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Zsa Zsa Gabor: Baby For The Ailing 94-Year-Old Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor?

Posted by Adam

Zsa Zsa GaborZSA Zsa Gabor’s husband wants them to have a baby.

Although the 94-year-old screen legend has suffered from a string of health problems in recent months — including having part of her right leg amputated when gangrene set in — her spouse Prince Frederic von Anhalt, 67, visited a Beverly Hills fertility clinic last week to fulfill her “dream” of them having a child.

Frederic — who made a sperm donation — plans to use his DNA and the egg and womb of a surrogate mother but says the baby will be his and Zsa Zsa’s and he can’t wait to break the news to her.

“It was always my wife’s dream for us to have a child … and even though we won’t be using any of her eggs, she would be thrilled to know I’m going through with this,” he said.

“I am so excited!! I hope Zsa Zsa is going to hang around for awhile. I want her to see and hold the baby’s hand. She will be a mother again at 95!! It was her wish to have a boy.”

Zsa Zsa’s only child Francesca — whose father is the actress’ ex-husband, hotelier Conrad Hilton — has previously accused Frederic of creating a “circus atmosphere” around her mother.

A spokesperson for Francesca said, “Francesca is not pleased with the situation and the care of her mother and what has been happening to her while at home. It is not certain what kind of care and security she is receiving.”[imagebrowser id=514]


  • Violette

    Is this guy off his rocker? He is nuts. Francesca needs to have him committed.

    • Shari L’Amour

      Was this the same guy that said he may be the father of the late Anna Nicole Smith’s baby? He was one of the guys who stood in line claiming possible paternity. That was a joke.

  • Bonnie

    Are these people out of their minds? Bringing a child into the world when they know they will be lucky to see it reach age 2? This world….UGH.

    • Shari L’Amour

      It’s more realistic that they will maybe be around when the child reaches age 2 months.

  • barry

    Sick, sick, sick!!!

  • http://yahoo ruby huff

    Ithink this is awsome!I wish them the best of luck.

    • Jaki

      awesome for who? certainly not the baby, who will be raised by nannies and probably never know his/her mother or father!

  • Rotimi

    In a world of make believe anything could happen.

  • Phil

    Go for it! Will Zsa Zsa be breastfeeding too!?!?!?

  • Jaki

    This is wrong on every level I can think of and at least a thousand more that haven’t made it to the front of my mind yet! I would hope that a fertility clinic would see that this doesn’t make sense for either the would be parents OR THE CHILD!!!!

  • Doziem

    Another child that should not be born.

  • Nanlisa

    What is he? Crazy or something? Zsa Zsa Gabor is a very sick 94-year-old woman and she’s in no shape to raise another baby whatsoever? Both she and Prince Frederic will be dead by the time the poor kid graduates from high school. Even after they’re gone, who’s going to raise this kid?

    Give the baby to a much younger and healthier couple. Francesca also needs to step in and put a stop to this nonsense once and for all!

  • http://utube9960 hilda


    • JAY


      • Jay

        I think I know you. Did you send a recent email to me? Jay

    • Mary

      You go, Hilda!!!

  • Reneé T. Armstead

    This man’s on crack!!!

    • laura

      LOL TRUE THAT ! Whata bunch of wackadoos !

  • TylerDurden

    I can already predict mental problems for the child even though it isn’t even born yet.

  • Lil’Renegade

    Ah, a desperate ploy to steal her millions, via a baby, as security for Von Schnozzle. Brutal. He’s such a gold digger. This is worse than a soap opera. He’s desperate to secure money from her, knowing she will probably leave her fortune to her RIGHTFUL daughter and heir, Francesca. Someone, please stop this madman!

  • Ricky

    He looks like a con artist. Probably doesn’t even take care of his wife properly. I’m with everyone else in thinking he’s just trying to lock in her fortune. Sick.

  • Spring

    This man is a real JOKE – he has no business saying anything about what ZsaZsa wants; she probably can’t even speak – let alone anything else….he is obviously desperate for “attention” – I hate to see “fame” go to people’s head – this is a shame….what’s he trying to do to her? kill her? oh Please, somebody please stop him if they can. I really feel for the daughter though, that she has to be around to witness this crap, her mother does not deserve this. He is just insane!!

