Sandra Bullock Furious With Jesse James

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sandra BullockSANDRA Bullock is reportedly furious about her ex-husband’s upcoming tell-all book American Outlaw.

The Oscar-winning actress is concerned about what details her former spouse Jesse James could reveal about their relationship and his extra-marital affairs, and because of his decision to write the autobiography she has told him she no longer wants to remain friends.

“He didn’t warn her about the book at all — she had no idea he was even considering it until after he’d signed the contract,” a source said.

“She’s devastated. Sandra’s told Jesse they can no longer be friends — even for the kids’ sake. She decided she has to herself first. She couldn’t deal with him anymore.”

The couple separated in March 2010 — just days after her Best Actress Oscar win for her performance in The Blind Side – after it was revealed the Monster Garage host had been cheating on her with tattoo model Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee as well as other women.

They subsequently divorced last June and Jesse is now engaged to tattoo artist Kat Von D.

Since they marriage ended, Sandra has continued to play a role in the lives of Jesse’s children, Chandler, 16, Jesse Jr., 13, and six-year-old Sunny, from previous relationships.

The 41-year-old actress also raises a son Louis – who she adopted in January 2010.

Speaking about his book recently, the 41-year-old motorcycle entrepreneur insisted it would be a very frank read.

“I’ve lived a pretty crazy life,” he said. “My life has been defined by many things and I just wanted [the memoir] to be a good story. People claim to know everything about me, when they actually know nothing. But once you read this, you will know everything – the whole story, right here.”



  • Aruba_Girl

    I would never buy his dumb book anyway, it’s clear he’s just a liar and a cheat, he and Kat should be very happy together since they’re both very disgusting annoying nasty looking people. I bet nothing in his book will even be the truth so why buy it for??? Boycott it people, this a hole should just dissapear.

  • http://deleted ayman elyamany


  • Cheryl

    He is an Idiot. Who cares everyone loves her.

  • Jen

    Probably much of the content is hardcore sex stories.

  • Mocha

    Good for Sandra. I hope she cuts him out of her life completly. I bet you Kat was behind the whole thing not to tell Sandra about the book.
    Too bad for the kids though cuz they wont have a good role model in their lives cuz Kat is not. I’m sure Kat is happy since now she got what she wanted Sandra out of all their lives. Jesse was an idiot not to recognize Kat’s plan.
    Anyhow, this is one book I’m not buying. The man is a liar otherwise he would’ve told Sandra about the book if he wanted to keep it honest.

  • kate

    she’s not 41!! :D:D:D:D and by the way Jesse is an asshole ! i hate him hate him hate him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh God……………………!

  • whatthen

    if she was such a wonderful person Sandra Bullock, what could Jesse possibly say that would hurt her image? Maybe she has things in the closet that will come out. anyway, I can’t stand her.

  • L

    What do you expect?He is the the one that is looking like scumbag right now so he thinks if he writes a tell all book he will look better.Well he is dead wrong.What does he think people are going to think of Sandra if it comes out in the book that she is kinky during sex or likes too parade around naked in her house.Woopie do.She can do whatever she wants.I still love the lady no matter what her secrets are.

  • TC

    I think its hilarious that Jesse & Kat say that they dont care what people think or say about them, but he wrote the book with the idea of redeeming himself or getting understanding from people & also to make a buck from Sandra’s name. The fact that he has devulged the details of their private life behind her back says that the man has not changed. He can take his book and shove it.

  • Rich

    She’s a bigger idiot than he is. She has a rolein his kids lives plus has a new black baby and no husband. Who are these people and where do they come from. I hope he tells the whole story aqbout that phony slut.

  • Lil’Renegade

    The only reason anyone cares what this filth ridden bobble headed talking piece says, is because he was SOMEWHAT relevant, when he dated Bullock. Just because we loved Sandra- we tolerated him. We were that friend that supported our friend, without telling her that her husband was really a dirtbag. He’s no better than his status seeking, gold digging, female counterparts, in Hollywood. What a loser. She’d be best to put as much space between her, and this parasite, as possible.

  • d horton

    She decided she has to herself first. Since they marriage ended,

    Wow, did a 12 year old write this? Amazes me how stupid people get jobs writing articals.

    • Jay

      ?? I’m with you…who writes this crap?

    • Janet Knowlton

      and you can’t spell

      • Dee

        I’m with you Janet, Articals? It’s article you moron!

    • gary

      Agreed. We is supposed to have gooder words thad is writed in Englosh.
      Even I no thad, hard to belief thad thadt righter is published, but than agian,
      its Yahoo.

  • Robspace1

    Hey d horton-you just made my day for me,lol. You complain about the spelling of the author of the article by mispelling article. It’s not spelled artical or articals-it’s article. Wow, talk about living in a glass house or is that hose? Ever heard of spellcheck?

  • http://showbizspy ske

    Hardcore cheaters are also hardcore liars…

  • Lisa

    “She decided she has to herself first.” Your editors suck, fragment!!! Every time I read a story on here it sounds like it’s written my some 12 year old child. Hire some real educated writers please!

  • mo

    41 yeah right! I believe that…if you believe that I got bridge to sell ya!

  • Dee

    I have just read the article and all the replies to the article. I am very disappointed that most of the people replying missed the point of the article. Sandra Bullock didn’t do anything wrong. No matter what he writes in his dirty little expose, he didn’t say he cheated because she wasn’t there for him or anything like that. When he first got caught he claimed he was a sex addict. Who is surprised by that? It’s a lot nicer to say that than it is to admit that you are a horn dog who can’t keep his fly zipped. I have asked myself many times, why she married this jerk in the first place. She is smart, pretty, talented, and I don’t know how old she actually is, but she carries her age quite well to be 41 more or less. He on the other hand is not good looking, I haven’t seen any talent, and he certainly isn’t keeping his age a secret. He couldn’t even cut it on celebrity apprentice!

    Sandra Bullock, You rock!!!!! Jesse James, you need to be rocked with real rocks, you suck!!!!!!!

  • LeaveAustin

    I really really wish this one rumor turns out to be true and Sandra finally cuts Jesse from her life. I’d feel bad for the kids but if he stays in her life he will always be a threat to her privacy. Like someone commented he is a parasite and Kat is a fame-whore so they’ll try to gain anything by using Sandra’s name.
    Anywho if Sandra wont be involved with the kids,and he is so happy with Kat, he can now move back to California since there’s no point for being in Austin YeePee!!

  • Caren

    In order for Jesse to realy realize what he has done to his family is for Sandra to turn her back on all of them. By holding on to the children only gives Jesse control and to keep Sandra in their lives. She needs to step back in order to take control. If his family suffers then it will be his fault.