Josh Hartnett Made Enemies in Hollywood

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

JOSH Hartnett says he made enemies in Hollywood with his refusal not to cash in on blockbuster movie offers.

The actor admits people didn’t like the fact he wanted to go after roles in independent movies.

“After Black Hawk Down there was a real lull,” says Josh of his career.

“Everybody was trying to put me in action movies and typical of heroic roles and I wanted to find more complex things. They just didn’t suit my taste so I thought. For a while that hurt me immeasurably in the Hollywood world. A lot of people felt jilted, like my ex-agents and stuff like that. They felt like I wasn’t working with them and some studios but it wasn’t like that at all.”

Josh recently insisted his Minnesota routes have given him a head start in Hollywood.

“I think there are an inordinate amount of creative people that come from my hometown because we literally spend six months out of the year inside with nothing to do but imagine,” he said.

“Really great musicians come from Minnesota because there’s just so much time to practice. We have a couple of true geniuses like Bob Dylan and Prince and other artists as well. And I come from an artistic family so I think climate ultimately affects everything.

“If you have nothing but beaches around you, you’ll probably surf and have a great tan. It’s going to affect the way you look and the way you act.”