  • kevin

    Mr von idiot has alwayz been nuttier than a fruitcake which by the way he’s actually closited gay.. in the past he claimed some girls robbed him & stole his car & his cloths also he adopted 3 men in there early 20′s for some flake of a reason.. as far as Zsa Zsa is concerned she is just as flaky as well she by the way is the bad seed Gabor sister so there both meant for each other..

  • Max

    Zsa Zsa deserves better than this mopey degenerate clown she is married to in her closing days. Somebody should help her.

  • Mary

    He wants to make sure “their” child gets an inheritence. This guy is a sleeze.

  • george

    she is still mad and he is just another nut case as we all know

  • Jill

    These people are crazy! Obviously, they are not thinking of the child at all. The parents are going to be dead before the kid even gets a chance to grow up.

  • Sara

    Let’s hope his donated sperm is as useless as are his brain cells!

  • george soppy

    my dahling is still crazy as a looney bird but the madness went south when she married mister assylum truant but i will like to see her carrying that belly to term

  • Glenn

    If he has a child with Zsa Zsa then he will get to handle the child’s money. Remember Anna Nicole’s child, the one von Anhalt claimed he was the father of??? He only married Zsa Zsa because he hopes to outlive her. She has no provisions for him in her will and if they have a child (god forbid) he will be able to live in the comfort of her money. He is an “Original GoldDigger”! I hope Zsa Zsa will come to her senses, but if she doesn’t then maybe her daughter needs to have her committed before this “monster” can bring a child into this world for his own selfish gain. von Anhalt is a real Loser!

    • Doug

      the sign in background says it all “Edge of Darkness”

  • Doug

    The sing in the background says it all “Edge of Darkness”

  • Glenn

    More like “Prince of Darkness”

  • http://yahoo Laurie

    Are you out of yer ever-loving mind, prince?? Have a heart and give it a rest.

  • brenda

    The only thing clear about this situation is that Zza Zza’s husband is trying to get her fortune via a baby. The only thing he would get from me before I died would be a DIVORCE! This guy is a real piece of work.

  • rester stinger

    What a pair of freaking idiots!

  • diane

    This man is a clown, he’s always trying to get some publicity, even if it portrays him like an imbecile

  • diane

    That man is trying to make sure Zsa Zsa’s fortune will not go to her daughter. What a crook !

  • wendymaddy

    The Prince, who has no actual title, but incorporated that title into his legal name, certainly does know his inheritance and paternity law! The children of a married couple are generally presumed to be the issue of the spouse. If they have a child together, HE gets his hands on Zsa Zsa’s fortune, trumping her current will if she doesn’t change it to specifically exclude his spawn. Why is no one surprised? And Annette Funicello’s children better get their poor mama away from her horse trainer husband! She was never ill until she married him; her illness reminds me of what they do to dope horses before races to make them lose the race and change the odds. I think he keeps her comatose and helpless in order to control her fortune. She and her residuals and fortune is his meal ticket, and both of these men have a lot to gain from burning down the family home; it gets the cash from the insurance into their hands instead of it being tied up in the house to be inherited by the women’s children! Somebody please get word to Annette’s children pronto, and to Zsa Zsa’s daughter to watch out for that fella and take steps immediately in court! A simple set of tests for heavy metals and doping will unmask the horse trainer’s doings, and a court order can get Zsa Zsa protected from her hubby!

  • http://Yahoo D.M.

    What a RETARDED old man! She has 1 foot in the grave (no pun intended) and he will be following soon after! OFF HIS ROCKER INDEED…. I think he fell off…..

  • Bobbi

    Unbelievable! This is messed up on so many levels.

  • Frances

    This man is making sure that when Zsa Zsa passes away, that he (through the baby)will be taken care of. How much do you want to bet he knows that she did not leave as much as he would like to him, and has left most of it to Francesca. If he can lock Zsa Zsa in to sign of on a will to leave most to “their” baby, then he is set for life.
    Francesca! Get hundreds of lawyers!

  • Nanlisa

    Let a younger and much healthier couple raise this child.

