Two And a Half Men to Relaunch Without Charlie Sheen!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Chuck LorreCHUCK Lorre is planning to relaunch Two And a Half Men without Charlie Sheen.

Despite rumors that the troubled actor has been in talks to return to the show — which was cancelled in February when he was fired after being hospitalized following a 36-hour drink and drugs session with a bevy of porn stars — the writer is said to planning a new direction for the show, without its original star.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, instead of focusing on Sheen’s character Charlie, the new version of the Warner Bros. hit would be about his brother Alan, played by Jon Cryer, and a new yet-to-be cast character.

Sources told the website that many well-known actors are being considered for the new role, although the studio hasn’t yet confirmed whether the show is returning for a ninth series.

Although 45-year-old Charlie is currently suing Chuck and Warner Bros. for $100 million, he recently expressed his desire to return to the sitcom and hinted that he would have amended his past behavior if he had known it would lead to him losing his job.

“There’s been discussions, but I was asked not to divulge anything,” he said.

“Had they told me at the end of season eight that that behavior wasn’t going to be cool, I would have adjusted it.”


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  • Janet

    No I won’t watch the show Two and a half men without Sheen.

    He makes the show…without him it will be terrible

  • http://Showbizspy just a fan

    Wish Charlie love, luck, and hope for his future, really wish Charlie could return to Two and a Half Men again, I will miss him much!

  • jilly

    Who wants to look at Jon Cryer only! Chuck you are stupid if you think that the show can go on without Charlie. HE IS THE MAN, actually he is the whole TWO AND A HALF MEN. Put your ego aside and bring Charlie back if you want a successful show. I doubt if CBS will keep your show on the air without Charlie.

  • Debbie Convery

    I agree! Stupid!

  • raci

    Chuck lorre, stop power tripping. WE LOVE CHARLIE, REALLY LOVE HIM! I want to cry everytime I see the repeats and thinking that there won’t be any more Two and a half men. Please do not kid yourself, jon cryer and anyone else that you bring on is going to SUCK!

  • Joyce

    Even if Charlie Sheen is a great actor, he just wouldn’t get his act together…who doesn’t like 2 & 1/2 men, it is a great show, but enough is enough Charlie…get on with you life and face facts…you went way to far…

    • jack

      So what, he said somethings to Chuck Lorre, big deal. This is Hollywood. Chuck is a BABY and is just being a cocky ass, that’s all. WE WANT CHARLIE BACK. MR. LES MOONVES, PLEASE HELP!!!

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  • Fariborz

    good move

    • JOK£R

      I agree. Also the show wasnt that great in the first place so doing this might help it out. Charlie Sheen used to be an amazing actor but to much drugs and drinking can ruin that.

      • smith

        Charlie will always be great. Chuck Lorre, we can’t stand you. Bring our show and charlie back. If you think you can have another hit like this one, you are DEAD WRONG.

  • Blue

    Charlie is wonderful, funny and one of a kind. The show is excellent ONLY because of him. Sure the cast are all good and the writers are fantastic but CHARLIE is the one that makes it all happen. Chuck, you are a stupid asshole whose ego is brused, boo hoo. Bring Charlie back, we need our show back.

  • susan traub

    the cast can carry the show without Charlie – Berta and the Mother – great charcters – throw in Alan and it is a great show. a new guy will work.. great writing will carry it. BYE CHARLIE.

  • Charlie Fan

    I am definitely not watching the show if Charlie doesn’t come back.Sure there are a lot of talented actors and actresses on the show.Charlie in my opinion made it what it was.Really upsets me that they so far won’t let Charlie come back.Even Michael J. Fox made a statement something like how Charlie is talented and should have his job back.I was really impressed about that.

  • TIA

    Chuck, stop being an ass and bring Charlie back. Your show SUCKS without him. He is the glue to keep the whole cast together. WE WANT OUR SHOW WITH CHARLIE BACK. It’s the only great comedy on T.V.