Diana Ross Will Get Custody of Michael Jackson’s Kids

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Diana RossDIANA Ross will get custody of Michael Jackson’s children if their grandmother Katherine Jackson dies.

Although Prince Michael I, 14, Paris, 13, and nine-year-old Prince Michael II, also known as ‘Blanket’, are now in the custody of Katherine following Michael’s death in July 2009, the 67-year-old soul singer was named in his will as a guardian and will take responsibility for them if anything happens to his mother.

“Diana has made no moves whatsoever not to fulfil her role that Michael intended for her,” a source said. “Michael didn’t trust anyone in his family besides, his mother, to raise the children. Michael loved Diana and chose her for a very specific reason.”

Although the Thriller singer wanted his 80-year-old mother — who will turn 81 on May 4 and currently has a live-in carer — to care for his children, he was aware this would not be a long-term solution and so named Diana as a second guardian.

“Katherine is a very doting, loving grandmother. She just isn’t getting any younger and that is why Michael named a second guardian,” said the source.

“Diana will step in if there’s an immediate need to do so.”

Diana has five children: Rhonda Ross Kendrick, 39, with Berry Gordy; Tracee Ellis Ross, 38, and Chudney Ross, 35, with first husband Robert Ellis Silberstein and Ross Arne Naess, 23, and Evan Ross, 22, with Norwegian shipping magnate Arne Naess, Jr. who died in 2004.


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  • fariborz

    who cares?

    • the laughing twins

      why must you come to this site. search micheal jackson and then say “who cares”. obviously you do care since you would waste your time to read this. fariborz you dont have to make comments like that. there is no need and its pointless. lets get a fact straight theres one thing that michael has that you will never have. thats love and people who cherish and defend him even after hes passed away.

  • Mia

    I think this is wonderful. Diana and Michael were very close and Michael had tremendous respect for Diana. Kathrine Jackson is a loving and amazing person. She is doing so well with the children but it is true she is in her older years-not an easy job. I am glad Mrs Jackson has Mr. Howard Mann in her life. He is helping her and Michaels children create a good future for themselves. One day Diana will over-see these kids and I believe she will be as amazing an influence to them as she always was tho Michael.

  • the laughing twins

    we think that diana ross is the birth mother of blanket. they look soo much alike and michael jackson even said so his self that they act just alike. Michael jackson has not come forward with the name of the birth mother but if you put the piecec together you will know that Diana ross is his mother. yes it is best for him to be with his grandmother but michael would smile in heaven if he saw son and mother re united again.listen to “dirty diana” and you will hear him clearly say it. peace love and michael jackson.

    _ love laughing twins

    • Steven Crowley

      Not Me….. In response to the guy who posted at the top. He is done away with, NOW.