Kristen Bell Won’t Have a Big Wedding

Thursday, May 5, 2011

KRISTEN Bell refuses to have a big wedding.

The Scream 4 actress got engaged to actor Dax Shepard over a year ago but says the couple aren’t planning an expensive and elaborate day because she doesn’t see the point in it.

“We’re just not having a wedding, so there’s no story to report there. I mean, we’re still getting married, but we’re going to do it whenever we feel like it,” Kristen said.

“The fact that he asked me to marry him is of a little more importance than me planning a party.”

Despite not wanting a big white wedding, Kristen says she’s extremely happy with Dax because he can always make her laugh, which she believes is very important in a relationship.

“He constantly keeps me laughing; when I’m sad, mad, frustrated, annoyed,” she said. “Regardless of what it is he can lighten the mood. He’ll do anything that the mood requires. I can’t get frustrated and that is a very powerful weapon. Comedy is a very powerful weapon. He’s so funny that it’s overwhelming.

“I really don’t have bad days, you know what I mean? Even if it’s me being frustrated, he’ll make a joke about me and it’ll be so genuinely funny that I have to laugh.”