Jack Nicholson Moving on! Actor Jack Nicholson Selling Malibu Home For $4.25 Million

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jack NicholsonJACK Nicholson is moving on.

The actor — who turned 74 on Friday — is reportedly selling his Malibu home.

The property — a three-bedroom, two-bathroom ranch-style home that sits on about 70 acres of land — has an asking price of $4.25 million, according to real estate listings. The home itself is comprised of 2,313 square feet.

It was built in 1966 and includes a pool, spa, putting green, cabana, tennis court, a bar and a guest house. The home has been on the market for at least three weeks.

Nicholson also owns a house on the famed Mulholland Drive, as well as homes elsewhere in the Hollywood Hills and in Hawaii, Venice, California and Aspen, Colorado.

Jack recently insisted he no longer thinks he is irresistible to women.

The legendary Hollywood heartthrob is famous for dating a string of beautiful women including Lara Flynn Boyle and Anjelica Huston but he admitted that at the age of 73 he now doubts his power over the opposite sex.

“I’m definitely still wild at heart,” he said. “But I’ve struck bio-gravity. I can’t hit on women in public any more. I didn’t just decide this, it just doesn’t feel right at my age.

“If men are honest, everything they do and everywhere they go is for a chance to see women. There were points in my life where I felt oddly irresistible to women. I’m not in that state now and that makes me sad.”

Jack famously cheated on Anjelica Huston with Rebecca Broussard, ending their 16-year-romance but the How Do You Know actor claims the split broke his heart and he has never recovered.

“The reality was that I was annihilated emotionally by the separation from Anjelica,” he said. “That was probably the toughest period of my life.

“I may have made a mistake but I don’t want to go back and correct it. I would rather deal with it.”

Jack has five children from different relationships, Jennifer 47 with former wife Sandra Knight, Caleb, 40 with Susan Anspach, Honey, 29 from a relationship with Winnie Hollman and Lorraine, 20 and 18-year-old Ray from his romance with Rebecca Broussard.


  • http://Yahoo Linda Marcella

    This is for you, you have given us so much pleasure with your movies! I just plain love your work. Thanks for all the enjoyment, looking for more of you, hope so!! Thank you so so much. Linda

  • wolf

    we all get old.. and it’s time to prepare for the the final journey! jack you were blessed, you lived as a famous movie star and made millions.. it’s now coming to an end..
    god speed …

  • linda

    Jack, you are still very appealing and loved. You are unique and have thrilled us with your personna. No matter what we always look for you on the sidelines at our Laker games. Your life has been full and not over yet.

  • jank brock

    Well Jack what can you say? Your thoughts are somewhat fucked up. I am a man and honestly everything I do oddly enough is not somehow geared toward women. Those who say that are those that have never been emotionally satisfied by a relationship (your 5 kids by 5 women attests to this)if you had you wouldn’t have been so lonely most of your life. Funny how money and fame cannot whip this. Hollywood is an illusion fueled by no life Americans that for whatever reason have to idolize someone because they are unsatisfied in their lives too. So yeah good work on a lot of your movies but the fact of the matter is in 50 years you will have been forgotten and someone else idolized in your place by a no life ignorant American public. Thanks for the laughs sorry you will have never experienced true love in your life as this is priceless.

  • matt

    Jack, you will always be the man! Selfawareness and enlightenment are traits you possesss and I know you put them to good use. Know when to hold’em & know when to fold’em. It’s a new beginning for you and I’m trully happy for ya! Take care and don’t be a stranger. One last point to smile about is that you will never appear on the show called “Where are they now”, you will never be obsolete as you’ve learned to transcend in this world which most people don’t have the stones to do so! Forever a fan…

  • Joe

    JACK your are the MAN!! You’ve never needed “Flossing” and you can get who ever you want. No matter how old you get, woman still will go crazy over you. Keep going to the Lake Show, I always point you out to see if you’re there. Wish I could as well, live it for all JACK!

  • http://yahoo cleatus

    Jack there aren’t many actors like you left in Hollywood that get my money when you have a new movie! God luck selling your home and God Bless!

    • Nunya Bidness

      Cool Ed.

      My sentiments about Jack.

  • ed wood

    Jack, you’re a fucking idiot. Besides, you’re bald, fat, mean, cruel, and full of shit – which is to say full of yourself.

    And as for being an actor, you play ‘crazy’ better than anyone – and that’s all you can do. You merely play yourself and people think it’s genius. The truth is that you are a fucked up person and that you’ve fucked up every person with whom you have had any kind of a relationship.

  • Keith

    In Luke 1:45-47 Jesus’s mother Mary expresses she needs a savior.If she does we all do!And you do too Jack. You might want to contact Greg Laurie or Jack Hayford before your regret kills you. You can keep your wealth and courtside seats and experence true love for the first time in your life. A long time fan thats found truth…

  • James Brown

    Jack, you’ve been around sense Moby Dick was a Minnow!!!

  • Craig

    What’s with all the fucked up comments against Jack Nicholson? Did he say something offensive? He’s just at a certain place in his life, he sounds a little sad, everyone here acts as if he called Mother Theresa a nasty cunt or proclaimed his love for Hitler. I’m a guy and I definitely don’t revolve my life around girlfriends or consorts so I think he does not speak for me but I’m not going to sit there and attack him like a monster for it.

  • Lil’Renegade

    He was not alone in his narcissistic belief of his own hype. There are many men that believe this, and sadly, hurt themselves much more than they could have ever hurt someone else. Love is it’s own reward. Greed of love, is selfishness- you will die alone. No one is obligated to put up with someone treating them badly. There is a newer awareness of this, and a newer conscious. Nobody wants to be around someone that makes them feel bad- we all want our partners to remind us of the good in others, and ourselves. If you don’t do that, you are morally bankrupt, and have only a lonely future in a hospice, wearing a diaper, with little more than the recognition that you cam into this world with. Humility is a good start, but it won’t get you to where you want to go, without actions to back up your character. And no- not movie characters- but, real life CHARACTER of a human being, and the moral fiber not to use those around us, and hold them as hostages in your ego. (Ego=LOW self esteem, bruising others to lower them to your standards) As far as PR- I believe it’s all BS. Anyone can regurgitate anything their press agent tells them, for the sake of their waning career. Actions- not words, make the man. Under it all, it’s not my life, and I do not suffer from the hypocritical words of others- they do.
    You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

  • Joy Camp

    He is at a time in his life when he finally grew up, I had to do it. I’ve made so many mistakes too. It’s sad about he and angelica. Jack, why don’t you get a house in tallahassee, Fl. this is a nice area to live.

  • Alex

    MR. Nicholson, You should have done Invisibility, Then all to a man, to a Woman, certainly would have understood.

  • Courtland

    Andy Griffith and Easy Rider, man those were the good old days.

  • http://mariejoy2000@yahoo.com joyce

    Jack, I am not sure what you are talking about – I think you are more sexy than ever!! We all get a broken heart or two – you just move on!! Don’t look back keep that silly little grin on your face and watch the women follow!!! Your are the best actor in Hollywood — there are certainly sexy guys all over but you are right up there in the cream of the top!! You are what you are no matter if you are 34 or 74!!! You still blow up my skirt!!
    Cheers big guy!!OOOXXX