Cameron Diaz Snubs Her School Friends

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cameron DiazCAMERON Diaz has no interest in meeting up with her old school pals.

The Hollywood actress admits she has been invited to countless school reunions but she doesn’t feel the need to go and drag up the past.

“I have never been to a reunion. I just really don’t feel the need to let anybody know what the hell I am doing because they can pretty much tell what I am doing all day,” she says.

“I really don’t care. The people I want to know are there in my life already and if not I can do the Facebook thing that people do, where they upload their entire lives and say things like ‘I took a poop this morning’. I don’t want to know that much about anybody.”

Diaz recently admitted she wasn’t a good student.

“I wasn’t a good student and I have never pretended to be,” she said.

“School was just not my thing. I don’t even know how I got through it. There were times when I was just like ‘Did I really pass that class because I don’t remember if I even did any homework for that class’.”


  • http://yahoo anne

    i have to admitt- i get a big laugh following cameron diaz- why i keep returning to her web site. this snub to her school days and face book comments are really her style and her personality- coming through very clearly. she can’t afford to be so blunt anymore as she has aged real hard! bet her old school chums look better than she does these days- as i said before cammy looks good from the neck down but honestly the arms and the muscles she is striving for are very “HERE ME ROAR” not feminine! i will return to her website to watch more of her antics and the fall she will have w/arod next- LOL- her role as mary was just so cutesy yrs back- i really liked her then-her real persona is coming to light w/the give a *(~)! attitude w/everything. hollywood is amazing fun-

  • Stephanie

    I love her but I don’t like her boy friend.She is a great actress and she is just human.You can make mistakes and loves the wrong guy but she is a strong woman and beautiful.I hope you read this.

  • Medium Heat

    Dear Stephanie, I must say this again, Cameron Diaz can’t act, she can’t sing, no way in the world she can dance based on a recent video of her dancing out of a balcony please, she would never write a paragraph since she hates school so much, Fiona and her beauty are completely gone and for what I know she’s always been mostly into drugs, sex and alcohol. While Cam has been living the wrong life, her “boyfriend” Alex Rodriguez is a super great guy who has dedicated his entire life to the game and deserves every penny he makes. See, if you die tomorrow dear Step, maybe 6 people will cry but if Alex passes away MILLIONS of humans will die as well including myself, women, men, seniors, kids of all age… oh, no it could be a complete mess. So, the fact that you don’t like my man might be due to your own frustration and sick gelousy. Hmmm, A-Rod… I want him alone in my bedroom:0)…

  • Karlie

    I love it! The comment is vintage Diaz. Cameron is a here and now kind of girl, at least that is how she always came across to me. Kinda agree with her thoughts about leaving the past behind. She’s on to something. Who cares about the past. And yeah, if you wanted them in your life they would have never left it in the first place.