkle tinkle

    Really Catherine should get a Oscar.
    Some women are just made to tell a old fossil what they want to hear. Personally no matter what amount of money, I could not do what that one has to do with that man, even with a bottle of Malox. You really just have to worship the Money God, I guess I don’t; or at least not to that extent.
    I say leave these women alone, they earned every penny!!!

  • coco

    THERE IS A DISEASE CALLED “”I WANT MORE”"”—tragically it is not curable but spanking over her fingers before breakfast,lunch and supper till her last breath would help greatly…..

  • http://showbizspy.com LH

    This “jilted” ex really needs to get a life and allow Michael Douglas and his family to live theirs!No judge in his or her right mind would give this money-grubbing leach anything more than she has already been given!

  • http://Yahoo Kelly Parsons

    What a greedy woman, Diandra Luker is old and washed up and seeks the publicity she received when married to Michael Douglas. Now, NOBODY but her kids recognize her so she decides to gain the spotlight. Go away Diandra, you are an old dried up prune now.

  • http://Yahoo Kelly Parsons

    Hey Diandra, if you need money that badly, McDonald’s and Taco Bell are hiring…you better hurry, it won’t last!

  • http://ms.07.com Ms. Gina

    Here’s a clue, MEN don’t marry women 10 yrs. plus younger, lol!

    You are only a Golden Goose, MD will die and his ex and the current Mrs. Gold Digger will get all his assets. End of that story, and they will live happily ever after!! Thank G for silly old rich men!!!

  • http://yeahright.com Lovey

    jerry: why put down women who want rich old men, not any worse than men who want young attractive useless babes with big boobs. I see it both ways, both are bad imo.

  • http://yeahright.com showmethe$$

    OMG why do old ulgy men think attractive women are in love with them, ick! Give them the money, his ex probably earned whatever she had to put up with and her son!

  • S.H.

    I feel sorry for Diandra, she deserves more fun money!

    CZJ gave birth before she married that old prune.

    He must have a lot of fun with CZJ, with her temper

    he must walk on eggshells :)

  • GreedisGood

    Ahh Americans, they love to sue. Sue sue sue and sue some more. I feel no pity for anyone that gets over $100,000 a year in vaginamoney, and she gets over 10 times that much. How can people NOT live off of $100k a year?
    I have 2 kids, a nice house, and make less a little less than $100k and we live just fine. That greedy C word, should be ashamed of herself.

  • 2shy

    Diandra divorced Michael not the other way around. He did not leave her. Michael came on to Catherine. So, saying that Catherine is faking her feelings and tricked him is not true. Even if she doesn’t love him, he still wanted to be in the relationship clearly. Diandra is greedy and wants to hurt her ex-husband. It doesn’t matter if she was used to a certain lifestyle, they are divorced, she got her money now it is time to move on.

  • aniamalu jennifer

    THat diandra is fucking greedgy, wont she go and make her own money instead of looking for whom to dupe? Michael should ignore d old bitch as barking dogs seldom bite. FUCK U Diandra.

  • jaxjaguarfan

    Sorry but I am on Team Diandra. She is not greedy just wanting what legally the divorce stated that she is in titled to. Micheal was not the faithful, loving husband when he was married to her. She put up with a lot of sh*t. He was supposely addicted to sex at one time. He was not a good father when Cameron was little. Look where Cameron is now. JAIL!! Get the fact straight before you judge.
    The Micheal today is not the same asshole she was married to today. He has mellowed,maybe. Maybe the shoe is on the other foot. He is worried Catherine will leave his wrinkled ass.Hope she will see the light. Diandra deserves the money and Micheal should man up. Cancer does not give you a free pass.

  • S.H.

    My opinion: Michael is likely the maid around the house, waiting on CZJ hand and foot.

    She does not cook. Who cooks? He must cook, bake and wash dishes. :)

  • S.H.

    CZJ is going for her great escape :) Obviously to N.O.

    She’s slated to star in “Lay the Favorite,” which begins production in two weeks in New Orleans.


  • Trish.M

    OMG, where do creeps like this crawl out of to think this woman who has been divorced from this man for 11 years deserves anymore money from him reprised role of a character or not; it is NOT the same movie… Douglas may have money but he worked for it, not sat around and had nannies raising his son Cameron with this shrew… Am sure she wasn’t up for infant feedings, wasn’t the one taking the boy to school or maybe she had private tutors come to the house to teach Cameron, the one cleaning that house that is now selling for 30 million dollars… I am certain the 45 mil settlement helped in that plus it appears she is remarried if she has 3 more kids under the age of 8, sure she, at least, had a partner to have them or did she spend her money on in vitro? Perhaps next lawsuit she will have against Douglas is saying those kids are his from his frozen sperm; she is a person who would stoop that low…


    I saw a news film of Zeta-Jones, no make-up, no fancy schamancy hairdo, etc, on her way, possibly, to her and Michael’s apartment before they bought a home in Pound Ridge, NY while he was still battling the throat cancer… The damn papparazzi kept trying to get her picture and newmen wanted an interview; all she kept on saying was “Please leave me alone, I need to get to my husband” and she began weeping uncontrollably… How rude of the press, Douglas may have been really sick from the chemo and she had to go out for him but was alloted no privacy to deal with her husband’s illness and the fear (and I speak from experience here) that tomorrow she may be a widow… What I saw of Zeta-Jones in that instancewas a woman who adored and loved her husband not someone some jerk here said married Douglas for a step up in showbiz or his money… With or without Douglas Zeta-Jones is an extremely talented woman and will continue to advance her career on her own when the time is necessary… This woman loves her husband, but the ex-wife, Diana, is a scam artist never satisfied with anything and who is quite probably teaching her children, including Cameron, all the wrong things in life…

    I so hope the Judge and the jury sees through her con and tosses her out the courtroom door…

    As for the creeps who side with this ex-wife, Diana, well it is clear to see what type of people you are… All I can say, being a senior lady who has lived life and learned from life and people, you reap what you sow and what goes around, comes around and she will lose either way in the end… She is a low life, so don’t think when Michael sought to drink (though I have ever heard much about same about him) one can guess she drove him to it…

  • Babongo

    If this broad had been married to Courtney Love, there would be no divorce or settlement, she would have already turned up dead — eh.. a suicide. It’s the witnesses who would turn up straight dead.