Aretha Franklin Broke Her Exercise Machine

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Aretha FranklinARETHA Franklin broke an exercise machine when she was at her heaviest.

The Respect singer recalled the embarrassing moment — which happened when she was using her Power Rider workout machine at home — during a new interview with the USA Today newspaper.

“I realized that I was just too heavy,” she said.

“I had a Power Rider that I used for exercise and I actually broke it — I was that heavy. I didn’t know how to lose weight.”

Franklin has since shed a whopping 85lb and attributes her dramatic weight loss to sensible eating combined with regular workouts.

“I’m on the track at least three times a week, and the treadmill. I’m up to about 26 minutes on the treadmill and a mile and a half on the track,” she said.

“I haven’t worked up to a run yet; it’s more like a slow trot.”


  • john j. rodz


  • gary the plumber

    85lbs that’s awesome and twenty six minutes on a treadmill is not easy as well……

    go queen, what a legend, still love her in blues brothers and walk on by is my fave song of hers….

    keep working out girl and get on tour in the uk, we need the legend on stage one more time