Megan Fox Having Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Removed

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Megan FoxMEGAN Fox is having her Marilyn Monroe tattoo removed.

The actress has an inking of the iconic Hollywood sex symbol on her right forearm but she now appears to be in the process of having the image taken off.

During a recent party, which she attended with husband Brian Austin Green, Megan showed off her arm and some of the tattoo had disappeared already and all of it seemed a lot lighter than normal.

According to experts, a tattoo of that size would need numerous painful bouts of lasering to remove it completely.

Megan — who has at least eight other inkings on her body — has previously said she got the etching of Marilyn done to give her the attitude required to make it as an actress.

“I really admire Marilyn Monroe, but I would never try to emulate her,” she said.

“I got the tattoo as a warning. It warns me not to let myself be treated so badly by the film industry so that it breaks me down.”


  • Tattoo Dream

    She is Hollywood sex symbol.

  • barth

    Meg babe, Hollywood didn’t mistreat Marilyn Monroe. She brought her own mess with her. And if anyone broke her down it was the Kennedy brothers messing with her and making her abort their baby. Disgusting family.

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