Diane Lane — Diane Lane Talks About Superman: Man of Steel

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Diane LaneDIANE Lane has dished the dirt on new movie Superman: Man of Steel — revealing the flick will cover the superhero’s life from his childhood.

The actress — who has been cast as the caped crusader’s adoptive mother Martha Kent in the upcoming film — says she was locked in a room with the script for three hours to ensure the plot remains a secret — but still revealed that Superman’s origins will be covered.

“I read the script under lock and key. I was locked in a room with the script and was only allowed three hours with it. I nailed it into my memory. I’m really excited,” Diane explained.

“I’m really not allowed to talk much about it, I think, but it does cover the entire range of years, from infancy on.”

The brunette beauty is set to star alongside Henry Cavill in the movie which is being directed by Zack Snyder.

Diane — who raises 17-year-old daughter Eleanor with husband Josh Brolinrecently insisted that “willing to be wrong” makes her marriage work.

“It’s staying grateful, humble, willing to be wrong and thinking about the other person at least as much as you think about yourself,” she said.

“Put yourself in the other person’s moccasins, you know?”[imagebrowser id=729]


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    • john j. rodz


      • Rick111

        I like her work. Sorry you dont understand her. Suck it.

      • SMM

        I agree with the person who told you to suck it. Diane Lane is a great actress and has been acting since she was a teenager. She is also stunning and if beautiful actresses bother you than you have issues

      • marco

        I’m wondering what’s wrong with the school that gave you a
        diploma, john! Diane Lane NEVER won and Oscar.

      • Jay

        Diane Lane has never won an Oscar. You might want to check some basic facts before you make yourself look even more incredibly stupid.

        A s”board” does not give out Oscars. Another simple fact that you could have easily checked before posting your ridiculously ignorant rant.

      • Harry A. Hole

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    • http://youtu.be/H3sv7-rXsV0 Bobby

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  • Knight

    The caped crusader is Batman, get it right.

  • Knight

    The caped crusader is Batman, get it right.

  • Knight

    The caped crusader is Batman, get it right.

  • steven

    Caped Crusader is Batman. Reseach your material if you have to write a story. This poor journalism!!!!

    Sounds like they will encompass 10 years of Smallville into 2 hours of Superman.

    Still, I’m not gonna see it. The actor playing Superman is short by Superman standarts. The Kevin costner as Pa Kent, too weird!

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  • Bret

    Seriously? We know his freaking childhood…Why waste everyones time with the goddamn back story we have seen a hundred times!!!! How are these idiots able to rake such an easy thing a Superman or Spider man and continually screw them up!

  • angelina

    Its too bad that such a talented actress is reduced to being in a super man movie. There are no good roles for aging actresses in Hollywood. Hollywood is like every thing else young with no talent. Tits and Ass is what counts in Hollywood…

  • Jim

    I’ll pass on this movie. Seriously, aren’t we sick and tired of HOLLYWOOD, rehashing, this same damn story over and over and over? I am so sick and tired of their unoriginality. I’m tired of Lex Luthor. I will most likely watch it two or three years later, on NETFLIX, when I’m entirely bored, and need something to help me sleep. I mean really, we know the story already. Move forward. Get original, and tell more stories, WITHOUT goddam Lex Luthor! B O R I N G !!!!

    • michael

      obviously you haven’t kept up with any of the news on this new movie because lex luthor hasn’t even been confirmed to be in the movie. even if he ends up being in the movie, he’s not the main villain. and the story that’s being told hasn’t been done before in a movie. idiot.

  • Leggs

    I think all of u need to get a life…..really…..does anyone care? It’s only a movie!!!

  • ryan

    Everyone needs to calm down! it’s just a movie. and who knows? this one might actually turn out decent…

  • Amil

    I just wanted to point out one very important (iconic) flaw in this article. Batman is known as the Caped Crusader NOT Superman. Another name for The Man Of Steel would of course be, The Last Son Of Krypton.


    Please don’t confuse the titles if you’re going to write an accurate article on Superman of all people. If you do, then on some level it’s almost a slap in the face to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the ones who created the all-American iconic character. P :)

  • http://yahoo Dan Kinsman

    What I do know is somehow Zod returns and get his powers back and causes a lot of destruction. At least now we will see Superman battle a super villan.

  • Nala

    Love Diane Lane, but she’s actually a blonde, not a brunette.

  • IcyFog

    Diane Lane is a SMILF … Superman’s Mom I’d LIke to F@#$

  • http://Yahoo M. Carter

    At least they got superhero right.

  • Dangerous Dan/winnemucca

    This is a classy woman,the handsomess’lady in all of Jollywood,just wished she’d like to spend a day with this old cowpoke,ride some horse’s, burn some rib’s,a few beer’s,that would be a great day,keep it up Baby.

  • nigga

    superman and … he’s in highschool. oh boy, this sounds as good as the new spiderman, where he’s in highschool. i’m still coming down from my high about the dragon ball z movie, where he’s in highschool.

  • Bubbathet

    What happened to her feet?!! She has “cankles” now?!! I AM SAD.

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  • carlo alinsod

    I always thought Diane Lane is an atractive woman and I don’t think she has done anything wrong to get her in the “movies” or “tv shows”…..I wish I could go out with her….that will be greatest ever !!!!!! Oh ! well !

  • Ed

    She won an academy Award…just as good as an Oscar. It is said what comes from your mouth should be good…If you have something bad to say…don’t say it.

    • rg

      she never won and academy award or an oscar, know why? there the same thing , IDIOT !!

  • http://facebook vysta owen

    diane lane is so pretty, and holesome looking, like doris day, and maureen ohara. those are wonderful actress that always had happy lives, and good reputations.(even though that does not matter now). she needs those kind of movies, she looks good without makeup even. she needs dog, and family movies. like liz taylor she always had a good reputation, and was very beautiful. we need more like diane (debra kerr, grace kelly, that can act without exposing them selves. another one that i like is goldy hawn, i hope her daughter can keep good like her mom. it is good to see hepburn, davis, dehaviland, and diane lane fits in those catagories. smart and beautiful.

  • bobby

    Diane Lane could play Lois Lane in my book