Tina Fey to Replace Lorne Michaels on SNL?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tina FeyTINA Fey could be heading back to Saturday Night Live – permanently.

Sources say NBC bosses want the 30 Rock star to replace exec producer Lorne Michaels when he retires from the show he created in 1975.

“The execs feel no one’s better qualified to take over the reins than Tina. Having her onboard guarantees the show’s success after Lorne leaves,” a source said.

“Tina loves the idea of helming SNL because the show takes many breaks throughout the season, it fits her mommy schedule perfectly.”

Fey — who is mom to five-year-old daughter Alice and is currently expecting her second child with hubby Jeff Richmondrecently opened up about balancing her career with motherhood.

“It is less dangerous to draw a cartoon of Allah French-kissing Uncle Sam. . . than it is to speak honestly about [working moms],” she said.

Fey said people are constantly looking at her with “accusatory eyes” and asking how she juggles everything.

“Sometimes I just hand them a juicy red apple I’ve poisoned in my working-mother witch cauldron and fly away,” she quipped.[imagebrowser id=608]


  • stephen

    You radiate maturity and serenity, take it on baby, I love you