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Jodie Foster Feels Free Since Splitting From Cydney Bernard

Posted by Adam

Jodie FosterJODIE Foster feels she has “freedom” since splitting from her long-term girlfriend.

The 48-year-old actress-turned-director — who has sons Charles, 12, and Kit, nine, with an unknown father — separated from Cydney Bernard almost three years ago and though she admits it was one of the most “horrible” events that could have rocked her life, she embraced the opportunity it gave her.

“There are three terrible things that happen to most people,” Jodie said. “One is your parents face death, the second is your kids grow up and leave you and the third is that the relationship you’ve been in forever disintegrates and you’re alone.

“They’re three horrible things, but they are also these three freedoms like, ‘You’re free!’. It’s an opportunity, it’s a sliver of opportunity. I feel like you have 10 seconds to really embrace the freedom, or just get stuck. Ten seconds to take that sliver and change your life.”

Jodie is currently caring for her mother, who is battling dementia, and insists she will never admit her into specialist care as she wants her parent to eventually die with dignity.

Asked if she would consider seeking residential care for her mother, she said, “Oh God no way. I’m going to feel good — I’m going to feel that the end honored her and that she didn’t have to lose her dignity.

“Dementia is an interesting thing. It’s the hardest thing I’ve been through and yet also strangely sacred… I’m just here to care for her. I have no axe to grind. Mine will be the last face she sees.”[imagebrowser id=370]


  • Theresa

    What a beautiful and heroic statement. Regards to a beautiful soul who truly appreciates life and love.

  • elle

    wonderful person and daughter.

  • Nick Tchalakian

    She’s a jewel of a human being :)

  • Juan Gonzales Gonzales

    She’s a narcissist, so common in demo and hollywood circles. How boring. We all have it down, sistah. You’re lesbian. Get over it. Move on. Have sex with a dog for all I care.

    • noneya

      sounds like you know all about doing it doggy-style!


      self hating gays like you who are jealous of women you can never be…give self hating gays a bad name.

  • Steve

    What’s Juan’s problem?

  • Sal Monella

    Always admire Jody and her sense of depth and the fact that she did not live her life in public. Think she has done an exceptional job managing her life given how most turn out in LALA Land.

  • Kai

    Ex-gf of Juan being lesbian after know him tho ! :P And to forget her he toke his dog…

  • Linda

    Dear Jodie, I dealt with my Fathers’ dementia decline long distance and it was difficult, yet we were never closer. Keeping parents safe and cared for was an honor. Oddly you learn to communicate on a different level that cannot be explained. You are not alone. Taken by surprise, I’m single after a 15 yr relationship, 9 yrs older than you, moved from California and living in Austin. I was shocked to retire without my partner (alone). The saying of one door closes and another opens is simply the truth if we are open and willing to take the opportunity. It isn’t the end, just another chapter in your book of life. I wish you well as you desire all the best. Love, Light and Laughter

  • Sugar

    Your a dog of a person and hanging around mel tells the world that