Elin Nordegren Hates Tiger Woods!

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

ELIN Nordegren “hates” ex-husband Tiger Woods and is actively looking for a new boyfriend — sources say.

According to Us Weekly magazine, Elin only sees Tiger because of their shared custody of children Sam, 3, and Charlie, 2, and wants to meet a new man after one short-lived, post-divorce relationship fizzled.

“The only interaction they have is when she drops the kids off,” a source said. “That’s it. She hates him. She doesn’t see or speak to him.

“Elin was seeing a banker in Florida for three months, but that went nowhere.”

Recent reports claimed Elin was was dumped by her rebound boyfriend because Tiger scared him off!

“Elin is livid that Tiger would interfere in her private life, especially after she believes he recently sneaked into her home while she was gone,” a source said.

“She said, ‘We’re divorced! It’s over! Why won’t he just leave me alone?’”

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  • arthur

    Are these the same “sources” quoting stories about Tiger & Elin? They never seem to be be true – I wonder why.

  • J198

    I am sure Tiger hates Elin. No one can stand the gold digger.

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  • kai

    Yeah, right, and if you believe that hogwash you need your head checked. The dude was able to bag Tiger Woods Ex, he got what he set out to accomplish and he split. He got the milk for free and left the drama behind. End of story. Tiger Woods is a well known public golfer, what fear, whats there to be afraid of, might sound more believable if Tiger Woods was Mafia or something, but please, give me a break. The boyfriend dumped Ellen, his intent was to bag her, he got what he wanted and didn’t feel she was worth keeping or worth dealing with all the baggage she came with, plain and simple!

  • Ktrn Brown

    lying  white trash tiger is not worried about you and those are not his kids so the dna story goPr

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7OKS2NJ7ZLLRQ2TPNOAUUMPI5Q beast

    People are funny!!!!  If Elin “HATE” Tiger Woods, she NEVER loved him. If real love existed  and if she was so PURE and innocent, just her love for the children would not move her seek a love affair so soon.  She’s screwing around with guys when she should be  showing more interest in her home. It’s clear that she had no respect for herself. She has what she wanted; two children which will keep her going to the bank and Millions from the divorce.  Now she can be what she was all along. An unfaithful married female who was unfaithful in heart and mind before the divorce. Her plan was to rid herself of Tiger Woods and what best way is it, to HOLD back sex or performing sex with him with little or no emotions and then sit back and watch him seek sex from other sources.  Elin played her cards well while she fooled the public.  How foolish of her not to use a CONDOM!!!!   ELIN YOUR REAL SELF IS NOW EXPOSED!!!!!