  • JS

    The guy IS nuts- but the baby will have nothing to do with HER– it’d be his and a surrogate. The only thing he wants from HER is HER money for HIMSELF- that is…as he’ll connive her to increase his share in her will for ‘their’ supposed baby. He’s only 67 – so UNFORTUNATELY, HE will be around for awhile- unless HER daughter kills him- which would be GREAT! What a scammer- this guy is.

  • Betty M

    He’s just 3 weeks late on his announcement. He should have made it at the beginning of the month. Then we could of all had a great laugh. Seriously, Hollywood needs to all go into rehab. They are so drunk on their “fame” that I bet they really believe we give a d— about them. The whole lot of them (and I include the sport stars)aren’t worth a single penny. Besides, that hope everyone has a good laugh at Von Jerk’s expense.

  • Susan

    If it isn’t Zsa Zsa’s egg, then she is not the mother. He is only trying to figure out a way to get her money before she dies. Someone needs to rescue this poor dying woman from this crazy man.

  • Kathy

    Holy Tadpoles! I wonder, if it is a girl, will it be named Sarah, and if a boy, Abraham? I wonder how it will feel to be a great grandparent, grandparent and parent all rolled into one.

  • moni

    i think this is stupid; this is not the movie cocoon. and in this world evrything is about money… god would never approve this because in the end the baby will suffer only. people shut change ther ways. to the better bevore it is to late. stop acting stupid mister frederik anhalt not everything is about money.

  • moni

    you know in the beginning everybody like,s to be famos. but in time wen ther famos ther can,t deal with it anymore so ther drink or take drugs to get out of the situition . all this fame is nothing as trouble. and you have to think bevore you go this road. can you handel it????

  • Mary

    My only question is how come they didn’t pursue this years earlier when Za Za was healthier and could have enjoyed the child?
    She and the Prince have been married for 25 years. Why did they wait so long to pursue invitro?

  • don

    He is obviously after her money- without an heir, the fortune will go to her 41 year old daughter, Francesca Hilton. This guy is making an end around run for the money, bypassing the courts. What a creep.

  • Mayfly

    Is this guy crazy? Please tell me that they will not be raising ANY child.

  • sheri

    Who cares? When she married him she knew what she was getting. If not, she’s a scammer herself & always ahs been, no better than him. She was never a star in her own right, but herself a gold digger. They deserve each other. Besides, if he has a child from a surrogate with the surrogates egg, how is that Zsa Zsa’s kid? How is it entitled to any of her money. She probably isn’t in her right mind to alter her will for this new child. Even if he has managed to get away with all this, she knew how he was & never did anything then. When Bernie Maddoff ripped everyone off this guy was front & center boo-hooing their bad fortune getting in the spotlight. Let them have each other.

  • Ted

    Will his name be Eb

  • Joanne


  • Jenna

    He’s a con artist and obviously hatched this scheme as a last-ditch effort to try to control Zsa Zsa’s money now that she’s so ill. Her rightful heir is her daughter Francesca. Zsa Zsa doesn’t even know what he’s doing and he’ll probably bully her into signing something without her even understanding what it means and then report to the media that she’s “thrilled”. He likely staged the art theft at their home a few weeks ago, also. Poor her — she’s a victim of elder abuse. She should be removed from his “care” and I hope the police are watching him carefully.

  • Linda

    Oh I bet he made a sperm donation. Who is he trying to fool. Odds are it’s his latest lover.

  • Jill

    Crazy, gross, sickening and disgusting. I think they both need to be institutionalized. It makes me nauseous just thinking about it!

  • DRK

    So this fake prince wants to have a kid with a 95 year old who is at deaths door. If any fertility dr does this they should have their licence revoked. This is so wrong on many accounts, but since he didnt recieve any of Anna Nichole Smith’s fortune I guess he has to try another way.
    Personaly I think aal the paprazi should just ignore him and refuse to take his picture and the dirt sheets and shows should refuse any topic about him so he will just disappear into nothing which is where he belongs.

  • bella

    This is marasmus!!!!

  • sprice

    So…if it’s been “their” dream to have a child since they got married 25 YEARS ago, why did “they” wait until she was 94 years old, senile and pretty much on her deathbed to go forward with it?