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Heather Morris: Glee Leaves Actress Heather Morris Feeling Tired!

Posted by Adam

Heather MorrisHEATHER Morris admits her role on Glee is leaving her tired.

In the show, Morris plays cheerleader Brittany Pierce.

“It’s pretty hard,” Morris said. “You’re always tired, but at the same time, I sleep very well. I don’t go out – I go home every time I’m done. It turned into a job. You just start working, but it’s good to have vacations.

“Actually, none of it feels like a job. That’s what’s weird. I’m tired and the hours [are crazy], and when I’m doing it, I’m learning. It’s like class. Dancing is the love of my life. I’ve been doing it my whole life. It just comes naturally. Singing, that’s hard.

“I want to dance more. I’m begging to dance more.”

Morris recently revealed she thinks people watch Glee to forget their financial woes.

“When things are down economically, people reach for something else, and I think people like the show because it keeps their spirits up,” Heather said.

“A lot of people tell me that they come home and Glee is the thing that keeps them going. We don’t have many positive TV shows anymore.”


  • Patrick

    Acting is a job, that probably why it feels like one. Her quotes make me sick. Go work in a coal mine or lay brick for a living before you complain how hard your role on Glee is. I doubt that middle age men and women are living vicariously through a bunch of unpopular, singing, high school kids. If people are watching Glee to escape the hardships of financial troubles there is probably a good reason they have financial problems in the first place. Lastly, not many inspiring TV shows anymore? Please, ever heard of the Jersey Shore? If seven fist pumping Guido’s doesn’t inspire you I don’t know what will.

    • The more you know …

      FOAD, Patrick.

      YOU make me sick. Heather inspires me.

  • John

    @ Patrick
    You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about, and are an ass.
    Just because acting is not necessarily physically strenuous doesn’t mean it is not tiring. It’s called emotional strain. Besides, she’s a dancer. Do you have any idea how intense the dancing she does is? It’s no wonder she’s tired.
    Even the singing is strenuous. It takes energy to sing, more than you’d think.

    Just because someone is a performer, doesn’t mean they are never stressed.