Kelly Preston For Dancing With The Stars?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kelly PrestonKELLY Preston has dance fever!

The actress — who’s married to actor John Travolta — wants to follow in the footsteps her BFF Kirstie Alley by appearing on Dancing With the Stars!

“Kelly has auditioned and she is a shoo-in,” a source told In Touch Weekly magazine.

“If she wants on the show, there’s a good chance it could happen.”

Meanwhile, Preston insists she hasn’t been hitting the gym since delivering son Benjamin Hunter Kaleo in November.

“I haven’t been working out. At all,” said Kelly, who’s married to John Travolta.

“Maybe that’s the secret. Don’t stress about it!

“I’ve been lucky because I’ve been breastfeeding so that’s really helped me lose the weight,” she says. “That really is the secret.

“It certainly would be better if I started to exercise, but I had a c-section so my stomach muscles weren’t very strong.

“I wanted to do some dance classes but it was a little too much. I was down for the count!”



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  • Rhett Brey

    I’m watching the show right now the season finale of Dancing With The Stars dances (monday night). I really want to know Kristie alley song she did to the samba routine. It was Arabian Melody , but i dont know the name. I was wondering if anyone could tell me? hope to hear from you ? thanks :).