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Glenn Beck: Vegan Diet For Departing FOX News Host Glenn Beck!

Posted by Adam

Glenn BeckGLENN Beck has gone vegan.

The controversial TV star  has changed his lifestyle for health reasons, and on top of that he’s cutting out gluten and sugar.

“I had a glass of wheat grass last night,” he said. “I actually drank this stuff and I ended up with a blade of grass in my mouth, I’m not kidding you, it is awful.”

Beck’s veg diet began in February — but it’s not going well.

“I’m eating crap,” he said.

“I don’t even know.”

Meanwhile, Glenn told a live audience in Albany Saturday that his future plans did not include New York City. Beck has old his Connecticut home and intends to build a new media empire that will “deliver news directly to the youth of America”.

“I’m going to make sure that Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart don’t occupy the space of comedy alone,” he said


  • jashbash

    this proves that beck has been faking his stupidity

  • lisa

    Wait…Glenn Beck’s show ISN’T already a comedy…..?

  • irina

    In grass we cast all Glennian trust, as long as coil makes a crust.

  • Faye

    In order for Glenn beck to fake his stupity, He’d have to be stupid. BTW: he’s not.

    • Sadie

      Wow! Good job!

      • Betty Carter

        He is stupid…. amd boring! Good riddance.

  • Boobles

    Lol Faye.. Fail.

  • Brent

    Beck has done/is doing a GREAT service in exposing the corruption and impeachable actions of Obama and his many minions in and out of the media. The only dullards are the ones who mindlessly believe the teleprompter generalities Obama delivers with cavalier indifference. One can’t spend one’s way to freedom as Obamots fervently believe. Nor can the “evil rich” have all their wealth confiscated and cover the annual deficit, never mind the regular operating budget.

    The vegan diet could be a real help in addressing Beck’s various health problems and I hope he sticks with it. He might even grow to like wheat grass, especially when contrasted with dead flesh shot full of antibiotics, hormones and genetic modification and processed food so deficient in nutrients that it must be injected with “enrichment” after the natural nutrients have been destroyed.

    • zereddog prepered..somthing is comming…than it s goes…by food…buy gold…and you call that great job…i fill sorry for you

  • The Truth Hurts

    Beck has been dead on before any major media outlet about:
    1. 911
    2. 2008 Collapse
    3. Gold
    4. Destruction of U.S. Credit Rating
    5. Muslim Brotherhood
    6. Caliphate
    7. Van Jones
    8. ACORN
    9. Tea Party
    The List goes on. Millions of people thank you Beck. You have changed this country for the better, and woken up America. The Haters can’t stand the truth, but our numbers show we surround them. It is only the Beginning!!!! ;) God Bless You!!!

    • zereddog

      he s just a quiter…like sarah palin

    • Danny

      He was right about gold and he helped to promote it. He owns a large share of Gold$ Look it up.

      He was right about the Tea Party as well. Mainly because he is a major influence to Tea Baggers.

      Also everyone is right about 9/11. Whether you subscribe to conpiracy theories or are Muslim.

    • Vicky

      Don’t forget about George Soros

  • XOXO

    It takes a special person to be vegetarian,especially, vegan. I don’t believe that Glen Beck is that special person. He is too rough.

  • steven

    Ron Paul has called all those things way before Glenn Beck did.

  • Gene

    How did this jerk BECK ever become famous ???
    I’ve seen him TV I’ve heard him on radio I don’t
    get it He’s a smug little prick and looks like
    all the school janitors u c in the background
    of school yearbook pictures At least he’s off
    TV ……………

  • jean

    beck needs a good dose of diareah for all his bs maybe the grass drink will give it to him. a big fake if I ever saw a fake in my life.HE COULD BE AMERICA’S BIGGEST DUMBEST JOKER.

    • zereddog


  • joe

    poster brent suck C’s:

    We geniune vegetarians do NOT want him in our group, the joke.

    He will falter at this diet & lifestyle within 14 months. (july 2012)
    Cause like everything else ablut Glenn, he is a FAKE!

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